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100 年 - 100年 高員三級#9428 

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1.In 1983,researchs first ____HIV, the virus responsible for AIDS.
(A) generated
(B) identified
(C) minimized
(D) validated

2.The police can not break the law in order to _______ it.
(A) convene
(B) enforce
(C) entrust
(D) promote

3.The government officials said, "I hereby request that the attached application ________ under 35 USC 122(b)."
(A)not be published
(B) cannot be published
(C) may not be published
(D) will not be published

4.It is believed that chewing helps to _______ your facial musials.
(A) plie up
(B) tone up
(C) tune up
(D) wrap up

5.Any public ______ of this scandal would do great damage to this movie star.
(A) proposal
(C) disclosure
(D) refusal

6.underemployment is _______; a physicist working in a customs house is a symbol of national stagnation, not advancement.
(A) ambiguous
(B) demoralizing
(C) optimistic
(D) invaluable

7.Ignoring education experts' professional advice last year, the government _____ facing a national embarrassment of educational reform failure.
(A) called for
(B) lasted for
(C) ended up
(D) made up

8.American presidents are not selected directly by people. Instead, presidential candidates compete for Electoral _____ votes by winning the popular vote in each state.
(A) Body
(B) College
(C) Committee
(D) Apparatus

9.The search engine gives the user easy _____ to the required information.
(A) accuse
(B) acceptance
(C) access
(D) accent

10.Tom's colleagues threw ______ party for him the dau before he officially retired. They wanted to show how much they would miss him.
(A) commencement
(B) farewell
(C) graduation
(D) welcome