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1.1. Don’t park your car here because it is reserved for the handicapped.
(A) fascinated
(B) twisted
(C) disabled
(D) endangered 的

2.2. In conventional farming, chemicals are frequently used to kill insects and fight diseases.
(A) geographical
(B) traditional
(C) accidental
(D) environmental 的

3.3. In preparation for the wedding anniversary party, the couple invited an outstanding designer to remodel the interior of the house.
(A) inside
(B) decoration
(C) invasion
(D) price 的

4.4. After sharing an apartment with a friend for two years, you should be able to recognize him by his voice.
(A) reveal
(B) identify
(C) allow
(D) disturb 的

5.5. There is a strong resemblance between the man and the boy. They must be father and son.
(A) liking
(B) likelihood
(C) likewise
(D) likeness 的

6.6. When the potato was first brought to Europe, many people thought it was a weird vegetable.
(A) underground
(B) poisonous
(C) nutritious
(D) strange 的

7.7. She was fully attracted by the novel; therefore, when her mother asked her to run an errand, she put the book down reluctantly.
(A) genuinely
(B) rapidly
(C) unwillingly
(D) definitely 的

8.8. In some cultures, giving someone a letter opener implies that the relationship will be cut.
(A) suggests
(B) includes
(C) impresses
(D) bargains 的

9.9. She wasted so much money on luxuries that she ran into ____________ very soon.
(A) doubt
(B) date
(C) debt
(D) dirt 的

10.10.Whenever I am in trouble, he always helps me out. I really ____________ his assistance.
(A) accomplish
(B) associate
(C) achieve
(D) appreciate 的

11.11.He is filling out a visa application ____________ because he is going to visit South Africa next month.
(A) farm
(B) firm
(C) form
(D) fame

12.12. Studying should be the ____________ of a student, not working part-time.
(A) priority
(B) resume
(C) margin
(D) variation

13.13.A university president has a high social ____________, and (s) he is highly respected by the people.
(A) stage
(B) status
(C) statue
(D) station 的

14.14. Since water shortage in many regions is getting worse, it is predictable that the world will be facing water ____________ soon.
(A) level
(B) energy
(C) crisis
(D) sink

15.15. The ____________ between the government and the general people of Egypt led to an eighteen-day demonstration, which caused the President to step down.
(A) cabinet
(B) conflict
(C) captain
(D) company

16.16. Paul: Hi, I wonder if you could help me. I have a fever and a sore throat. Can you give me something for it? Pharmacist: _______________ Paul: Thank you.
(A) Did you want to try our delicious doughnuts?
(B) Smoking or nonsmoking?
(C) OK. You can take these medicines twice a day.
(D) That’s very kind of you. 的

17.17. Jenny: So, how was your first date with Mark? Tina: Terrible! Can you believe he asked me how much I weighed? Jenny: _______________
(A) He doesn’t know your age?
(B) Exercise could help him keep in shape.
(C) Why don’t you wear that pink dress?
(D) Hmm. That’s a little personal.

18.18. Daniel: Are you ready to play tennis? Andy: _______________ And you’re not going to win today! Daniel: Don’t say things you’re not sure about. You might have to eat your words.
(A) What’s the matter with you?
(B) No, I’m still thinking.
(C) You bet!
(D) Sorry, but I’ve got other plans.

19.19.Rita: Hello. What time do you close today? Tony: We close at 10:00 p.m. every day. And we open at 9:00 in the morning. Rita: Oh, OK. _______________ Tony: Yeah, same hours as on the weekdays.
(A) And are you open on the weekends?
(B) I’ll come down tonight. Thanks.
(C) Your sale is still on, isn’t it?
(D) How long does it take?

20.20. Jessica: Could you call me a taxi, please? Bell Captain: Yes, ma’am. _______________ Jessica: The airport. Bell Captain: Sure, take a seat in the lobby. I’ll let you know when it’s here.
(A) What model do you like?
(B) Where are you going?
(C) Let me get your car.
(D) When are you going to leave?

21.21.a Lucy: You’ll never guess what happened downtown. Brian: What? Lucy: While I was driving home, a man ran out in front of me… with a gun! Brian: He had a gun? It’s really scary. Lucy: _______________
(A) I’m a real fan of scary movies.
(B) You’re telling me.
(C) Good for you.
(D) That’s why he is worried.

22.22. Albert: Has the 5:30 showing of the movie started yet? Clerk: _______________ Albert: Then I’ll come back for the eight o’clock showing. I hate to miss the beginning of a film.
(A) I don’t think so.
(B) No, not yet.
(C) Yes, sir, about ten minutes ago.
(D) You can hardly wait?

23.23. Terry: What kind of a seat do you request when you fly? Susie: I prefer an aisle seat. Terry: Why? Susie: _______________
(A) So I can stretch my legs.
(B) Sitting in the back of the plane is exciting.
(C) It doesn’t usually take much time.
(D) I like to sleep, and I need something to lean against.

24.24. Amy: Are there any interesting jobs in the paper today? Peter: Well, here’s one for salesperson. Amy: _______________ Peter: You have to make an appointment for an interview.
(A) What are the qualifications?
(B) What’s the salary?
(C) Is it expensive?
(D) How can I apply for the job?

25.25. Mary: Hello. Steve? David: I’m sorry, but Steve is out right now. _______________ Mary: Mary, his friend from work. David: May I take a message?
(A) Who is calling?
(B) Thanks for calling.
(C) Why don’t you call his office?
(D) He will be back in ten minutes.

26.▲ 下篇短文共有 5個空格,為第 26 − 30題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 Strolling through the streets in Taiwan, people often see a convenience store within a short walking distance. Taiwan is 26 first in the world for having the greatest number of convenience stores, which reflects Taiwanese’s craze 27 immediacy and convenience. The shelves in the stores are fully stocked for consumers to pick up 28 day or night. City life is seen carrying on at the convenience store when day ends and night starts, making the store a standardized image of the city that never 29 . Nowadays, the term 7-Eleven, the name of a convenience store, 30 as a metaphor for the non-stop working pattern. Convenience stores are not only a source of wonder to foreign visitors but also one of the things that Taiwanese who go abroad miss most about hometown.
(A) ranked
(B) famous
(C) popular
(D) favored

(A) at
(B) in
(C) of
(D) for

(A) even so
(B) no matter
(C) because of
(D) at best

(A) sleep
(B) had slept
(C) slept
(D) sleeps

(A) used
(B) uses
(C) is used
(D) is using

31.▲ 下篇短文共有5個空格,為第31 − 35題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 The little country schoolhouse was heated by an old-fashioned coal stove. A little boy had the job of coming to school early each day to start the fire and 31 the room before his teacher and his classmates arrived. One morning they arrived to find the schoolhouse in flames. They dragged the unconscious little boy out of the building more dead than 32 . The doctor told his mother that her son would surely die — which was for the best, really — for the terrible fire had destroyed the 33 half of his body. But the brave boy didn’t want to die. He made up his mind that he would survive. Ultimately through his daily massages, his iron persistence, 34 his resolute determination, he did develop the ability to stand up, then to walk with others’ help, then to walk by himself — and then — to run. He began to walk to school, then to run to school, and to run for the sheer joy of running. 35 in college he made the track team. This determined young man, Dr. Glenn Cunningham, ran the world’s fastest mile!
(A) paint
(B) warm
(C) tear down
(D) design

(A) live
(B) lively
(C) livable
(D) alive

(A) first
(B) lower
(C) other
(D) one

(A) and
(B) next to
(C) then
(D) or

(A) Otherwise
(B) Sadly
(C) Later
(D) Rarely

36.▲ 下篇短文共有5個空格,為第36 − 40題,請依短文文意,選出一個最適合該空格 的答案。 For years scientists suspected that people with strong emotional ties to families, friends and community enjoy longer lives than loners do. But this had 36 influence on cancer care until 1989, when Dr. David Spiegel published a study involving two groups of women with breast cancer. 37 groups received standard medical care. Patients in one group also attended a weekly support-group meeting for one year. Those women, Dr. Spiegel found, fought cancer better and 38 an average of 18 months longer. 39 , a study showed that skin cancer patients who participated 40 a support group survived significantly longer than those who had received only standard care.
(A) little
(B) much
(C) any
(D) great

(A) Each
(B) One
(C) Both
(D) None

(A) survive
(B) surviving
(C) to survive
(D) survived

(A) To our surprise
(B) Similarly
(C) Nonetheless
(D) Ridiculously

(A) for
(B) at
(C) on
(D) in

41.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第41 − 43題 Everywhere we look there is color, from the blue sky to the green grass, from the gray concrete of a city to the black of a moonless night. Colors have a direct and powerful impact on the way we feel and react to our surroundings. When we decorate our homes, we choose colors that welcome us and make us feel good. Some colors excite us while others soothe and calm us. For example, when the Blackfriar Bridge in London was painted green, suicide jumps from the bridge decreased by 34 %. Research reveals that people have similar emotional responses to specific colors and in general, the brighter the color, the stronger the response.
【題組】41. What is the best title for this passage?
(A) Emotional Responses to Color
(B) Color and Decoration
(C) Suicide Jumps and Color
(D) The Importance of Color

42.【題組】42. According to the passage, what color has a soothing effect on people?
(A) Red
(B) Blue
(C) Green
(D) Gray

43.【題組】43. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) Colors have an impact on how people react to the surroundings.
(B) Some colors excite people while others soothe and calm them.
(C) The brighter the color, the stronger the response to it.
(D) People’s emotional responses to specific colors are different. 的

44.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第 44−47 題 In my science and math classes, I always have to memorize lists of things for science and all kinds of math formulas. Since my memory is not that great, I’ve had to learn ways to improve my memory. Maybe you could benefit from some of the tips that I’ve picked up for memorizing things. Or maybe you already do these things anyway. Of course, the first rule of memorizing something is to repeat it in your mind. For example, the first day of class, sometimes the teacher will ask all the students to introduce themselves. I use this class time as a chance to exercise my memory skills. As we go around the room, I try to memorize each student’s name by repeating his or her name to myself. Most of the time, by the end of the class, I’ve memorized everyone’s name. Another trick I have learned for memorizing things is to build on small pieces in order to learn longer things. This idea comes from the fact that a person’s short term memory can only hold eight or nine pieces of information at a time. So those pieces of information in short term memory have to be moved to long term memory by repeating them again and again before more information can go into short term memory.
【題組】44. What is the main idea of this passage?
(A) Ways of memorizing things
(B) Learning experiences in science classes
(C) The importance of short term memory
(D) The importance of memorizing names

45.【題組】45. According to the passage, how many pieces of information can a person’s short term memory hold at most?
(A) Four or five
(B) Eight or nine
(C) Eleven or twelve
(D) Six or seven

46.【題組】46. Based on the passage, how many ways has the author learned to improve his memory?
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Three
(D) Four

47.【題組】47. According to the passage, which of the following statements is NOT true?
(A) People memorize things by repeating them in their minds.
(B) Memorizing things is to build on small pieces in order to learn longer things.
(C) The information in short term memory has to be moved to long term memory.
(D) People’s capacity for memorizing things is usually unlimited.

48.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第48 − 50題 Have you ever thought of making a family album? The first thing to do is to find an album. A nice, big, and strong album is the best. Make sure that the album has pages made of paper, not plastic. It’s hard to paste things onto plastic. The next thing to do is to collect family treasures to paste in the album. Some treasures you might collect are photographs, tickets, programs from special events, or postcards. After that, you’ll want to organize the treasures. You could give each family member one page, or try to put things in time order. Finally, label each treasure and write something about it. Ask a family member to help you finish it.
【題組】48.What is the best title for this passage?
(A) Taking a Family Picture
(B) Making a Family Album
(C) Planning a Family Trip
(D) Making a Family Dinner

49.【題組】49. What is the first step in the process of making a family album?
(A) Putting things in order
(B) Talking to the family
(C) Pasting things onto paper
(D) Finding an album

50.【題組】50. What is the third step in the process?
(A) Organizing the treasures
(B) Asking for treasures
(C) Collecting treasures
(D) Labeling each treasure