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100 年 - 100臺北市臺北市100學年度市立國民中學正式教師聯合甄選試題-英語科(41-60)單字題#5000 

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1.41. A grizzly bear is an _______ animal.
(A) opaque
(B) ostensible
(C) omnivorous
(D) incessant

2.42. Usually you must _______ your native country's citizenship to become a citizen of another country.
(A) interdict
(B) forfeit
(C) intercept
(D) foster

3.43. The radio communications were subject to _______ sunspot interference.
(A) sporadic
(B) frivolous
(C) loathsome
(D) prolific

4.44. The work of a teacher seldom produces _______ results until years after a student has graduated.
(A) tangible
(B) unruly
(C) translucent
(D) shrewd

5.45. The engineer had a _______ reason for changing the design of the building.
(A) sluggish
(B) slack
(C) legitimate
(D) boisterous

6.46. This research is still at an early stage, and it would be _______ to conclude that the findings apply to all patients.
(A) placid
(B) premature
(C) plenary
(D) suppliant

7.47. The supervisor _______ her preference for hard-working employees during the performance appraisal.
(A) smeared
(B) tarnished
(C) accentuated
(D) transfixed

8.48. It is a _______ to think that money will bring you happiness.
(A) gauge
(B) volition
(C) nomad
(D) fallacy

9.49. The airlines had to cancel an _______ number of flights due to the fog.
(A) inordinate
(B) unscathed
(C) exhaustive
(D) indigent

10.50. The girl's parents were _______ about not allowing her to go on a dangerous backpacking trip.
(A) inconspicuous
(B) congenial
(C) austral
(D) adamant

11.51. Tornado experts predicted a _______ season this year,and many have begun studying whether global climate change is driving more frequent tornado-spawning thunderstorms.
(A) decorous
(B) dexterous
(C) despicable
(D) devastating

12.52. Scientists say that overuse of antibiotics in humans is a significant problem and the antibiotics given to animals are _______ the threat.
(A) countermanding
(B) compounding
(C) capitulating
(D) conciliating

13.53. These technology circuits are bringing your brain to _______ levels of potential. You have a heightened ability to react quickly to visual stimuli and to shift through large amounts of information rapidly to decide what’s important and what isn’t.
(A) effeminate
(B) haggard
(C) extraordinary
(D) inchoate

14.54. Development and human rights are integral. More than two billion people worldwide live on less than two dollars a day, and many suffer daily _______ of their dignity and human rights.
(A) violations
(B) profusions
(C) deference
(D) continence

15.55. Some blind people are able to use the sound of echoes to “see” where things are and to _______ their environment. Now, a new study finds that these people may even be using visual parts of their brains to process the sounds.
(A) contaminate
(B) navigate
(C) contemplate
(D) nauseate

16.56. Philosophers have compared Confucian ideals regarding interpersonal _______ with Western ideals regarding individual achievement at least since the 19th century.
(A) turbulence
(B) circumvent
(C) transgression
(D) enlightenment

17.57. The successful host has built an empire that has redefined the media landscape, and challenged the _______ idea of everything from daytime TV to publishing.
(A) combustible
(B) convivial
(C) conventional
(D) cognate

18.58. Military force may sometimes be necessary, but diplomacy and development are equally important in creating peaceful, stable and _______ conditions.
(A) prosperous
(B) querulous
(C) rapacious
(D) sagacious

19.59. Most floods take hours or even days to develop, giving residents ample time to prepare or _______.
(A) evacuate
(B) elucidate
(C) entrench
(D) protrude

20.60. Solar energy is lauded as an _______ fuel source that is pollution and often noise free.
(A) unearthly
(B) ungainly
(C) irreparable
(D) inexhaustible

21.61. In many dictatorial nations, the death penalty can be a political tool — people who do not have a protector, or who irritate their superiors, or who get caught on the wrong side, are often chosen as a _______.
(A) conspiracy
(B) coalition
(C) proponent
(D) scapego