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1.1. There is a statue in this park that ______ Confucius, a remarkable educator in ancient China.
(A) appeals
(B) commands
(C) commemorates
(D) attracts

2.2. We have _____ in Jenny, so we are sure that she will win the game.
(A) suspect
(B) insurance
(C) doubt
(D) confidence

3.3. Dr. Sun Yat-Sen is regarded as the ______ of the Republic of China.
(A) origin
(B) founder
(C) ancestor
(D) offspring

4.4. The doctor prescribed six different kinds of medicine for John, but none of them were ________.
(A) directional
(B) effective
(C) affective
(D) affectionate

5.5. To be honest, I ____ your sister’s cynical statement.
(A) breathe
(B) protect
(C) abhor
(D) expand

6.6. Anyone in Army could purchase necessities in a _____.
(A) commission
(B) category
(C) commissary
(D) compass

7.7. More and more people are shopping online because it’s so easy to find _____ on the Internet.
(A) cheap
(B) inexpensive
(C) deal
(D) bargains

8.8. Cautiousness is one of his major _______ as a successful manager.
(A) strength
(B) weakness
(C) shortcoming
(D) weight

9.9. Endangered animals are so _____ that many scientists are attempting to save and protect them.
(A) plentiful
(B) rare
(C) extreme
(D) frequent

10.10. Basic training is _____ in the military. No one can get out of it.
(A) conscious
(B) confidential
(C) concealed
(D) compulsory

11.11. The nurse puts some ________ cream on my wound or it will get infected.
(A) antiseptic
(B) bacteria
(C) germ
(D) insect

12.12. Jerold recommended David for the job, but he doesn’t seem _____.
(A) qualification
(B) qualified
(C) qualify
(D) qualifying

13.13. NPO (non-profit organization) is totally _____ of the government. It only depends on private donation.
(A) independent
(B) indigenous
(C) commercial
(D) economical

14.14. Jack has changed a lot since primary school, so ____ no one recognized him at the class reunion.
(A) mentally
(B) drastically
(C) virtually
(D) especially

15.15. There is filled with _____ in the air today.
(A) pollen
(B) vacancy
(C) buddy
(D) solid

16.16. The nurse’s loving _____ to her patients was a good example to the rest of the hospital colleagues.
(A) precision
(B) carelessness
(C) phenomenon
(D) attentiveness II. Grammar: Questions 17-28. Choose the CORRECT ANSWER to each question.

17.17. London will host the 2012 Olympic Game because it got _____ in 2008.
(A) as much support as any city
(B) less support than any city
(C) least support
(D) more support than any other city

18.18. _______ wages keep going down, so do costs keep going up.
(A) Just as
(B) Just so
(C) Just in
(D) Just with

19.19. Many actors never ____ act in big parts on television shows or movies.
(A) get to
(B) get in
(C) get around
(D) get through

20.20. The restaurant is _____ or less the only decent place to eat in the town.
(A) better
(B) more
(C) worse
(D) bad

21.21. The resort did not ____ up to the tourist’s expectation.
(A) make
(B) take
(C) live
(D) have

22.22. ______ doubt, Miss Princeton will be interested in discussing the joint venture with your firm.
(A) Until
(B) Beside
(C) In
(D) Without

23.23. We may need a third person to help us _____ a solution.
(A) work out
(B) take up
(C) take off
(D) fall out

24.24. Do you want to know how I _____ the pressure? I tell myself that everything will turn out okay in the end.
(A) mix up
(B) cope with
(C) give up
(D) bring up

25.25. The survey indicates that one ____ four children ___ bullied at that suburb.
(A) by…. are
(B) with…. is
(C) at….are
(D) in….is

26.26. This software package published by our company is widely employed _____ viruses inside computers.
(A) detects
(B) detected
(C) to detect
(D) detecting

27.27. I waited for more than two hours. She _____ me she was going to be late, but she didn’t give me a call at all.
(A) should tell
(B) could tell
(C) could have told
(D) must have told

28.28. I _____ the letter to him tomorrow morning.
(A) had forwarded
(B) will forward
(C) forwarded
(D) have forwarded

III. Reading Comprehension: Questions 29~40. Read the three passages and choose the BEST ANSWER to each question. 
Questions 29-32 
        The English language dates back around 1,500 years. Since then, the language has undergone many changes. The English from 1,000 years 
ago would sound foreign in a modern English speaker. Modern English pronunciation also differs between people from places like India and the 
USA, which are separated by great distance. 
        Another area of change is spelling, which people didn’t try to standardize until the 18th century. There are still differences between British 
English and American English spelling, for example with “colour” vs. “color.” Vocabulary has also transformed quickly, such as with slang terms like 
“groovy,” which is now outdated. New words from other language are also borrowed for things like food. Since English changes so quickly, even 
native speakers are constantly learning the language. 

【題組】29. What is the topic of the passage?
(A) The variety of English language
(B) The origin of English language
(C) The English language of Middle Ages
(D) The ancient history of English language

30.【題組】30. Which statement is CORRECT?
(A) Nowadays native speakers don’t need to learn new English at all.
(B) Modern English can be traced back to 1,500 years ago.
(C) Modern English can play a role of English language changes.
(D) English was not standardized until 1810.

31.【題組】31. Referring to the spelling example above, which word is the spelling of British English instead of America English?
(A) traveler
(B) labor
(C) model
(D) honour

32.【題組】32. Which slang term is out-of-date since vocabulary has also changed quickly?
(A) delicious
(B) groovy
(C) food
(D) favor

Questions 33-36 
        Some lawmakers propose that casinos be opened in a remote city because it would provide extra tax for the local government. However, many 
local people voice some serious concerns. The most serious problem is crime. With gambling comes organized crime, and it is not uncommon for 
gangs to try to control casinos. Gang violence will ensue. Besides, the sex industry will thrive. People come not only for gambling but also for 
womanizing. To meet the demand, gang members might abduct innocent women and force them to work as prostitutes. Then, AIDS might be rampant. Witness the sex industry in Thailand, where a lot of people, male and female alike, have contracted AIDS and a lot of children have been orphaned as a result. Last but not least, traditional values will be ruined. We tell our children that gambling is the root of all evil, but now we are embracing it and 
touting it as the only way to revitalize economy. To sum up, allowing casinos to be opened in the city is equivalent to striking a Faustian bargain. 

【題組】33. Gang violence would break out because _____.
(A) gamblers are ill disciplined
(B) gangs are not well organized
(C) police are not allowed to crack down on casinos
(D) gangs will certainly try to control casinos

34.【題組】34. Which of the following is NOT mentioned in the passage?
(A) Traditional values would be destroyed.
(B) Sex and gambling are closely related.
(C) Many whores would come from Thailand.
(D) Gang members would involve in woman trafficking.

35.【題組】35. The author is worried that children might be _____ about traditional values.
(A) certain
(B) confused
(C) concerned
(D) positive

36.【題組】36. A Faustian bargain means _____.
(A) doing two things in the right order
(B) trying to do more than one can do
(C) exchanging one good thing for several bad things
(D) depending completely on one thing in order to succeed

Questions 37-40 
        Modern medicine can now cure many diseases that were once fatal, but modern living has created new health problems. These are not caused by strange and untreatable viruses, but are the result of bad habits like poor diet and lack of exercise that cause people to gain excessive weight, a 
condition known as obesity. It is estimated that there are over 20 million obese people in the world and the problem is a major cause of the 17 million deaths from heart disease worldwide every year. In addition, 22 million children under the age of five suffer from obesity and could develop health 
problems later in life. 
        Instead of giving drugs to cure the problem, doctors offer some good advice. The World Heart Federation recommends a diet that is low in fat, 
with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable. Soft drinks that contain a lot of sugar should be avoided and salt intake should be reduced. Finally, a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise each day is essential for good health. The increase in obesity may be linked to the amount of junk food that 
people now consume. If no one ate hamburgers or drank coke, obesity may not be such a problem, but the chain stores of fast food would probably 
go bankrupt. 

【題組】37. How can obesity be prevented?
(A) Taking diet pills
(B) Drinking plenty of soft beverage
(C) Eating more beef steak and red meat
(D) By having a healthy lifestyle

38.【題組】38. What could happen to young children who are excessively overweight?
(A) They might develop heart disease later years.
(B) They won’t be allowed to play sports.
(C) They won’t make friends with other people.
(D) Other children will make fun of them.

39.【題組】39. Which of the following is TRUE?
(A) Making a habit of daily exercise is healthy.
(B) Obesity is not curable.
(C) The problem is caused by a flu virus.
(D) Doctors don’t know the cause of obesity.

40.【題組】40. This passage stresses the importance of ________________.
(A) having a regular health check
(B) leading a wholesome lifestyle
(C) never using salt and sugar in food
(D) walking five miles in several days