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1.Employers and employees have responsibilities to each other; they should also expect their rights to be upheld. These rights and responsibilities relate to areas such as Health and Safety, the provision of Terms and Conditions of Employment, Equal Opportunities and the right to be paid a Minimum Wage. The Health and Safety at Work Acts set out responsibilities and rights for both employees and employers. Employees are expected to carry out their work in a way that has regard to the safety of others. Employers are expected to abide by a range of requirements governing such aspects as providing safe machinery and equipment, carrying out regular health and safety checks, ensuring the training of employees in health and safety issues, and carrying out a risk assessment to assess the dangers of particular work activities. There are also specific regulations about the way in which potentially harmful substances should be used and stored. There are a number of requirements about the minimum temperature at work, and other aspects of working conditions. Employers and employees are expected to meet minimum legal requirements for such areas as Health and Safety at Work, and minimum standards and conditions related to hours, and the treatment of people in the workplace. Along with rights for employees there are corresponding responsibilities such as the expectation to work in a safe way and to have regard for the safety of work colleagues.
【題組】Which of the following statements is true?
(A)Employers have more responsibilities to employees.
(B)Employers and employees should expect only a type of right to be upheld.
(C)Equal Opportunities is one of the rights and responsibilities.
(D)The Health and Safety is responsible for taking care of employers.

2.【題組】Which of the following is not required of employers?
(A) Providing safe equipment. 
(B)Canceling regular health and safety checks.
(C)Ensuring the training of employees in health and safety issues. 
(D)Holding a risk assessment.

3.【題組】According to the passage, what should be done to potentially harmful substances?
(A)They should be kept carefully. 
(B)They should be used randomly.
(C)They should be bought from a store. 
(D)They should be dumped.

4.【題組】What is the main idea of this passage?
(A)The number of requirements about working conditions.
(B)The rights and responsibilities between employers and employees.
(C)The Health Safety at Work.
(D)The legal requirements that employers and employees should meet.

5.【題組】Along with rights for employees, which of the following is also their responsibility?
(A)The expectation to work safely. 
(B)The expectation to eat well.
(C)The expectation to earn much. 
(D)The expectation to talk freely.

6.Tesco is the largest British retailer and is also the world’s third largest grocery retailer with outlets across Europe, USA and Asia. The business began in 1919 with one man, Jack Cohen, selling groceries from a stall in the East End of London. Jack bought surplus stocks of tea from a company called T.E. Stockwell. T.E. Stockwell and Cohen combined their names to brand the tea Cohen originally sold TESCO tea. In 1929, the first Tesco store opened in north London. Tesco has expanded since then by a combination of acquisition of new stores, retail services and by adapting to the needs of consumers. Tesco has net profits (before tax) of around £3 billion. Tesco’s primary aim is “to serve the customer”. Keeping existing customers happy is important, as they are more likely to return. This is more cost effective for the business than acquiring new ones. In the UK Tesco now has over 2,200 stores ranging from the large Extra hypermarket style stores to small Tesco Express high street outlets. Tesco’s original product range of grocery and general merchandise has diversified to include banking, insurance services, electrical goods as well as telephone equipment and airtime. This move towards “one stop shopping” means customers can meet all their purchasing needs from one place. Tesco has also expanded its customer base through its website which attracts one million regular users.
【題組】Which of the following is true about Tesco?
(A) It is the third largest British retailer. 
(B)It is the third largest grocery retailer in the world. 
(C)It is the largest grocery retailer in the world.  
(D)It is the largest British supermarket.

7.【題組】According to the passage, who started the business? 
(A) T.E. Stockwell. 
(C)Jack Cohen.  
(D)Not mentioned.

8.【題組】What is the primary aim of Tesco stores? 
(A) To make the staff happy. 
(B)To make profits. 
(C)To open more new stores.  
(D)To satisfy the customers.

9.【題組】Which of the following may not be included in Tesco’s original product range?
(A)  Telephone sets. 
(B)Hi-fi equipment.  
(C)Plane tickets.  

10.【題組】How has Tesco expanded its customer base? 
(A) By its advertisement. 
(B)By its website.  
(C)By its TV commercial.  
(D)By its publication.

11.If you’re like most people, you love traveling. Your vacation is an important part of your life, especially a family vacation or honeymoon. The sights and sounds of a distant land intrigue us all, and the thrill of discovery compels us to pack up and go! But if you’re like me or anyone of us here at Tripology, there’s usually a problem. When you really want to travel, you don’t want to research for hours upon hours reading through tours and packages you have no intention of taking. You don’t want to scour the net, sifting through travel deals and special offers that come with more fine print than you care to read. You don’t want to read hundreds of travel stories that read like fiction. You don’t want to call travel agent after travel agent or visit random travel agencies, asking for quotes. You want professional, expert advice from a travel specialist and you want it on demand. Enter Tripology, a free service for all travelers that connects you with a professional travel agent who is a travel specialist in the type of trip you want to take. We don’t stop at just one travel agent, no…that’d be too easy. Tripology puts you in touch with three specialized travel agents who know your trip like you know the back of your hand. Isn’t your trip worth it? Ready to travel soon? Click here to start your Trip Request! It only takes a minute, and you’ll probably have travel agent experts contacting you in a matter of hours!
【題組】Where is the text most likely from?  
(A)An article about saving time. 
(B)An e-mail from an agency.  
(C)A website about a traveling service.  
(D)An advertisement for a new restaurant.

12.【題組】Which of the following items does Tripology NOT provide?  
(A)Travel experts. 
(B)Professional advice.  
(C)Travel agents.  
(D)Travel book.

13.【題組】What is the purpose of the passage?  
(A)To promote a free service, Tripology. 
(B)To differentiate most people from people at Tripology.  
(C)To persuade people into traveling.  
(D)To look for travel experts.

14.【題組】Which of the following is the possible reason why people use Tripology?  
(A)Because they love traveling with their family. 
(B)Because they want to experience new things.  
(C)Because they like to read fictional travel stories.  
(D)Because they don’t want to spend hours reading through tours and packages.

15.【題組】According to Tripology, how many specialized travel agents will you meet?