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1.You should not take his words too ________; he is only joking.
(A) strictly
(B) seriously
(C) slowly
(D) severely

2.Michael just told me that he had been offered a well-paid ________ abroad.
(A) job
(B) work
(C) career
(D) service

3.The U. S. government is taking ________ measures to fight against terrorism.
(A) fluent
(B) effective
(C) sufficient
(D) influential

4.Showing appreciation for every kindness is the unwritten rule ________ all over the world regardless of the cultural differences. 
(A) approved
(B) confirmed
(C) executed
(D) observed

5.John is a ________ person. He knows how to use imagination to produce new things. 
(A) capital
(B) complex
(C) countable
(D) creative

6.I like to eat fried chicken with black pepper and ________.
(A) envelop
(B) garage
(C) ketchup
(D) food

7.He is a ________ teacher. He has got a degree in education and obtained a certificate in teaching. 
(A) manifest
(B) qualified
(C) solitary
(D) vertical

8.Being a tour guide, Mr. Lee has many _______ to visit different places and meet different people. 
(A) decisions
(B) movements
(C) experiments
(D) opportunities

9.____________________ did he realize that there was danger. 
(A) Upon entering the store 
(B) When entering the store 
(C) Only after entering the store 
(D) After he had entered the store

10.On the table _________ a book and several magazines.
(A) lies
(B) lie
(C) laid
(D) was

11.Although Michelle is the youngest, she is taller than _______________ in her class.
(A) any girl
(B) all girls
(C) any other girl
(D) any other girls

12.___________ is often the case, we complete the task ahead of time. 
(A) What
(B) As
(C) That
(D) Which

13.According to scientists, a person’s attention is attracted _____________ by static objects as by moving objects. 
(A) much not so 
(B) not so much
(C) so not much
(D) so much not

14.The chairman requested that ____________________.
(A) the members studied the problem more carefully 
(B) the problem was more carefully studied 
(C) the problem could be more carefully studied 
(D) the members study the problem more carefully

15.In the far distance ________________________. 
(A) was a lake surrounded by trees seen 
(B) was seen a lake surrounded by trees 
(C) a lake surrounded was seen by trees 
(D) seen a lake surrounded by trees was

16.Every business starts with a strong business plan – it is the foundation and the building block of every company. A good business plan will _____16_____ be the blueprint of your business, it will also provide you with a good entry into many doors, including the door of investors and financial institutions. The due diligence of starting a company can be _____17_____ . _____18_____ our help, You will have an excellent plan. Your customers or clients will now get your message and _____19_____ you from the sea of competitors. Most importantly, with the right mix of marketing strategies, your customers will act _____20_____ the message and buy from you. With a strong marketing plan, you will not only build brand identity, you will enhance your revenue. 
(A) ever
(B) as well
(C) not only
(D) so much

(A) overwhelm
(B) overwhelming
(C) overwhelmed
(D) overwhelmingly

(A) By
(B) Upon
(C) With
(D) From

(A) distinct
(B) extinguish
(C) extinct
(D) distinguish

(A) on
(B) at
(C) by 
(D) with

21.Music which is original is individual and personal. That is to say, it can be identified as belonging to a particular composer. It has particular qualities, or a style, which are not copied from another. If you can recognize the style of a composer, you will probably be able to tell that a certain composition belongs to him or her even though you have never heard it before. A basket-maker has the skill of weaving and interweaving his materials to create colorful patterns. Similarly, in music a composer organizes his melodies and rhythm and combines sounds to create harmony. A composer may be capable of thinking up very good, original tunes, yet if tunes are poorly organized, that is, if the workmanship is poor, the final result will not be up to standard. Good music expresses feelings in a way that is suitable to those feelings. These may be joy, sorrow, fear, love, anger, or whatever. Bad music, on the other hand, may exaggerate some feelings and make them vulgar, that is, cheap and ugly. Good music will stand the test of time. It will not go out of fashion but will continue to be enjoyed and respected long after it is first introduced. It will gain a kind of permanent status while bad music will disappear and be forgotten quickly in pop music, where the general rule seems to be Tthe newer the better,U the test of time is the hardest test of all to pass.
【題組】Which of the following is true about a piece of original music? 
(A) It has a personal style. 
(B) It sounds very familiar to our ears. 
(C) It has a style that cannot be recognized.
(D) It does not belong to any composer.

22.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following statement is true about good music?
(A) It helps to while away the hours.
(B) It combines different rhythms and sounds.
(C) It expresses a certain feeling in a proper way.
(D) It makes people forget their sorrows and worries quickly.

23.【題組】What does the word “workmanship” in paragraph 2 mean?
(A) The skill in making things.
(B) The process of making a basket.
(C) The tune in a piece of music.
(D) The final result of a performance.

24.【題組】What does “the test of time is the hardest test of all to pass” near in this passage? 
(A) Good music needn’t pass the test of time. 
(B) It is most difficult for music to gain a permanent status. 
(C) Pop music will cease to be enjoyed soon after it is introduced. 
(D) The newer the music is, the harder it can pass the test of time.

25.【題組】What is the passage mainly about? 
(A) How to enjoy music.
(B) How to judge music. 
(C) How to compose music.
(D) How to perform music.