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1.The 2010 World Cup Final was broadcast ________ to people all over the world. 
(A) lively
(B) living 
(C) alive
(D) live

2.Christmas is a ________ celebrated in all Christian countries. 
(A) holiday
(B) homework 
(C) hundred
(D) husband

3.I bought a new pair of ________ for my son. He needed them for the job interview. 
(A) insects
(B) napkins 
(C) supplies
(D) trousers

4.It’s been cold lately. So I try to ________ taking a shower every day. 
(A) avoid
(B) hurry
(C) travel
(D) weaken

5.John was ________from work today because he was sick. 
(A) absent 
(B) eastern
(C) further
(D) greedy

6.I ordered a pizza and asked it to be ________ to my office. 
(A) delivered
(B) forgiven 
(C) governed
(D) objected

7.I exercise two times a week to ________ my mind and body. 
(A) mirror
(B) pollute
(C) relax
(D) wander

8.He is very ________. He cares about nobody but himself. 
(A) dirty
(B) lovely
(C) hard 
(D) selfish

9.We eat ________ live, not live to eat.
(A) in order that
(B) not to as 
(C) so as to
(D) so that

10.John felt the house shaken and ________ out immediately. 
(A) ran
(B) run 
(C) to run
(D) running

11.He wished he ________ smarter whenever he had problems with math. 
(A) was being born
(B) had been born 
(C) has born
(D) has never born

12.Who ________ you at the restaurant last week? 
(A) is going to meet
(B) are meeting 
(C) met 
(D) did meet

13.He was tired. So he stopped ________ for a while. 
(A) to rest
(B) resting 
(C) and rest
(D) and resting

14.Taiwan is ________ most countries for tourists. 
(A) more safe
(B) safer than 
(C) the safest
(D) most safe

15.John is a teenager ________ enjoys shopping a lot. 
(A) who 
(B) whom
(C) whose
(D) whoever

16.Kids who live in northern U. S. states are used to having class canceled every now and then because of snow. But on Monday, a number of schools across the Northeast closed their doors _____16_____ a different reason: dangerously cold outdoor temperatures. Throughout the region, temperatures _____17_____ below zero. Schools canceled classes or delayed openings to protect students from the _____18_____ . The wind chill made it feel _____19_____ cold as 25 to 30 degrees below zero. The weathermen issued warnings about the _____20_____ of staying outside in the cold for too long. The cold was expected to last until Thursday.
(A) in
(B) for
(C) at
(D) on

(A) fell
(B) made 
(C) raised 
(D) touched

(A) cold 
(B) criminals 
(C) temperatures
(D) traffic

(A) alike
(B) as
(C) like
(D) to

(A) benefit
(B) danger
(C) fun
(D) truth

21.There are some things you should know when you plan to study in the U.S. For example, Americans like to make small talk. “Small talk” includes topics, such as sports, weather, jobs, or past experiences. Most people don’t talk about religion, politics, or personal feelings with strangers. Sex and bodily functions are not discussed. This emotional distance does not mean people dislike you, but personal lives are discussed only with close friends and family. There are few ritualistic exchanges in English, but you should know that “How are you?” and “How’s it going?” are greetings, not questions about your life. “See you later,” or “See you soon,” are ways of saying good-bye, not appointments. People in the U. S. are curious. They will ask you a lot of questions. Some of them may appear ridiculous, but try to be patient in answering them. You may be the first person from your country whom they met, and they will have very little understanding of your life. Most people are sincerely interested in learning about you. But loud conversations usually mean people are angry. Most conversations are moderate in volume with few gestures. Do not speak too loudly or too quietly, and keep your hands under control. Once you understand more about Americans, you will find it easy to deal with them.
【題組】What is a proper topic of small talk? 
(A) Religion
(B) Politics
(C) Sports
(D) Bodily functions

22.【題組】When do Americans talk about something personal? 
(A) When they do business.
(B) When they are traveling. 
(C) When they meet you the first time. 
(D) When they are with family members.

23.【題組】Why do American sayšHow’s it going?›to you?
(A) To greet you. 
(B) To know where you are going.
(C) To check if you are okay. 
(D) To show their care about your health.

24.【題組】Why do Americans ask you many questions when you travel to the U. S.? 
(A) They want to know you more. 
(B) They try to be polite to you. 
(C) They have been to your country. 
(D) They like to help you with English.

25.【題組】When do Americans talk loudly? 
(A) When they are working. 
(B) When they are angry. 
(C) When they express their opinions. 
(D) When they disagree with your behavior.