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1.The two companies signed a document to strengthen __________ business relations. 
(A) remedy 
(B) bilateral 
(C) responsible 
(D) benefit

2.My mother wants me to __________ USD5,000 from the bank. 
(A) withdraw 
(B) control 
(C) repair 
(D) invest

3.The president is looking for a __________ manager to fill the post. 
(A) idle 
(B) qualified 
(C) prompt 
(D) protection

4.Do not ____________ John and Lisa when they are busy with the project. 
(A) choice 
(B) program 
(C) state 
(D) interrupt

5.I want to change a new job. Can you please help me how to write a letter of _____________? 
(A) message 
(B) introduction 
(C) reception 
(D) kindness

6.Please give me your comments from a different _________________. 
(A) excellence
(B) journey
(C) viewpoint
(D) director

7.After the flood, there is no ___________food and water in that small town. 
(A) sufficient
(B) brilliant 
(C) efficient
(D) decayed

8.I sent Tom a present as a token of my _____________for his kind assistance. 
(A) gratitude
(B) thankful
(C) memory
(D) complaint

9.The earthquake and the tsunami almost ___________ the whole city. 
(A) returned 
(B) destroyed 
(C) prepared 
(D) touched

10.The student __________ you met yesterday at the bus station is my brother.
(A) who
(B) whom
(C) is
(D) whose

11.Mother told her son, š________ junk food you eat, __________ you will become.› 
(A) The more / the fatter 
(B) More / fatter 
(C) Much / fatter 
(D) The more / the fat

12.The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, written by Mark Twain is a famous story ________ reading. 
(A) worthy to 
(B) of value 
(C) worthy of 
(D) valuable

13.If I _________ rich enough, I _________ a luxurious house in downtown Taipei. 
(A) were / would buy 
(B) am / buy 
(C) will / will buy 
(D) was / bought

14.He will pay a visit to my boss _______ the afternoon of 5th of March ______ half past ten. 
(A) at / on 
(B) in / by 
(C) on / at 
(D) at / at

15.Be sure to wear enough. The temperature is _______ low today. 
(A) rough
(B) almost 
(C) fair
(D) rather

16.She has no ________ in country music. 
(A) interesting 
(B) interested
(C) with interest
(D) interest

17.Taiwan is famous _______ its many famous scenic spots, such as, Sun Moon Lake, Ali Mountain, etc. 
(A) at
(B) for
(C) off
(D) in

18.The Jade Mountain ________ with snow in winter. 
(A) is covered
(B) covers 
(C) is covering
(D) coverage

19.A: I plan to take a three-day trip to Kenting. ________________ B: It's been raining cats and dogs these days. 
(A) How is the weather there?
(B) How many people are there?
(C) Do you want to go with me?
(D) I am so tired.

20.A: Are you available tomorrow afternoon? I want to bring my project to your office. B: ___________________ Please email it to me. A: That's a good idea. Thanks. 
(A) My office is located near the new shopping center. 
(B) How do you know? 
(C) We can have afternoon tea together. 
(D) I am sorry. I will have an all-day meeting.

21.A: It's so hot here. Do you mind if I open the window? B: _______________ Please go ahead. 
(A) No way. 
(B) Not at all. 
(C) The air feels cold. 
(D) Mind your own business.

22.A: What do you think of your new job in that company? B: Though there is lots of work to do, the salary is more than I expected. A: _____________________
(A) Your new co-worker is easy-going.
(B) Of course, it's too important to be ignored.
(C) You should have more faith in your ability.
(D) I am sure you will like it.

23.A: You are so busy. ________________ B: Thank you for your kindness. Can you please type this letter for me? 
(A) What can I do for you? 
(B) Don't hurry me. 
(C) Do you have time to catch the last bus? 
(D) Are you busy preparing for the business trip?

24.A: Did you tell Mary about my birthday party to be held next Monday? B: No. _________________________ 
(A) I am always busy on Monday. 
(B) When is the birthday party to be held? 
(C) I have been trying to call her, but in vain. 
(D) She has two left feet.

25.A: _____________ Tea or coffee? B: Black coffee, please. 
(A) What is special about it? 
(B) Are you hungry? 
(C) Do you like your tea strong? 
(D) What would you like to have?