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1.We have a ______ open, so we are looking to hire a new employee. 

2.In an election ______, it’s unavoidable that candidates criticize each other. 

3.James has a(n) ______ for music; he picks up melodies very fast.

4.The memory of the wonderful experience is still ______ in my mind. 

5.Exposure to ultraviolet light, chemicals from the ______ or even the byproducts of normal metabolism may damage one of the genes in a cell. 

6.For hours, we have heard nothing but negative criticism. Why can’t you say something more ______? 

7.______ with a problem, you have to analyze it first, and then try to find a solution. 

8.I got a rather lukewarm response when I asked for ______ to do clean-up; so in the end I had to do most of it myself. 

9.A study shows that intelligence accounts for only 20 percent of the factors that determine success, ______EQ playing an important role in the remaining 80 percent. 

10.Looking back, Michelle wishes that she ______ on the trip with her friends. 
(C)had gone
(D)has to go

11.It’s not hard to finish a marathon, ______ that you train diligently. 

12.Last night, I ran into my ex-girlfriend at a wedding, but she acted as if she _______ me before. 
(A)never met
(B)had never met
(C)has never met
(D)would never meet

13.Every time the doorbell rang, our dog ______ to bark. 
(A)was beginning
(B)had begun

14.Ever since he entered politics, Mr. Holden ______ very aggressive. 
(C)has been
(D)had been

15.In business, each year is ______ four quarters, and each quarter lasts for three months. 
(A)sold around
(B)offered on
(C)divided by
(D)broken down into

16.Sitting in front of the television may be relaxing, but spending too much time in front of the tube may take years off your life. That's what Australian researchers found when they collected TV ______16______ information from more than 11,000 people older than 25 years. The ______17______ found that people who watched an average six hours of TV a day lived an average 4.8 years less than those who didn't watch any television. Also, every hour of TV that participants watched after age 25 was associated with a 22-minute ______18______ in their life expectancy. It's no mystery that sitting in front of the tube isn't exactly ______19______ . The more TV you watch, the less physically active you are. And the less exercise you get, the more likely you are to develop ______20______ such as diabetes or heart problems. Moreover, the poor diet that onscreen junk-food advertising promotes worsens the problems.





21.A man and a woman meet, fall in love, get married, and move in together under the same roof. This is the only way a marriage cam work, right? Not according to some surprising research, though. Studies have shown that an increasing number of married couples are living apart in what we called “commuter marriages.” From 2000 to 2005, commuter marriages increased by 30% to 3.6 million. Take Dr. Laura Minikel and her husband, Bent Balle, for example. She lives and works in California, while he stays in Denmark. The two visit each other whenever their demanding careers allow. The divorce rate for these types of unions is no higher than that for conventional marriages. Researchers say these relationships work because each person keeps an idealized picture of their partner while they are away, forgetting their faults or shortcomings. Technologies such as Webcams and Skype have also made long-distance relationships all the easier. Commuter marriages have also proven to be good news for employers. Employees who are married are often seen as being more stable. However, since in this case the person’s significant other is far away, the employees can also be married to their jobs. Sometimes this can help make up for the absence of the husband or wife.
【題組】According to the passage, what is one reason why commuter marriages work? 
(A)Because the couples focus on each other’s good characteristics. 
(B)Because the distance causes the couples to fight more often. 
(C)Because this arrangement allows them to have an affair. 
(D)Because conventional marriages have a higher divorce rate.

22.【題組】What has made long-distance relationships easier? 
(A)Flights that are cheaper so couples can see each other more often. 
(B)Jobs that allow couples to have a lot of vacation time to visit each other. 
(C)Studies that show couples how to deal with being apart for a long time. 
(D)Technology that allows couples to talk to and see one another.

23.【題組】Which of the following can be said of commuter marriages? 
(A)They never work out for anyone. 
(B)Their numbers are declining. 
(C)They are becoming more common. 
(D)They are less successful than conventional marriages.

24.【題組】Why are long-distance marriages good for employers? 
(A)Employees in long-distance marriages are often happier. 
(B)Employees in long-distance marriages can handle stress easily. 
(C)Employees in long-distance marriages ask for less money. 
(D)Employees in long-distance marriages spend more time at work.

25.【題組】What is the purpose of this passage? 
(A)To try and get more couples to get married. 
(B)To outline a growing trend in marriages around the world. 
(C)To show the problems associated with commuter marriages. 
(D)To warn people against becoming involved in commuter marriage.