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1.1.It’s too cold for me to take a cold shower. Please turn on the _____ for me. 

2.2.A motorcycle rider should wear a _____ to protect his/her head from being hurt. 

3.3.The value of a house lies in its _____, for example, whether there is a subway station or a supermarket around. 

4.4.When he thinks, he likes to _____ his face with two hands, so no one can see his facial expression. 

5.5.It was very kind of him to _____ my mistake. I’d never forget his kindness. 

6.6.When I don’t know what to do, I usually _____ to God for guidance. 

7.7.The room is so _____ that I can see nothing here. 

8.8.You look _____ to me. I must have met you somewhere before. 

9.9._____ he is honest is known to everyone in his class. 

10.10._____ a new language is interesting.
(A) I learn
(B) I learning 
(C) Learn
(D) Learning

11.11.We loved Helen because she_____. 
(A)worked hardly 
(B)had worked hardly 
(C)was hard-working 
(D)was worked hard

12.12.Tom called to check _____ I had received his message. 

13.13.This job is easy. I think I can finish it _____ myself. 

14.14.John, please remember _____ off the lights when you leave. 
(A)to turn 
(B)be turned 

15.15.I walked to school on foot, and _____. 
(A)John walked, too 
(B)neither does John 
(C)so did John 
(D)John is, either

16.Any foreigner in Taiwan will tell you that the most difficult part of adapting to culture shock is the language barrier. Everyday activities, such as ordering food and asking for directions, _____16_____ challenges for a newcomer. Problems in communication can _____17_____ frustration and, in some cases, anger. In these cases, the first forms of the language to be learned are usually abusive. This is unfortunate. Learning a foreign language makes it easier for us to communicate with people from that country, but we must become _____18_____ with the polite forms of that language. In English, people show courtesy by the use of three important features. First, people use sentence structures such as “Would you mind…?” Second, they can use different words. For example, they might say “Please be quiet.” _____19_____ the rude form “Shut up!” Finally, speakers use the _____20_____ of voice. In English, a rising tone can show politeness. 
(D)has become

(A) lead to
(B) come to
(C)let up
(D)put up


(B)in case 
(C)in case of 
(D)instead of


21.The authorities in China have told a TV station to stop broadcasting “Super Girl,” one of the most popular shows on TV. It’s a talent contest where women of all ages blast out their favorite tunes.
The government often bans programs it considers to be unsuitable. And regulators have now told the program maker, Hunan Satellite Television, not to film another series next year. Officially, they say the show’s too long: some episodes last three hours. But many believe the authorities simply don’t like the program's lowbrow tone or the fact that it’s extremely popular and so financially successful. The authorities regularly get themselves worked up about TV shows. They’ve just taken a channel off air for a whole month for showing a program that had a negative impact on society, as they put it. In future, the makers of “Super Girl” are promising to put on programs that promote moral ethics. Information about public safety and housework are two suggested topics. That might please the regulators, but it’s unlikely to attract the viewers.

【題組】21.What is the main idea of this passage? 
(A)A popular show was banned. 
(B)Chinese government would air a talent show. 
(C)TV stations have to work hard to promote their profits. 
(D)All TV programs were considered unsuitable.

22.【題組】22.Which of the following statements about “Super Girl” is true? 
(A)It’s for young women. 
(B)It has made a lot of money. 
(C)It is shown two hours a time. 
(D)It is popular with the authorities.

23.【題組】23.What is the excuse the government gave to stop “Super Girl?”
(A)The program lost its popularity among young people. 
(B)The program had a negative impact on society. 
(C)The program is too long. 
(D)The program will find a new production company and channel.

24.【題組】24.How will Hunan Satellite Television deal with the problem? 
(A)Negotiate with the authorities. 
(B)Pay a big fine. 
(C)Change the contents of “Super Girl.” 
(D)Buy a new channel.

25.【題組】25.What’s the author’s attitude toward the possible change of “Super Girl?”
(A)Not Clear