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1.1.In 1947, faced with the prospect of rebuilding world trade after World War II, several nations began negotiating to limit worldwide tariffs and to encourage free trade. Tariffs are taxes applied to ______ goods. A tariff is also known as a customs duty.
(A) manufactured and managed
(B) designed and produced
(C) evaluated and manufactured
(D) imported and exported

2.2.Aiming to narrow the wealth gap in Taiwan, the government has ______ luxury tax on high-end products and luxurious services such as celebrity vehicles, mansions, mega yachts and private jets etc. since July 2011.
(A) adopted
(B) levied
(C) generated
(D) implied

3.3.Taiwan hoped that Malaysia will lower its tariffs on 680 Taiwanese products, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero tariffs on chemical and electronics ______ .
(A) imports
(B) dumping
(C) duty exemption
(D) royalty charge

4.4.Most ______ are exempt from tax, for they are operated exclusively for charitable, educational, scientific, literary, public safety, or religious purposes, or for the promotion of social welfare.
(A) small businesses
(B) partnership businesses
(C) non-profit organizations
(D) enterprises

5.5.Since China adopted a “managed float” of the Renminbi (RMB) in 2005, the RMB has ______ in real terms by over 20 per cent against the U.S. dollar.
(A) deviated
(B) developed
(C) assembled
(D) appreciated

6.6.A senior Customs officer has been appointed as ______ of the Taiwan Customs Museum.
(A) curator
(B) curate
(C) accumulator
(D) simulator

7.7.The customs officials are keeping an eye on international postal ______ , trying to seize illegal or undeclared goods since more and more sales are done via the Internet across countries.
(A) fragments
(B) prescriptions
(C) consignments
(D) manipulations

8.8.For the necessity of suppressing ______ or human trafficking, the customs officials may order a vessel, aircraft, vehicle or any other means of transport to stop, turn back or land at a designated place.
(A) cultivating
(B) smuggling
(C) visualizing
(D) reconciling

9.9.It is believed that the implementation of the ______ system will best promote Taiwan’s image on logistics.
(A) Affiliated Foreign Group
(B) Associated Aircraft Supply
(C) Automated Cargo Clearance
(D) Authorized Economic Operator

10.10.To combat intellectual property ______ , the customs authorities should be more than ready to enforce the anticipated destruction of all counterfeit and pirated goods.
(A) supplements
(B) exploration
(C) infringements
(D) contradictions

11.11.Cargo Status is the result of a cumulative process within the Integrated Cargo System that evaluates whether a ______ may be released from Customs.
(A) vessel
(B) consignment
(C) bill of lading
(D) seizure report

12.12.The Directions for the Customs Determining Country of Origin on Imported Goods are established to provide more certain, transparent, and consistent circumstances for the customs officials to speed up the process of determining the country of origin on imported goods and to avoid or _____ the dispute between the duty-payer and the customs.
(A) mitigate
(B) tolerate
(C) fabricate
(D) designate

13.13.Imported or exported shipment of cargoes seized without making a proper declaration to the customs shall be ______ .
(A) boycotted
(B) diversified
(C) publicized
(D) confiscated

14.14.GNP per capita, also ______ , represents the total amount of money that a country’s consumers spend on all goods and services in a year divided by that country’s population.
(A) Grand Net Importation
(B) Grand National Income
(C) Gross National Income
(D) Gregorian Net Import

15.15.Over many years, and through many rounds of multinational negotiations, the major trading countries of the world have worked through the General Agreement of Trade and Tariffs (GATT) to lower tariff and non-tariff barriers to ______ .
(A) protected industry
(B) free trade
(C) consumers
(D) trade deficit

16.16.Any article liable to ______ under the Customs Act may be seized or detained by Customs officers.
(A) fraught
(B) deportation
(C) declaration
(D) forfeiture

17.17.The main goals of the Ministry of Finance are ______ taxation fairness, boost economic and social development, enhance international competitiveness, and maintain an environment of sustainable development.
(A)to follow
(B)to issue
(C)to ensure
(D)to deduce

18.18.The mission of the organization was to reduce tariffs and other barriers to international trade and to ______ discriminatory treatment in international commerce.
(A) eliminate
(B) exempt
(C) protect
(D) negotiate

19.19.Taiwan and the European Union agreed to establish customs affairs cooperation groups to discuss issues such as forging customs pacts, fortifying crackdowns on tax ______ , and granting speedy customs clearance services.
(A) exemption
(B) evasion
(C) relaxation
(D) refund

20.20.A primary mission of the Customs & Excise Department is to prevent the ______ of any articles that threaten the country’s national security, public health, and ecological system.
(A) publication
(B) composition
(C) immigration
(D) importation

21.21.The failure of Mexico’s inability to service foreign bank debt in 1982 led to almost a decade of financial contraction and economic recession, or even ______ .
(A) depression
(B) resources
(C) prosperity
(D) management

22.請依下文回答第 22 題至第 25 題 India has rapidly grown from imposing its first anti-dumping measure in 1992 to becoming the largest user of anti-dumping measures in the past few years. While data suggest that the trigger was the removal of quantitative restrictions on imports, the continued reduction of import tariffs has played an important role in sustaining this high use of anti-dumping measures. As successive Indian governments pursue the policy of reducing peak tariff rates to about 5-10 percent, the trend of initiating a large number of anti-dumping investigations is likely to continue. While this may sound ominous, one of the strongest non-economic rationales for the continued popularity of anti-dumping measures is that it functions as an effective political tool for building support for global trade. The argument therefore is that anti-dumping promises a certain degree of protection to domestic players and thereby convinces them to accept greater, more wide-ranging, and beneficial, trade liberalization. The increased use of anti-dumping measures by the India government thus can be seen as an assurance that the increased free trade will be fair and that temporary relief would be provided to domestic players who are adversely affected.
【題組】22. What is the above passage mainly about?
(A) The rapid economic growth of India
(B) The tariff system of India
(C) Trade liberalization in India
(D) The use of anti-dumping measures by India

23.【題組】23. What is the author’s purpose in the passage above?
(A) Evaluating India’s economical problems.
(B) Explaining the frequent use of anti-dumping measures by India.
(C) Explaining why free trade failed in India.
(D) Supporting companies which have been adversely affected by globalization.

24.【題組】24. According to the passage above, which of the following statements about India’s tariff policy is true?
(A) India will try to keep the highest duty rates within 10 percent.
(B) To protect domestic industries, India will raise peak tariff rates by 5-10 percent.
(C) Before 1992, India’s highest duty rates were generally below 10 percent.
(D) India sets high tariff rates in most goods to stimulate economical development.

25.【題組】25. According to the passage above, which of the following is NOT a reason for India’s adoption of anti-dumping measures?
(A) Consistent policy on reduction of tariff rates.
(B) Protection of industries threatened by low tariffs.
(C) Retaliation against countries with enormous trading surplus against India.
(D) Building national support for trade liberalization.

26.一、Translate the following Chinese passage into English.(15 分) 國際化與自由化是世界各國財經改革,與提升國際競爭力不可或缺的政策。過 去半個世紀以來,臺灣在這方面的努力,已經創造了明顯的成果,而且普受國際社 會的注意。從 1960 年代的 19 點財經改革方案,到 1970 年代進口自由化,與推動 海外投資創業等,展現了臺灣的經貿政策現代化。1985 年以後,臺灣繼實施降低 關稅與開放進口的政策,並將進口關稅平均稅率降至 20%。另外為了拓展跟美日與 歐盟國家的貿易伙伴關係,臺灣也積極參與國際經貿事務,加入了亞太經濟合作會 議和世界貿易組織。在可預見的未來,臺灣將逐步與更多國家簽訂雙邊,或多邊的 自由貿易協定。
27.二、Translate the following English passage into Chinese.(15 分) The European debt problems that have disturbed global financial markets for the last 18 months are showing signs of turning into a far deeper challenge: Europe’s second recession in three years. Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain are already in downturns economically, or struggling hard to avoid them, as high unemployment, rising inflation, and low economic growth are predicted. Even prosperous Germany and France have started to be dragged down gradually. Goldman Sachs boldly predicted that both Germany and France would slip into recession, although other forecasts are less pessimistic. The International Monetary Fund is a little more optimistic, predicting growth of 1.3 percent next year in Germany. Hopefully, we have the means to manage the global crisis.
28.三、Composition Writing(20 分) What can we learn from Ms. Yani Tseng to help boost Taiwan’s international visibility? Yani Tseng (曾雅妮) won Taiwan’s first LPGA tournament, sharing some of the glory of her position as the queen of golf with fellow Taiwanese and golf fans around the world. What can we learn from her to help Taiwan become more visible and recognized internationally?