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1.Office manager:____? Job applicant: About twenty minutes. Office manager: That sounds great. Then traveling to the office will not be very tiring to you.
(A)Do you have to drive to the office
(B)May I know where you are living now
(C)How long does it take to get here from where you live
(D)What time will you go home

2.The Harvard University Center for the Environment(HUCE)encourages research and education about the environment. The Center _____42_____ its strength from teachers and students across the University. The most important problems _____43_____ our natural environment are complex. They often _____44_____ cooperation by scholars of many fields of learning. Therefore, the Center seeks to provide the future Harvard-educated researchers, policymakers and business leaders with a special environmental education that emphasizes cooperation, while promoting joint efforts among different parts of the University as well as _____45_____ the University and the outside world. In short, the Center supports research _____46_____ to the environment. By holding public lectures and informal discussions, the Center connects people with an interest in the environment.
(B)which draws
(C)that it draws

(B)that faces
(D)which faces




7.47 I don’t like watching TV and ____does my sister.

8.John looks tired; he ____last night.
(A)doesn’t sleep at all
(B)must study very late
(C)must have studied late
(D)hasn’t slept any longer

9.Mary wants to study ____in the future, and she has decided to go to America.
(A) abroad

10.____to chicken and steak, would you like to order vegetable?
(A)In addition