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1.I like all ________ of music—pop music, country music, jazz and so on. 

(A) kinds 

(B) shapes 

(C) chances 

(D) examples

2.I was ________ to find I did not have enough money to pay for the taxi fare. My face turned very red.
(A) excited
(B) satisfied
(C) interested
(D) embarrassed

3.Can you ________ how old Ms. Wang is? She is 50, but she looks as if she were only 30.
(A) drop
(B) cross
(C) guess
(D) throw

4.She can sing well and ________. That’s why her friends usually ask her to sing karaoke together.
(A) quietly
(B) fearfully
(C) colorfully
(D) beautifully

5.The female singer A-Mei, also known as Amit, is ________ to millions of people in Asia.
(A) familiar
(B) towering
(C) lonesome
(D) convenient

6.I’m not ________ you! Our team has just won both the gold medal and the silver medal.
(A) caring
(B) kidding
(C) meeting
(D) reminding

7.________ speaking, you don’t look nice in that sweater. The stripes on it make you look fat.
(A) Usually
(B) Friendly
(C) Honestly
(D) Strangely

8.Tina plans to ________ children in a remote school in the mountains after college.
(A) hire
(B) link
(C) educate
(D) search

9.It was ________ of you to let me use your cell phone. My parents felt less worried after they got my call.
(A) scary
(B) heavy
(C) romantic
(D) generous

10.To ________ road accidents, we should always follow traffic rules.
(B) bring
(C) enter
(D) create

I am ________ the exam will be held next Tuesday. I just called to check the date.

(A) ready
(B) positive
(C) wealthy
(D) complete

12.Don’t ask me to go with you. I’m not going, because my ________ is made up.
(A) soul
(B) head
(C) heart
(D) mind

13.The good weather and beautiful beaches make this island a great ________ attraction.
(A) artist
(B) florist
(C) tourist
(D) scientist

14.I like this apartment better. It’s cheap, and ________, it’s near my office. I can walk to work.
(A) besides
(B) however
(C) therefore
(D) otherwise

15.________, I didn’t like Susie, but then I found she was a nice girl. Now we’re good friends.
(A) At best
(B) At last
(C) At first
(D) At least

16.Due to the winter storm, hundreds of flights were ________ and many passengers had to stay in airports.
(A) chosen
(B) canceled
(C) collected
(D) criticized

17.Taiwan is famous for its ________ industry. Many foreigners are using computers made in Taiwan.
(A) farming
(B) business
(C) education
(D) technology

18.Natural disasters, such as typhoons and ________, kill lots of people each year.

19.Tigers are a(n) ________ species, but they are still hunted for their bones and skins in some areas.
(A) extinct
(B) numerous
(C) protective
(D) endangered

20.I may not be as ________ as you, but I believe my hard work can make me successful in the long run.
(A) smart
(B) smarter
(C) smartly
(D) the smartest

21.I like this movie very much. I have seen it ________.
(A)last week
(B) every week
(C) three times
(D) for two years

22.I had a great time reading the book ________ you lent me.
(A) it
(B) this
(C) that
(D) what

23.I was so hungry that I ate one cookie after ________ until they were all gone.
(B) others
(C) another
(D) the other

24.The 2010 Flora Expo, held in Taipei, is very successful. Do you know ________ city is going to host the next Flora Expo?
(A) why
(B) when
(C) which
(D) where

25.It has been so cold lately ________ I have never felt like going out.
(B) than
(C) in order to
(D) as to

26.You can’t master English overnight! Remember that speaking it well ________ a lot of practice.
(A) take
(B) takes
(C) taking
(D) to take

27.I don’t know ________. Why not call and ask him in person?
(A) whether will Kevin go to the movie with us
(B) that Kevin will go to the movie with us
(C) if Kevin will go to the movie with us
(D) when will Kevin go to the movie with us

28.You cannot leave ________ you finish all the work the boss expects you to do.
(A) if
(B) until
(C) since
(D) while

29.We still have ________ time, so you don’t need to hurry.
(A) a lot
(B) a few
(C) some
(D) many

30.The twins look so alike that even their parents confuse one with ________ sometimes.
(A) other
(B) another
(C) the other
(D) the others

31.Simon is tall, but his brother is ________ taller than him.
(A) very
(B) most
(C) more
(D) much

32.You like this movie, and ________.
(A) so do I
(B) so am I
(C) neither do I
(D) neither am I

33.We can find almost all the information we need ________ surfing the Internet.
(A) by
(B) for
(C) with
(D) since

34.________ she told me I was her good friend, she never talked to me about her problems.
(A) Since
(B) When
(C) Though
(D) Because

35.I’m a grown man. Don’t talk to me ________ I were a three-year-old kid.
(A) as if
(B) only if
(C) even if
(D) what if

36.The washing machine is not working properly. I have to get it ________.
(A) fix
(B) fixed
(C) to fix
(D) fixing

37.The girl Frank likes has said no to him, so he has no choice but to take ________ wants to go with him to the party.
(A) who
(B) anyone
(C) whoever
(D) those who

38.I have fallen in love with a girl ________ father is a famous writer.
(A) her
(B) that
(C) who’s
(D) whose

39.My grandfather ________ for ten years, but I still miss him a lot.
(A) died
(B) has died
(C) was dead
(D) has been dead

40.A: What’s for dinner? B: How about some sushi? A: ________________ I prefer a hot bowl of noodles to a cold dish. B: I see. Let’s have our dinner at the noodles stand across the street.
(A) I don’t like it.
(B) It’s too hot here.
(C) What a good idea.
(D)That’s my favorite.

41.15. A harmful chemical has been found in US beef products, so many ________ choose to buy local beef instead.
(A) containers
(B) computers
(C) consumers
(D) commuters

42.42. A: Are you excited about your first day of work? B: Of course. That’s my first job. A: How are you going to the office? B: ________________
(A) I’ll leave early.
(B) I’m really nervous.
(C) The bus driver is very kind.
(D) My mom will give me a ride.

43.43. A: Can you pass the test? B: ________________ A: Good for you. I’m very likely to fail.
(A) No way.
(B) I think so.
(C) Not really.
(D) I’m not sure.

44.44. A: My goodness! There are so many people waiting outside! B: ________________ A: Maybe we should just go to another restaurant. Looks like it will take forever to go get in. B: That’s a good idea.
(A) That’s because it’s a popular show.
(B) It’s OK. We’ve made a reservation.
(C) The food here is delicious and cheap.
(D) Don’t worry. The line is moving fast.

45.45. A: Jenny seems to be angry at me, and I don’t know why. B: I know. She is unhappy because you said she looked old in her new dress. A: But I was just joking! B: She didn’t take it lightly. She felt hurt. A: Well, I guess you’re right. ________________
(A) I just can’t take jokes.
(B) I don’t have to say sorry.
(C) It wasn’t really my fault.
(D) I shouldn’t have said that.

46.四、閱讀測驗 In cold and freezing weather, hot springs may come to mind to most people. Taiwan lies over the area between two plates. Due to this unique geography, our beautiful island is dotted with 99 delightful hot springs. Many of Taiwan’s best loved hot springs are in Yangmingshan, Peitou, and Wulai, each within an hour's drive from downtown Taipei, and each offering visitors its own special scenery. If you're a nature lover, the winter is a good time to hike in the hills of Yangmingshan and take a dip in a hot spring. And winter is when the cherry flowers are in full bloom there. If you're a history buff, head for Peitou Hot Spring Museum, and you'll be intrigued by all the Japanese-style architecture at the hot spring resorts and the area's many historic sites. Less than an hour south from downtown Taipei is Wulai, Taipei County's only Aboriginal mountain village. The visitors to Wulai can learn about the culture of the Atayal tribe and try out their distinctive food. The beautiful waterfalls and gorges along Nanshih Creek will make you wonder if you've come to a fairyland! Wintertime is hot spring season in Taiwan. So go on. Make your winter!
【題組】46. Why are there many hot springs in Taiwan?
(A) The weather in Taiwan is usually cold.
(B) The hot springs are the basis of our economy.
(C) The Japanese built them when they ruled Taiwan.
(D) Taiwan is in a special location where two plates meet.

47.【題組】47. Which of the following hot spring is NOT in the Taipei area?
(A) Wulai hot spring.
(B) Peitou hot spring.
(C) Lushan hot spring.
(D) Yangmingshan hot spring.

48.【題組】48. Where might you find this passage?
(A) In a travel magazine.
(B) In a children’s story book.
(C) In a book on home design.
(D) In an article on beautiful beaches.

49.【題組】49. According to the passage, where can you go and learn about the history of hot springs in Taiwan?
(A) In the hills of Yangmingshan.
(B) In a Japanese hot spring hotel.
(C) In Peitou Hot Spring Museum.
(D) In an Aboriginal village in Taipei County.

50.【題組】50. What does “fairyland” mean?
(A) A very beautiful place.
(B) An island in a remote sea.
(C) A deep and dangerous river.
(D) A very busy and noisy market