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1.36 That cake on the table looks very delicious, ____?
(A) isn’t
(B) doesn’t it
(C) is that
(D) does that .

2.37 We tried our best to help you, but things didn’t turn out as expected. It’s really____ our control.
(A) beyond
(B) under
(C) from
(D) without

3.38 We_____ to the rock radio station when Mother walked into our room.
(A) listened
(B) have listened
(C) were listening
(D) listen

4.39 I had a good time last night. Many wonderful things____ .
(A) happens
(B) happened
(C) were happening
(D) happen

5.40 The meeting was____ because the boss was ill, but they would set a new date for the meeting.

6.41 Students learn to work closely with others in group sports____ baseball and basketball.
(A) as if
(B) for example
(C)that is
(D) such as

7.42 Karen: How often do you go grocery shopping? Diana: ____. Karen: I wish I could go as often as you do.
(A)John does the shopping
(B)Twice a week
(C)Only when I have time
(D)Hardly ever

8.43 Tom: This is a great party. I really like the music. Mary:____ Tom: Yes, I love it. I play drums in a band.
(A) Is that so? Do you play any sport?
(B) Really? I didn’t know you liked jazz.
(C) It sounds great. Do you like to go to parties?
(D) I like the food, especially the cake. Do you like it?

9.44 Jason: We’re going to be late for the party. Are you ready yet? Sophia: ____Just a minute.
(A) Almost.
(B) Out of the question.
(C) Never.
(D) Don’t wait for me

10.45 Mother: Tell me, how is Jake doing in Math this year? Teacher: He’s doing very well.____ Mother: I’m happy to hear that. Thank you.
(A) You should be proud of him.
(B) You have to take care of him.
(C) You have never heard of it.
(D) You must punish him.

11.Some want to make and save a lot of money in order to retire early. I’ve seen people _____46_____ higher-paying and challenging jobs to achieve this goal. They take no vacations, pay little attention to their families, and make many personal sacrifices _____47_____ high income. This retirement planning may not be as perfect as it appears. The problem is that the happy retired life _____48_____ come. Even if all goes according to plan, will they know how to take it easy and enjoy their retirement if they spend their entire life making money? More importantly, who will be around to _____49_____ their retirement leisure time if they did not successfully balance their work and family lives? One of the costs of entering into an intense career is that time is always spent _____50_____ friends and family. They may indeed realize their goal of retiring early. But this may not be good news for them if this goal is achieved by sacrificing their social and family lives to their careers.
(A) pursuing
(B) to pursue
(C) pursues
(D) pursued

(A) in spite of
(B) in exchange for
(C) in addition to
(D) without considering

(A) will not
(B) will
(C) might
(D) might not

(A) save
(B) share
(C) lose
(D) take

(A) for
(B) on
(C) away from
(D) with