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100 年 - 100年高考三級英文#9826 

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31.The___ of the candidate expressed itself in his extreme and unrealistic isolationism.






2.32.The tribal elders___ for three hours before banishing the two offenders.

3.33.Pope Benedict XVI has___ into the evolution debate in the United States, saying the universe was made by an “intelligent project.”

4.34 One is often amazed by the speed with which armies collapse, bureaucracies____ , and social structures dissolve once the autocrat is removed.

5.35 Disputes between Taiwan and Japan over who should have___ over Diaoyutai Islands have become heated recently.

6.36 Despite the___ of excellent children’s books in recent years, reading is increasingly unpopular among children.

7.37 Genetic discoveries will trigger a flood of new____ , including drugs that aimed at the causes of disease rather than the symptoms.

8.38 Society is a joint-stock company in which the members agree for the better securing of the bread to each shareholder, to surrender the liberty and culture of the eater.
(A)Like a company, society may deprive individuals of their bread in order to maintain the liberty and culture of each shareholder.
(B)Like a company, society may operate at the expense of individuals’ liberty and culture to ensure the profits for each shareholder.
(C)Society operates like a joint-stock company that generates profits for shareholders to sustain each individual’s liberty and culture.
(D)Society would produce profits as a joint-stock company for each shareholder when its members agree to give away their bread.

9.39 Out of the barren earth of their homeland, the farmers are able to create a lush landscape.
(A)The farmers manage to create a rich landscape despite the barren soil.
(B)By getting out of the barren earth, the farmers are able to create a rich landscape.
(C)Outside the poor territory of their homeland, the farmers succeed in creating a lush landscape.
(D)Away from the barren earth of their homeland, the farmers manage to create a rich landscape.

10.40 Because of the belief that a woman generally does not provide the sole financial support for her family as a man does, she often fails to receive equal pay for equal work.
(A)Women often do not make as much money as men do because it is generally believed that a woman receives other financial support in her family.
(B)Women and men often do not get equal pay for equal work because a woman’s paycheck is generally considered a secondary income for her family.
(C)Women often fail to receive equal treatment at work because they believe they do not make as much money as men do.
(D)Women and men often fail to get equal pay for equal work because a woman’s income is generally more important than a man’s.

We measure our lives in months and years. The wood mouse’s life is measured in hours and days. This tiny mammal, a member of the rodent family, has a childhood lasting only for three weeks.
Survival is a difficult task for such a small creature. The wood mouse ventures out mainly at night, using its whiskers to feel its way through the darkness. It has good sight and hearing, and an excellent sense of smell. However, the wood mouse is relatively defenseless, and many fall prey to owls, hawks, crows, foxes, and other predators.
The mouse’s main survival strategy is to breed at speed. A single mother may have several litters of babies, totally 25 to 30 offspring in a year. With so many babies, the chances are that only one or two will survive.
The wood mouse has many similarities to its close cousin, the house mouse. For both, life starts in a cozy nest. The new babies are pink and furless. Their eyes are closed, and there is no sign of the typically large mouse ears. They depend completely on their mother. She suckles them with her milk, licks them clean, removes their droppings, and keeps the nest clean. If they wriggle too far, she picks them up in her mouth and returns them to the nest.

【題組】41 How long does it take a wood mouse to grow into maturity?
(A)Less than one week
(B)Less than one month
(C)More than one month
(D)More than one year

12.【題組】42 How does the wood mouse move around in darkness?
(A)With the help of whiskers
(B)With the help of ears
(C)With the help of eyes
(D)With the help of the nose

13.【題組】43 What is the way for the wood mice to survive?
(A)They run very fast.
(B)They produce their young in big quantity.
(C)They scare away their enemies.
(D)They don’t go out in the daytime.

14.【題組】44 According to the passage, what makes a difference between a wood mouse and a house mouse?
(A)The size of the ears
(B)The size of the eyes
(C)The color of the fur
(D)The color of the nose

15.【題組】45 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)The wood mice have no predators.
(B)The house mouse is a member of the rodent family.
(C)The baby wood mouse is independent.
(D)The mother wood mouse drops her babies outside the nest when she cleans it.

Psychologists have long known that people can solve their problems at work and home by “sleeping on it.” Dr. Deirdre Barrett advises individuals to ponder questions just before falling asleep (Should I take this job? Should I marry that guy?) and then let the subconscious provide the answers. “I’ve known artists looking for inspiration who simply dream up a future show of their art and wake up with plenty of new painting ideas,” says Barrett. “More and more people are learning these techniques to control their dreams.”
Dr. Stephen LaBerge, for example, has pioneered a way of directing the sleeping mind through “lucid dreaming,” in which a sleeping person realizes he or she is dreaming while it is happening. In “lucid dreaming,” your dreams are like private movies where you are the star, director, and writer all at once. Lucid dreamers can use the experience for a variety of purposes: problem solving, developing creative ideas, and healing. A person may use lucid dreaming for everything from talking to his/her long-dead father to gorging on sweets. Moreover, a weak swimmer in the waking life may dream of diving to the bottom of the dream ocean without worrying about breathing (or his/her swimming skills). Most importantly, lucid dreaming is free and available to everybody.

【題組】46 Why does Dr. Barrett suggest people ponder questions before falling asleep?
(A)To remember the questions clearly when waking up
(B)To come up with creative ideas from dreams
(C)To solve the problems before falling asleep
(D)To give the subconscious a good rest

17.【題組】47 According to the passage, which of the following can help us solve problems?
(A)Sleeping without dreams
(B)Interpreting others’ dreams
(C)Forgetting our dreams
(D)Directing our dreams

18.【題組】48 Which of the following statements is NOT a benefit of lucid dreaming?
(A)It is free of charge.
(B)It has healing power.
(C)It induces sound sleep.
(D)It generates creative ideas.

19.【題組】49 What does the author try to prove with the example of the weak swimmer?
(A)Dreams reinforce illusions.
(B)Dreams introduce new ideas.
(C)Dreams are different from reality.
(D)Dreams satisfy subconscious desires.

20.【題組】50 Which of the following statements about “lucid dreaming” is true?
(A)“Lucid dreaming” is available to those able to both direct and act in movies.
(B)Movie stars can enjoy “lucid dreaming” more than movie directors.
(C)People both act in and direct their dreams in “lucid dreaming.”
(D)Sleeping persons are more like movie stars than like movie directors in “lucid dreaming.”