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1.1. All city council members decided to ____________ a percentage of their income to the poor.
(A) rebuild
(B) bribe
(C) finish
(D) donate

2.2. Due to the hard economic times, we can expect a ____________ in job vacancies.
(A) decline
(B) capacity
(C) sketch
(D) balance

3.3. Mary started her ____________ as a high school teacher as soon as she graduated from college, and is still in love with her job at this moment.
(A) vacation
(B) motto
(C) career
(D) homework

4.4. The patient’s chronic illness has ____________ her so much that she has difficulty walking.
(A) weakened
(B) strengthened
(C) lightened
(D) broadened

5.5. Patrick has just got a next-week ____________ for a comedy movie and he looks very happy right now.
(A) attraction
(B) audition
(C) applicant
(D) appendix

6.6. The manager decided to offer a bargain price to increase sales and discourage ____________.
(A) designers
(B) roosters
(C) competitors
(D) scholars

7.7. A relief team rescued 500 villagers from mudslides caused by the typhoon, but there were still five people who ____________ into thin air and were never seen again.
(A) transformed
(B) survived
(C) explored
(D) vanished

8.8. In August 2011 Steve Jobs wrote, “Unfortunately, that day has come.” Then he knew he could no longer ____________ the expectations of his position as the CEO of the company.
(A) cherish
(B) fulfill
(C) dominate
(D) spare

9.9. The road to the border was closed, and the soldiers were forced to alter their plans.
(A) miss
(B) keep
(C) change
(D) recover

10.10. A computer program will be used to assess the quality of language education.
(A) compose
(B) evaluate
(C) remind
(D) offend

11.11. More than two million birds migrate south to the lake each fall for food.
(A) travel
(B) progress
(C) drop
(D) float

12.12. Driving in stressful conditions, he is suffering from fatigue and wants to go to bed early.
(A) belt
(B) return
(C) handle
(D) tiredness

13.13. The tree in the front yard makes the room dark. We should get it trimmed.
(A) fit
(B) cut
(C) revised
(D) marked

14.14. The chairperson’s late arrival postponed the start of the committee meeting.
(A) hurried
(B) supported
(C) delayed
(D) recovered

15.15. The lawyer’s evidence proved to be false although it looked convincing when first presented.
(A) minor
(B) excited
(C) unlikely
(D) believable

James: Do you know anything about “Lohas”? 
Amy: Well, it stands for people who enjoy “lifestyles of health and sustainability”. 
James: _______________ 
Amy: People from this group prefer to live an environmentally friendly and healthy life. 

(A) Where are they going?
(B) When do they go to work?
(C) How about those who are not rich?
(D) What do they do?

Student A: Shall I lock the chemistry lab now before I go home? 
Student B: _______________ I’ll check it myself later. 
Student A: Then, you have a nice weekend! 

(A) What a pity!
(B) It’s fantastic.
(C) Don’t bother.
(D) No, I won’t.

Jack: What are you going to do for this weekend? 
Tom: I am going to the park for a party. 
Jack: A party in the park? _______________ 
Tom: There will be a musical concert featuring Mozart. I love his music. 

(A) Is the park going to be big?
(B) It’s a piece of cake, isn’t it?
(C) What do you mean?
(D) How far is the park from here?

Jack: Finally, my job is done. 
Tom: What do you think of it? 
Jack: At the first sight, I believe it is terrific. But… 
Tom: _______________
(A) But the boss is about to take it as a jewel.
(B) But the boss thinks it still has a lot to be desired.
(C) But the boss likes it very much.
(D) But the boss will have no regrets about it.

Jack: What do you think is the best way to start making friends? 
Tom: I believe that a proper joke can break the ice. 
Jack: Telling a joke? _______________ And I’ll try it later. 

(A) Don’t be silly!
(B) It makes sense.
(C) I won’t count on it.
(D) I can’t stand it any longer.

Jack: I am looking for a new apartment. 
Tom: My building has some vacancies._______________ 
Jack: Yes. Let me know more details. 

(A) Will you be interested in them?
(B) Could you show me around?
(C) Where do you go for laundry?
(D) Are you saying it is rent-free?

Interviewer: Do you think yourself a talent, winning all these games? 
Jeremy Lin: No. It’s just incredible. I don’t think anyone, including myself, saw this coming. Interviewer: _______________ 
Jeremy Lin: Basketball’s so fun when you play on a team where people pitch in and work through tough times.
(A) How do you like the game?
(B) Would you like to talk about baseball?
(C) How much money do you make?
(D) When will you retire?

Tim: The next slide shows sales over the past six months. Kevin: _______________ 
Tim: Yes, we did. 
Kevin: Any idea what caused this drop in sales?

(A) Gee! We hit quite a slump.
(B) Anything I can do to help.
(C) Let’s take a break first.
(D) That was a good thing.

24.24. ( On the phone… ) 
Secretary: Mr. Hubbard’s office. How may I help you? 
Client: Yes, I’d like to speak to Mr. James, please? 
Secretary: _______________ 
Client: This is Mrs. Stone from Sandhill. 

(A) Who is calling, please?
(B) May I ask what this call is about?
(C) How do you find us?
(D) Where are you going?

Customs Officer: May I see your passport and landing card? 
Thomas: _______________ 
Customs Officer: Do you have anything to declare? 
Thomas: Oh, nothing special. 

(A) I don’t need my passport.
(B) Sure. Here you are.
(C) They’re not real.
(D) Be focused.

26.CouchSurfing has developed into a new craze for the travel community since it began in 1999.CouchSurfing, usually _____26_____ as CS, offers a great way for budget conscious travelers to travel theworld in a far less expensive way. CS works when travelers find people who are willing to open up theirhomes to them and have spare couches for them to sleep on. _____27_____ saving money on accommodation,CS provides travelers _____28_____ a unique opportunity to encounter local perspectives from the area inwhich they are traveling, _____29_____ various cultural, political, and religious viewpoints and lifestyles. Do you have a limited travel budget? Are you comfortable spending time with strangers? Do you want to experience different outlooks from other parts of the world? _____30_____, a popular socialnetworking site for both surfers and hosts, to gain a better understanding of how to find and contactpotential hosts and begin your journey today. You won’t be disappointed.
(A) abbreviated
(B) lengthened
(C) knew
(D) became

(A) In order to
(B) Because of
(C) In addition to
(D) In case of

(A) with
(B) from
(C) to
(D) of

(A) excluding
(B) having
(C) consisting
(D) including

(A) To visit
(B) Visit
(C) Visiting
(D) Visited

31.A few interesting similarities can be found between the two great philosophers: Confucius andSocrates. They indicated that virtue can cause happiness in life. Using their own lives as _____31 _____ , theytried to tell their followers that acting virtuously is the way to success in life. Another common pointbetween Confucius and Socrates is their emphasis on the importance of education. _____32 _____ education, itis difficult to build up the virtue of wisdom. They considered self-knowledge important. Self-knowledgerefers to the ability to know what we know and what we do not know. With the awareness of our ownknowledge and _____33 _____ , we are able to succeed and avoid errors. They believed that carefulself-examination can analyze and _____34 _____ our personal characters, aims, methods and attitudes. Forboth Confucius and Socrates, _____35 _____ learning and wisdom with other virtues, one can have a goodand productive life. They pointed out that wisdom obtained from learning can be used as guidance forall good deeds.
(A) manners
(B) models
(C) masses
(D) measurements

(A) Without
(B) With
(C) Like
(D) For

(A) illustration
(B) invasion
(C) ignorance
(D) interruption

(A) improved
(B) improving
(C) improves
(D) improve

(A) inferring
(B) integrating
(C) inhabiting
(D) imposing

36.A computer addict uses a computer all the time — playing online games, browsing websites,e-mailing friends, and so on. He is annoyed when he has no _____36_____ to the computer. As soon as heturns it on, he feels _____37_____ again. Computer addiction is a social and physical problem. Socially, aperson with a computer addiction thinks his “Cyber friends” are important, so he spends less timewith his family and friends. Physically, a computer addict can _____38_____ symptoms such as dry eyes,headaches, and backaches after he hasn’t eaten and slept properly for some time. If you are acomputer addict, you need to help yourself. First, _____39_____ that you have a problem. Then, talk toyour family about it and limit your computer use. For example, _____40_____ an alarm clock before usinga computer. Turn the computer off when the clock rings. Take action now, or the computer will takea full control of you.
(A) track
(B) input
(C) route
(D) access

(A) relieved
(B) distressed
(C) stressed
(D) preserved

(A) lend
(B) develop
(C) expose
(D) drop

(A) edit
(B) owe
(C) intend
(D) admit

(A) put
(B) set
(C) turn
(D) keep

41.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第41 − 45題 For those who think of straws as nothing but animal feed, materials for the roof, natural fertilizers or occasional medical herbs, I would suggest that they take a trip to Snugburys. Snugburys, an ice cream maker in the U.K., has had a plan to construct a sculpture every year in their farm field to celebrate the coming of summer. This year, they have a GIANT polar bear — a statue which has 3 tons of straws inside. The steel-skeleton-straw-stuffed replica of the animal from the arctic region is attracting interest from tourists, visitors or ice cream buyers while keeping guard at this ice cream destination beside A51 Chester Road. The animal is approximately four times as big as a real adult male polar bear: standing 38 feet tall and weighing in at 9 tons. The sculpture will stay there for about half a year. “Ex-straw-dinary!” uttered one of my friends. The concept started in 1998 with a huge Millennium Dome sculpture and, since then, on the list of the works of art are replicas of the Big Ben Clock, a windmill, the Lovell telescope, a rocket, an angel from the West, a dinosaur as well as last year’s meerkat. Speaking about this year’s design, Mr. Sadler, the business owner, responded with a smile: “There’s no real reason why we chose a polar bear but we think that they’re cool and ice cream is cool so I guess that’s a good enough explanation!” A certain part of all sales from the shop’s “Polar Bear Cones” will be given away to The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust which provides holidays for the kids in need: ill at a terminal stage, disabled, disadvantaged and the like.
【題組】41. Which of the following items is NOT mentioned as the use of straws?
(A) An alternative therapy.
(B) Fertilizers.
(C) Farming tools.
(D) Roofing materials. ¯

42.【題組】42. Which of the following is NOT on the Snugburys’ list of the structures made of straws?
(A) A polar bear.
(B) A rocket.
(C) A locomotive.
(D) A meerkat.

43.【題組】43. Why is the polar bear taken as the theme for this year’s structure?
(A) It’s cool.
(B) It’s in grave danger.
(C) It’s of significant value.
(D) It’s snow-white.

44.【題組】44. Why does the author offer the suggestion of taking a trip to Snugburys?
(A) To do research on a herbal remedy.
(B) To enjoy the urban atmosphere.
(C) To enhance the business chance.
(D) To learn an artistic display of straws.

45.【題組】45. According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A) Snugburys is a famous ice cream manufacturer in the U.S.A.
(B) A charity unit for the kids has offered to promote the straw shows.
(C) “Ex-straw-dinary” is used here to express praise and admiration.
(D) An average adult male polar bear stands 38 feet tall and weighs in at 9 tons.

46.▲ 閱讀下文,回答第46 − 50題 Michael Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg, invented eBooks in 1971 and continued to inspire the creation of eBooks and related technologies today. He announced that the greatest value created by computers would not be computing, but the storage, retrieval and searching of what was stored in our libraries. There are three categories of the Project Gutenberg Library: Light Literature — such as Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking-Glass, A Christmas Carol, Peter Pan, Aesop’s Fables, etc; Heavy Literature — such as the Bible or other religious documents, Shakespeare, Moby Dick, Paradise Lost, Heart of Darkness, etc; References — such as Roget’s Thesaurus, almanacs, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc. The Light Literature Collection is designed to get people to the computer in the first place, whether a preschooler or a great-grandparent. We ( Project Gutenberg team ) love to hear about kids or grandparents taking each other to an Etext to Peter Pan when they come back from watching HOOK at the movies, or when they read Alice in Wonderland after seeing it on TV. Nearly every Star Trek movie has quoted current Project Gutenberg Etext releases. This was a primary concern when we chose the books for our libraries. ¯
【題組】46. In which of the following categories can encyclopedias be found?
(A) References.
(B) Heavy Literature.
(C) Journals.
(D) Light Literature.

47.【題組】47. Which of the following is considered Heavy Literature?
(A) Through the Looking-Glass.
(B) A Christmas Carol.
(C) Heart of Darkness.
(D) Peter Pan.

48.【題組】48. What does the word it in line 11 refer to?
(A) Shakespeare.
(B) Moby Dick.
(C) Paradise Lost.
(D) Alice in Wonderland.

49.【題組】49. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) How to buy and sell literary works through Gutenberg.
(B) The selection and the goal of Project Gutenberg Etexts.
(C) Project Gutenberg publishes copyrighted literary works.
(D) Project Gutenberg promotes intellectual property rights.

50.【題組】50. About Project Gutenberg, which of the following is mentioned in the passage?
(A) The Etexts should cost so little that no one will care how much they are.
(B) The Etexts should be so easily used that one can read and search them.
(C) Michael Hart was trying to take over the entire publishing industry.
(D) Project Gutenberg aims to encourage people to read Etexts from computers.