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101 年 - 101四技二專統測英語類專業(一)英文閱讀#8091 

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1.1. According to the observation, shy babies usually have shy parents. Therefore, some scientiststhink that shyness is ____________.
(A) gigantic
(B) genetic
(C) glittering
(D) general

2.2. Being unable to sleep properly at night and feeling exhausted in the daytime are key ____________of stress.
(A) remedies
(B) syllables
(C) cures
(D) symptoms

3.3. The current session will demonstrate how our new smart phones are superior to those of ourcompetitors ____________ both features and speed.
(A) in behalf of
(B) in terms of
(C) in token of
(D) in place of

4.4. The financial expert predicts that investments in the property industry in Taiwan will increase____________ lower interest rates.
(A) because
(B) regarding
(C) as a result of
(D) in honor of

5.5. After months of searching I finally ____________ to land a job as a safety inspector in a homeappliance factory.
(A) managed
(B) committed
(C) attended
(D) obtained

6.6. Besteam Corporation guarantees salary and benefits ____________ with your skills and previouswork experience.
(A) attractive
(B) sufficient
(C) commensurate
(D) familiar

7.7. The sandwich was bought a week ago; I don’t think it is ____________ now.
(A) editable
(B) efficient
(C) edible
(D) effective

8.8. With an increase of the population, the city suffers from terrible traffic ____________, so you’dbetter start earlier for your activities for the rest of your stay here.
(A) congestion
(B) digestion
(C) precaution
(D) dilution

9.9. Global Electronic Recycling has developed a profitable business by recycling metals retrievedfrom ____________ electronic components.
(A) sustained
(B) extended
(C) stemmed
(D) discarded

10.10. The research grant, aimed at saving energy and the environment, helped facilitate thedevelopment of the new ____________ car.
(A) hybrid
(B) heated
(C) humble
(D) hyper

11.11. Make sure you wear the cuff links. They’ll ____________ your necktie and the top hat.
(A) complain
(B) complement
(C) compose
(D) compute

12.12. Stop ____________ or you may break the TV! Just choose the program you want to watch.
(A) scuba-diving
(B) window-shopping
(C) program-smuggling
(D) channel-surfing

13.13. After my mother moved, please ____________ all her mails to my address.
(A) proceed
(B) exceed
(C) forward
(D) serve

14.14. Maria’s presentation seemed ____________, but it was in fact carefully prepared beforehand.
(A) spontaneous
(B) expanding
(C) courageous
(D) descriptive

15.15. Mr. Wang ____________ his business by cell phone when he was in his one-month traveling.
(A)raised his hand to
(B) closed his eyes to
(C) got rid of
(D) kept track of

16.The poverty gap in some developed and developing countries has been widening this decade. Taiwan is among them. Recent _____16_____ have shown Taiwan’s wealthiest making almost 93 times more annually than its poorest citizens. Indeed, the situation seems to be getting worse every year. Unfortunately, a widening poverty gap can lead to a variety of social _____17_____ . For example, crime and social unrest can increase as the “have-nots” become _____18_____ about the excessive comforts of the “haves” in society. Furthermore, being poor usually means not having _____19_____ to high quality education, and can therefore widen the gap in the long term. It is time for the governments of these countries to make laws _____20_____ struggling families and individuals rather than rich corporations. Only this can keep society stable.
(A) civics
(B) physics
(C) politics
(D) statistics

(A) problems
(B) incomes
(C) wonders
(D) engagements

(A) shocked
(B) scared
(C) upset
(D) updated

(A) accuracy
(B) access
(C) agent
(D) attraction

(A) appreciating
(B) inventing
(C) donating
(D) favoring

21. Wilson L. Taylor is credited with being the inventor of the cloze technique. He is also responsible for _____21_____ the word “cloze,” which is rather obviously a spelling corruption of the word “close” as in “close the door.” It has been a stumbling stone to many a typesetter and has often been _____22_____ by overzealous and unknowing editors who find _____23_____ difficult to believe that anyone would really intend to spell a word C-L-O-Z-E. The term is a mnemonic or perhaps a humorless pun intended to call to _____24_____ the process of closure celebrated by Gestalt psychology. In the cloze technique,blanks are placed in prose where words in the text have been _____25_____ . Filling the blanks by guessing the missing words is, according to Taylor’s notions, a special kind of closure — hence the term cloze.
【題組】 21.
(A) collecting
(B) coining
(C) correcting
(D) combining

(A) mixed
(B) manufactured
(C) managed
(D) misspelled

(A) it
(B) that
(C) what
(D) which

(A) readers
(B) us
(C) mind
(D) knowledge

(A) deleted
(B) looked for
(C) demanded
(D) looked up

26. Stanford University, the University of California in Berkeley, and the University of Michiganhave all signed _____26_____ authorizing Google to scan books from their libraries. The librarians say the initiative can give new life to books that have been forgotten. However, there is some _____27_____ surrounding Google’s project. Digitizing current books whosecopyright holders are known is not in dispute. _____28_____ is digitizing older books whose copyrightshave expired. Problems arise over digitizing books that are out of print and still under copyright,but the current holder of that copyright is unknown. Selling digital copies of those books couldbecome _____29_____ , and there are questions over who will get those profits. Google _____30_____ the project is about more than money. A spokesperson said the greatest contribution for Google and for all Internet users would come from improving its search system.
【題組】 26.
(A) petitions
(B) agreements
(C) lawsuits
(D) fragments

(A) regulation
(B) controversy
(C) motive
(D) prosperity

(A) Neither
(B) Each
(C) Either
(D) None

(A) substantial
(B) accessible
(C) debatable
(D) gratifying

(A) provokes
(B) denies
(C) enforces
(D) claims