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1.The player could not _____ anything beyond being on the court, a career his family discouraged and which he was probably totally unsuited for.
(A) envisage
(B) invalidate
(C) sustain
(D) subsidize

2.This year’s two-month-long festival will _____ the city with art, concerts, and street parades.
(A) confer
(B) effectuate
(C) abdicate
(D) suffuse

3.Some disappointing global data and mixed domestic economic reports created uneasiness among traders, even as the averages _____ held on to their beliefs.
(A) inadvertently
(B) tenaciously
(D) superciliously

4.Possession of wealth that was not _____ with one's earnings has been criminalized under the new proposed law in an effort to promote transparency.
(A) superfluous
(B) corporeal
(C) recalcitrant
(D) commensurate

5.Those who succeed are equipped with determination and the ability to ward off dangerous moments with_____ to reach the winning post.
(A) emissary
(B) conscription
(C) complicity
(D) equanimity

6.Minority members of the committee ________ with the majority members, saying that the proposal was unjust; nevertheless, it was approved.
(A) remonstrated
(B) rescinded
(C) venerated
(D) oscillated

7.The Treaty of Versailles, which concluded World War I, was deliberately ________, imposing tremendous penalties on the defeated nation.
(A) suppliant
(B) inordinate
(C) refulgent
(D) vindictive

8.Generally, if one party to an agreement ________ on its contractual obligations, it must provide appropriate compensation to the other party.
(A) reneges
(B) lambastes
(C) inveigles
(D) imputes

9.When genetic engineering began in the 1970s, there was a(n) ________, and sometimes acrimonious, debate among scientists themselves about its dangers.
(A) contumacious
(B) equable
(C) execrable
(D) contentious

10. For their gig, they will _____ older songs with new material from a forthcoming CD.
(A) intersperse
(B) embroil
(C) disport
(D) constringe

11.The ESPN put forth an offensive headline about New York Knicks _____ Jeremy Lin on its mobile website, causing public discontent.
(A) gimmick
(B) harbinger
(C) endorsement
(D) sensation

12. The motion regarding the amendment was seconded and then passed _____ by a hand vote.
(A) anonymously
(B) condescendingly
(C) capriciously
(D) unanimously

13.The rampant fraud and charity scams have _____ public trust and confidence in social order and humanity.
(A) supplicated
(B) exempted
(C) squandered
(D) exuded

14.Small island nations in the Pacific and Caribbean, whose lands are often merely centimeters above sea level, are threatened with _____ by rising seas.
(A) inundation
(B) confluence
(C) amphibian
(D) innuendo

15.The parliament proposed to hold a referendum on extending the term of the _____ president until 2018 without holding a nationwide election.
(A) gratuitous
(B) strident
(C) residual
(D) incumbent