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1.1. The ending of the movie did not come as a _____ to John because he had already read the novel that the movie was based on.
(A) vision
(B) focus
(C) surprise
(D) conclusion

2.2. In order to stay healthy and fit, John exercises _____. He works out twice a week in a gym.
(A) regularly
(B) directly
(C) hardly
(D) gradually

3.3. Traveling is a good way for us to _____ different cultures and broaden our horizons.
(A) assume
(B) explore
(C) occupy
(D) inspire

4.4. The story about Hou-I shooting down nine suns is a well-known Chinese _____, but it may not be a true historical event.
(A) figure
(B) rumor
(C) miracle
(D) legend

5.5. According to recent research, children under the age of 12 are generally not _____ enough to recognize risk and deal with dangerous situations.
(A) diligent
(B) mature
(C) familiar
(D) sincere

6.6. Helen let out a sigh of ______ after hearing that her brother was not injured in the accident.
(A) hesitation
(B) relief
(C) sorrow
(D) triumph

7.7. Research suggests that people with outgoing personalities tend to be more _____, often expecting that good things will happen.
(A) efficient
(B) practical
(C) changeable
(D) optimistic

8.8. No one could beat Paul at running. He has won the running championship _____ for three years.
(A) rapidly
(B) urgently
(C) continuously
(D) temporarily

9.9. If you fly from Taipei to Tokyo, you’ll be taking an international, rather than a _____ flight.
(A) liberal
(B) domestic
(C) connected
(D) universal

10.10. Jack is very proud of his fancy new motorcycle. He has been _____ to all his friends about how cool it looks and how fast it runs.
(A) boasting
(B) proposing
(C) gossiping
(D) confessing

11.11. The ideas about family have changed _____ in the past twenty years. For example, my grandfather was one of ten children in his family, but I am the only child.
(A) mutually
(B) narrowly
(C) considerably
(D) scarcely

12.12. The chairperson of the meeting asked everyone to speak up instead of _____ their opinions among themselves.
(A) reciting
(B) giggling
(C) murmuring
(D) whistling

13.13. Although Mr. Chen is rich, he is a very _____ person and is never willing to spend any money helping those who are in need.
(A) absolute
(B) precise
(C) economic
(D) stingy

14.14. If you want to know what your dreams mean, now there are websites you can visit to help you _____ them.
(A) overcome
(B) interpret
(C) transfer
(D) revise

15.15. The memory _____ of the new computer has been increased so that more information can be stored.
(A) capacity
(B) occupation
(C) attachment
(D) machinery

16.Kizhi is an island on Lake Onega in Karelia, Russia, with a beautiful collection of wooden churches and houses. It is one of the most popular tourist _____16_____ in Russia and a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site.
The island is about 7 km long and 0.5 km wide. It is surrounded by about 5,000 other islands, some of _____17_____ are just rocks sticking out of the ground.
The entire island of Kizhi is, _____18_____ , an outdoor museum of wooden architecture created in 1966. It contains many historically significant and beautiful wooden structures, _____19_____ windmills, boathouses, chapels, fish houses, and homes. The jewel of the architecture is the 22-domed Transfiguration Church, built in the early 1700s. It is about 37 m tall, _____20_____ it one of the tallest log structures in the world. The church was built with pine trees brought from the mainland, which was quite common for the 18th century.

【題組】 16.
(A) affairs
(B) fashions
(C) industries
(D) attractions

(A) them
(B) that
(C) those
(D) which

(A) in fact
(B) once again
(C) as usual
(D) for instance

(A) except
(B) besides
(C) including
(D) regarding

(A) make
(B) making
(C) made
(D) to make

21.There was once a time when all human beings were gods. However, they often took their divinity for granted and _____21_____ abused it. Seeing this, Brahma, the chief god, decided to take their divinity away from them and hide it _____22_____ it could never be found. Brahma called a council of the gods to help him decide on a place to hide the divinity. The gods suggested that they hide it _____23_____ in the earth or take it to the top of the highest mountain. But Brahma thought _____24_____ would do because he believed humans would dig into the earth and climb every mountain, and eventually find it. So, the gods gave up. Brahma thought for a long time and finally decided to hide their divinity in the center of their own being, for humans would never think to _____25_____ it there. Since that time humans have been going up and down the earth, digging, climbing, and exploring—searching for something already within themselves.
(A) yet
(B) even
(C) never
(D) rather

(A) though
(B) because
(C) where
(D) when

(A) close
(B) apart
(C) deep
(D) hard

(A) each
(B) more
(C) any
(D) neither

(A) look for
(B) get over
(C) do without
(D) bump into

In the fall of 1973, in an effort to bring attention to the conflict between Egypt and Israel, World 
Hello Day was born. The objective is to promote peace all over the world, and to 26 barriers 
between every nationality. Since then, World Hello Day—November 21st of every year— 27 observed 
by people in 180 countries. 
Taking part couldn’t be 28 . All one has to do is say hello to 10 people on the day. However, in 
response to the 29 of this event, the concepts of fostering peace and harmony do not have to be 
confined to one day a year. We can 30 the spirit going by communicating often and consciously. It 
is a simple act that anyone can do and it reminds us that communication is more effective than conflict. 

(A)skip over
(B) come across
(C)look into
(D) break down

(A) is
(B)has been
(C) was
(D)had been

(A) quicker
(B) sooner
(C) easier
(D) better

(A) aim
(B) tone
(C) key
(D) peak

(A) push
(B) keep
(C) bring
(D) make

31.Generally there are two ways to name typhoons: the number-based convention and the list-based convention. Following the number-based convention, typhoons are coded with 31 types of numbers such as a 4-digit or a 6-digit code. For example, the 14th typhoon in 2003 can be labeled either as Typhoon 0314 or Typhoon 200314. The 32 of this convention, however, is that a number is hard to remember. The list-based convention, on the other hand, is based on the list of typhoon names compiled in advance by a committee, and is more widely used. At the very beginning, only 33 names were used because at that time typhoons were named after girlfriends or wives of the experts on the committee. In 1979, however, male names were also included because women protested against the original naming 34 for reasons of gender equality. In Asia, Western names were used until 2000 when the committee decided to use Asian names to 35 Asians’ awareness of typhoons. The names were chosen from a name pool 36 of 140 names, 10 each from the 14 members of the committee. Each country has its unique naming preferences. Korea and Japan 37 animal names and China likes names of gods such as Longwang (dragon king) and Fengshen (god of the wind). After the 140 names are all used in order, they will be 38 . But the names can be changed. If a member country suffers great damage from a certain typhoon, it can 39 that the name of the typhoon be deleted from the list at the annual committee meeting. For example, the names of Nabi by South Korea, and Longwang by China were 40 with other names in 2007. The deletion of both names was due to the severe damage caused by the typhoons bearing the names.
(A) practice
(B) replaced
(C) raise
(D) various
(E) female

(A) request
(B) favor
(C) disadvantage
(D) composed
(E) recycled

(A) practice
(B) replaced
(C) raise
(D) various
(E) female

(A) practice
(B) replaced
(C) raise
(D) various
(E) female

(A) practice
(B) replaced
(C) raise
(D) various
(E) female

(A) request
(B) favor
(C) disadvantage
(D) composed
(E) recycled

(A) request
(B) favor
(C) disadvantage
(D) composed
(E) recycled

(A) request
(B) favor
(C) disadvantage
(D) composed
(E) recycled

(A) request
(B) favor
(C) disadvantage
(D) composed
(E) recycled

(A) practice
(B) replaced
(C) raise
(D) various
(E) female

41.The kilt is a skirt traditionally worn by Scottish men. It is a tailored garment that is wrapped around the wearer’s body at the waist starting from one side, around the front and back and across the front again to the opposite side. The overlapping layers in front are called “aprons.” Usually, the kilt covers the body from the waist down to just above the knees. A properly made kilt should not be so loose that the wearer can easily twist the kilt around the body, nor should it be so tight that it causes bulging of the fabric where it is buckled. Underwear may be worn as one prefers. One of the most distinctive features of the kilt is the pattern of squares, or sett, it exhibits. The association of particular patterns with individual families can be traced back hundreds of years. Then in the Victorian era (19th century), weaving companies began to systematically record and formalize the system of setts for commercial purposes. Today there are also setts for States and Provinces, schools and universities, and general patterns that anybody can wear. The kilt can be worn with accessories. On the front apron, there is often a kilt pin, topped with a small decorative family symbol. A small knife can be worn with the kilt too. It typically comes in a very wide variety, from fairly plain to quite elaborate silver- and jewel-ornamented designs. The kilt can also be worn with a sporran, which is the Gaelic word for pouch or purse.
【題組】41. What’s the proper way of wearing the kilt?
(A) It should be worn with underwear underneath it.
(B) It should loosely fit on the body to be turned around.
(C) It should be long enough to cover the wearer’s knees.
(D) It should be wrapped across the front of the body two times.

42.【題組】42. Which of the following is a correct description about setts?
(A) They were once symbols for different Scottish families.
(B) They were established by the government for business purposes.
(C) They represented different States and Provinces in the 19th century.
(D) They used to come in one general pattern for all individuals and institutions.

43.【題組】43. Which of the following items is NOT typically worn with the kilt for decoration?
(A) A pin.
(B) A purse.
(C) A ruby apron.
(D) A silver knife.

44.【題組】44. What is the purpose of this passage?
(A) To introduce a Scottish garment.
(B) To advertise a weaving pattern.
(C) To persuade men to wear kilts.
(D) To compare a skirt with a kilt.

45.Wesla Whitfield, a famous jazz singer, has a unique style and life story, so I decided to see one of her performances and interview her for my column. I went to a nightclub in New York and watched the stage lights go up. After the band played an introduction, Wesla Whitfield wheeled herself onstage in a wheelchair. As she sang, Whitfield’s voice was so powerful and soulful that everyone in the room forgot the wheelchair was even there. At 57, Whitfield is small and pretty, witty and humble, persistent and philosophical. Raised in California, Whitfield began performing in public at age 18, when she took a job as a singing waitress at a pizza parlor. After studying classical music in college, she moved to San Francisco and went on to sing with the San Francisco Opera Chorus. Walking home from rehearsal at age 29, she was caught in the midst of a random shooting that left her paralyzed from the waist down. I asked how she dealt with the realization that she’d never walk again, and she confessed that initially she didn’t want to face it. After a year of depression she tried to kill herself. She was then admitted to a hospital for treatment, where she was able to recover. Whitfield said she came to understand that the only thing she had lost in this misfortunate event was the ability to walk. She still possessed her most valuable asset—her mind. Pointing to her head, she said, “Everything important is in here. The only real disability in life is losing your mind.” When I asked if she was angry about what she had lost, she admitted to being frustrated occasionally, “especially when everybody’s dancing, because I love to dance. But when that happens I just remove myself so I can focus instead on what I can do.”
【題組】45. In which of the following places has Wesla Whitfield worked?
(A) A college.
(B) A hospital.
(C) A pizza parlor.
(D) A news agency.

46.【題組】46. What does “when that happens” mean in the last paragraph?
(A) When Wesla is losing her mind.
(B) When Wesla is singing on the stage.
(C) When Wesla is going out in her wheelchair.
(D) When Wesla is watching other people dancing.

47.【題組】47. Which of the following statements is true about Wesla Whitfield’s physical disability?
(A) It was caused by a traffic accident.
(B) It made her sad and depressed at first.
(C) It seriously affected her singing career.
(D) It happened when she was a college student.

48.【題組】48. What advice would Wesla most likely give other disabled people?
(A) Ignore what you have lost and make the best use of what you have.
(B) Be modest and hard-working to earn respect from other people.
(C) Acquire a skill so that you can still be successful and famous.
(D) Try to sing whenever you feel upset and depressed.

49.Forks trace their origins back to the ancient Greeks. Forks at that time were fairly large with two tines that aided in the carving of meat in the kitchen. The tines prevented meat from twisting or moving during carving and allowed food to slide off more easily than it would with a knife. By the 7th century A.D., royal courts of the Middle East began to use forks at the table for dining. From the 10th through the 13th centuries, forks were fairly common among the wealthy in Byzantium. In the 11th century, a Byzantine wife brought forks to Italy; however, they were not widely adopted there until the 16th century. Then in 1533, forks were brought from Italy to France. The French were also slow to accept forks, for using them was thought to be awkward. In 1608, forks were brought to England by Thomas Coryate, who saw them during his travels in Italy. The English first ridiculed forks as being unnecessary. “Why should a person need a fork when God had given him hands?” they asked. Slowly, however, forks came to be adopted by the wealthy as a symbol of their social status. They were prized possessions made of expensive materials intended to impress guests. By the mid 1600s, eating with forks was considered fashionable among the wealthy British. Early table forks were modeled after kitchen forks, but small pieces of food often fell through the two tines or slipped off easily. In late 17th century France, larger forks with four curved tines were developed. The additional tines made diners less likely to drop food, and the curved tines served as a scoop so people did not have to constantly switch to a spoon while eating. By the early 19th century, four-tined forks had also been developed in Germany and England and slowly began to spread to America.
【題組】49. What is the passage mainly about?
(A) The different designs of forks.
(B) The spread of fork-aided cooking.
(C) The history of using forks for dining.
(D) The development of fork-related table manners.

50.【題組】50. By which route did the use of forks spread?
(A) Middle EastGreeceEnglandItalyFrance
(B) GreeceMiddle EastItalyFranceEngland
(C) GreeceMiddle EastFranceItalyGermany
(D) Middle EastFranceEnglandItalyGermany

51.【題組】51. How did forks become popular in England?
(A) Wealthy British were impressed by the design of forks.
(B) Wealthy British thought it awkward to use their hands to eat.
(C) Wealthy British gave special forks to the nobles as luxurious gifts.
(D) Wealthy British considered dining with forks a sign of social status.

52.【題組】52. Why were forks made into a curved shape?
(A) They could be used to scoop food as well.
(B) They looked more fashionable in this way.
(C) They were designed in this way for export to the US.
(D) They ensured the meat would not twist while being cut.

53.Animals are a favorite subject of many photographers. Cats, dogs, and other pets top the list, followed by zoo animals. However, because it’s hard to get them to sit still and “perform on command,” some professional photographers refuse to photograph pets. One way to get an appealing portrait of a cat or dog is to hold a biscuit or treat above the camera. The animal’s longing look toward the food will be captured by the camera, but the treat won’t appear in the picture because it’s out of the camera’s range. When you show the picture to your friends afterwards, they’ll be impressed by your pet’s loving expression. If you are using fast film, you can take some good, quick shots of a pet by simply snapping a picture right after calling its name. You’ll get a different expression from your pet using this technique. Depending on your pet’s mood, the picture will capture an interested, curious expression or possibly a look of annoyance, especially if you’ve awakened it from a nap. Taking pictures of zoo animals requires a little more patience. After all, you can’t wake up a lion! You may have to wait for a while until the animal does something interesting or moves into a position for you to get a good shot. When photographing zoo animals, don’t get too close to the cages, and never tap on the glass or throw things between the bars of a cage. Concentrate on shooting some good pictures, and always respect the animals you are photographing.
【題組】53. Why do some professional photographers NOT like to take pictures of pets?
(A) Pets may not follow orders.
(B) Pets don’t want to be bothered.
(C) Pets may not like photographers.
(D) Pets seldom change their expressions.

54.【題組】54. What is the use of a biscuit in taking pictures of a pet?
(A) To capture a cute look.
(B) To create a special atmosphere.
(C) To arouse the appetite of the pet.
(D) To keep the pet from looking at the camera.

55.【題組】55. What is the advantage of calling your pet’s name when taking a shot of it?
(A) To help your pet look its best.
(B) To make sure that your pet sits still.
(C) To keep your pet awake for a while.
(D) To catch a different expression of your pet.

56.【題組】56. In what way is photographing zoo animals different from photographing pets?
(A) You need to have fast film.
(B) You need special equipment.
(C) You need to stay close to the animals.
(D) You need more time to watch and wait.

57.[中譯英]1. 近年來,許多臺灣製作的影片已經受到國際的重視。
58.[中譯英]2. 拍攝這些電影的地點也成為熱門的觀光景點。
59.[英文作文]說明︰1.依提示在「答案卷」上寫一篇英文作文。 2.文長至少120個單詞(words)。 提示︰你最好的朋友最近迷上電玩,因此常常熬夜,疏忽課業,並受到父母的責罵。你(英 文名字必須假設為 Jack 或 Jill)打算寫一封信給他/她(英文名字必須假設為 Ken 或 Barbie),適當地給予勸告。 請注意:必須使用上述的Jack或Jill在信末署名,不得使用自己的真實中文或英文名字。