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101 年 - 101年外交領事人員、國際經濟商務人員 三等 日文組 外國文(日文兼試基礎英文)#20639 

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1.1 As Jack struggled to free himself, his face was getting red, his lips were dry and his forehead was _____ .
(A) expiring
(B) inspiring
(C) conspiring
(D) perspiring
2.2 Many international airports have _____ for children of all ages, which include play areas, movie viewing lounges, and areas for breast feeding or diaper changing.
(A) facilities
(B) accessories
(C) designations
(D) implements
3.3 Following Jeremy Lin’s rise in NBA, people in Taiwan seemed to have developed a tremendous sense of _____ with Linsanity.
(A) affinity
(B) calamity
(C) diversity
(D) infirmity
4.4 Increasingly famous, Goethe became in his own lifetime a _____ figure: all Europe flocked to Weimar to visit him.
(A) disgraceful
(B) hysterical
(C) legendary
(D) skeptical
5.5 The dentist decided to _____ his practice to include cosmetic procedures in addition to the usual dental work.
(A) classify
(B) diversify
(C) pacify
(D) simplify
6.6 Can we borrow your _____ for a few hours? Ours has broken and the grass has got terribly long.
(A) vaccuum
(B) grill
(C) lawnmower
(D) mop
7.7 Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.
(A) Many countable things are important and every important thing is countable.
(B) Many important things cannot be counted and every countable thing is important.
(C) Many important things are uncountable, and not every countable thing is important.
(D) Everything that can be counted is important, and everything that is important can be counted.
8.8 Children are becoming weaker, less muscular, and unable to do physical tasks that previous generations found simple.
(A) Previously, children found physical tasks simple despite being less muscular.
(B) The current generation of children is not as physically strong as the previous ones.
(C) Children are simply not weakening through doing physical tasks for years.
(D) To be able to perform household tasks, children need to take strength training classes.
9.9 What comes out of your mouth today may come back to haunt you tomorrow.
(A) You may forget what you say today, but others may remember it for a long time.
(B) What you say in secret today may eventually come out in the public in the future.
(C) What you say today may be eventually used against you some day.
(D) You may like what you say today, but others may ask you to take it back tomorrow.
10.10 For many years, Taiwanese cartoonists struggled to _____ themselves in the local comic book market, which has been dominated by Japanese titles for decades.
(A) establish
(B) assemble
(C) illustrate
(D) overwhelm
11.11 Many people misunderstood Asian women because of some stereotypical notion about their beauty, their cultural background, their fabled obedience and _____ .
(A) aggressiveness
(B) docility
(C) growl
(D) insanity
12.12 Most scientists believe it is _____ to use animals in medical research. However, some people disapprove of this practice for its brutality.
(A) contiguous
(B) legitimate
(C) solitary
(D) fractional
13.13 Keeping the brain active may protect against dementia. Study suggests being bilingual may help keep brains sharper and protect against mental decline in old age.
(A) Being bilingual helps fight off memory loss due to aging.
(B) Learning a second language can cure dementia and memory loss.
(C) Being bilingual means to actively battle with the decline of old age.
(D) Learning a second language is the essential way to maintain a youthful mind.
14.請依下文回答第 14 題至第 17 題 The danger of delaying childbearing, of course, is that a woman who eventually wants a baby may be unable to have one because her eggs are no longer viable. But researchers have developed a procedure that, 14 not stopping a woman’s biological clock, can in effect act as a snooze button. Egg freezing, or “oocyte cryopreservation,” uses hormones to boost a woman’s production of eggs, which are then extracted and frozen, 15 them to be thawed, fertilized, and implanted in her womb at a later date. Freezing puts the eggs in a state of 16 animation, meaning that in theory, a woman can keep a viable store of eggs on ice long after her body’s natural supply is depleted. While egg freezing is available primarily to cancer patients facing infertility from chemotherapy and radiation, a growing number of clinics are offering the procedure to 17 healthy women who simply want to postpone childbearing for personal reasons.
【題組】 14
(A) since
(B) after
(C) so
(D) while
(A) prohibiting
(B) allowing
(C) challenging
(D) demanding
(A) expended
(B) expected
(C) suspended
(D) suspected
(A) least
(B) extremely
(C) so
(D) otherwise
18.請依下文回答第 18 題至第 20 題 Scandinavian countries have been the pacesetters in the development of many of the nontraditional forms of family living, especially births outside of wedlock and cohabitation outside of legal marriage. Women in these societies also have the highest rates of labor force participation. However, in at least two aspects, the United States is setting the pace: Americans have, by far, the highest divorce rate of any industrial nation, as well as a higher incidence of single-parent households, one of the most economically vulnerable segments of the population. Japan is the most traditional society of those studied, with very low rates of divorce and births out of wedlock and the highest proportion of married-couple households. In fact, Japan is the only country studied in which the share of such households has increased since 1960. But even in Japan, family patterns are changing: sharp drops in fertility have led to much smaller families, and the three-generation household, once the mainstay of Japanese family life, is in decline.
【題組】 18 According to the passage, which of the following distinguishes Scandinavian countries from other countries studied?
(A) Children born outside of marriage.
(B) Sharp drops in fertility.
(C) The highest divorce rate.
(D) The fast economic development.
19.【題組】19 According to the passage, which country has the highest rate of single-parent households?
(A) Norway.
(B) Denmark.
(C) The USA.
(D) Japan.
20.【題組】20 According to the passage, which of the following is NOT found in Japan?
(A) A decrease of three-generation households.
(B) A high birth rate.
(C) An increase of smaller families.
(D) A high proportion of married-couple households.



【題組】 (一)あの人の話はたいてい自分の自慢話か仕事の愚痴かで、聞いているとうんざり する。(5 分)

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【非選題】【題組】(二)子供たちには自分の利益ばかり考えるような人間にだけはなってほしくない。 (5 分)

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【非選題】【題組】(三)彼のスキャンダルがあちこちでうわさになりはじめた。こうなってはもはや手 の打ちようがない。(5 分)

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【非選題】【題組】(四)電話かメ-ルで用は足りるのだから、わざわざ行くほどのこともあるまい。(5 分)

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【題組】 (一)公司的營運正面臨最近數年來最艱難的狀況,裁員已是不可避免的事情。(5 分)

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【非選題】【題組】(二)生活安定就容易覺得無聊,生活不安定則會累積有害健康的壓力。(5 分)

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Easy life will bored but pressure harm your body.
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【非選題】【題組】(三)考試成績不佳的人,通常會被要求參加補考,不參加則會被當。(5 分)

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【非選題】【題組】(四)罹患慢性病的人,須遵醫囑確實地服藥,若吃吃停停,就不會產生效果。(5 分)

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【非選題】三、作文(400 字-500 字)。(35 分) 「外国語能力を高めよう」