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1.The goal of the drug abuse is to ____ anyone with a drug addiction for them to get back to a normal life.
(A) rehabilitate
(B) upend
(C) infiltrate
(D) tout

2.People in different professional fields use a lot of ___ in their conversations. Sometimes it's hard to understand them if you don't know the words.
(A) prowess
(B) knack
(C) solace
(D) lingo

3.He was ___ by the government as an ambassador to Lisbon to take care of the foreign affairs.
(A) grappled
(B) procured
(C) accredited
(D) moored

4.This pair of shoes is made of ___ leather. It should be comfortable to walk around.
(A) rife
(B) myriad
(C) heinous
(D) supple

5.The young man's ___ smile won him everyone's trust.
(A) ingenious
(B) ingenuous
(C) ingrained
(D) inimical

6.The Louisiana Purchase was the best bargain in American ___ history. Without a threat of war, It added over eight hundred thousand square miles to the United States.
(A) coincident
(B) diplomatic
(C) incipient
(D) mendacious

7.This old hotel is ___ but not particularly attractive; its big lobby is filled with artwork and old furniture.
(A) commodious
(B) euphonious
(C) obstreperous
(D) mendacious

8.The Japanese economy is so ___ that while it might stagger, it could absorb the earthquake's blow.
(A) diaphanous
(B) irreparable
(C) resilient
(D) lucrative

9.Scientists have made great efforts in developing a treatment that could somehow stop Alzheimer's disease in its tracks and prevent further ___.
(A) vertigo
(B) deterioration
(C) pandemonium
(D) audacity

10.Housing construction remained ___ although government reports showed gains in industrial production and personal income.
(A) sluggish
(B) brisk
(C) indisputable
(D) ostensible