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1.26. As a pitcher, his super play ________ the team to a thrilling 5-0 win.
(A) insulted
(B) inspired
(C) inspected
(D) insisted

2.27. It’s far too ________ to generalize from one set of results from the experiment.
(A) sticky
(B) risky
(C) picky
(D) funky

3.28. If you are thirsty, you may get some drinks from the ________ machine.
(A) raking
(B) vending
(C) sewing
(D) diving

4.29. I took ________ of the sale on fruit and bought three bags of oranges yesterday.
(A) advantage
(B) advance
(C) advisement
(D) advice

5.30. You should ________ up on English because that is your weakest subject.
(A) bring
(B) lift
(C) polish
(D) hold

6.31. This bank is famous for its ________. It treats its customers thoughtfully and professionally.
(A) service
(B) supply
(C) savings
(D) samples

7.32. After opening an ________ with the bank, I become its customer.
(A) account
(B) engineer
(C) instrument
(D) operator

8.33. I’ve got a ten o’clock ________ with the manager. Is he in his office now?
(A) appointment
(B) commercial
(C) messenger
(D) observation

9.34. Most residents in Pintung county rely ________ agriculture for their livelihood.
(A) on
(B) from
(C) into
(D) of

10.35. A black hole is a region of space ________ the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing can escape.
(A) where
(B) whereas
(C) which
(D) what

11.36. I’m John, and ________ I really like doing is riding a bike.
(A) if
(B) so
(C) what
(D) yet

12.37. We celebrate the Moon Festival ________ many kinds of moon cakes.
(A) by
(B) in
(C) through
(D) with

13.38. The world’s leading central banks joined forces to offer Europe’s ________ banks easy access to dollars.
(A) trouble
(B) troubled
(C) troubles
(D) to trouble

14.39. Today, many people volunteer their time and energy to help ________.
(A) another
(B) some others
(C) others
(D) the other

15.40. Economics ________ hard for most business students who haven’t taken related courses.
(A) are
(B) is
(C) more
(D) very

16.There are two reasons I don’t have a credit card. The first reason is that using a piece of plastic instead of _____41_____ makes it too easy for me to buy things I can’t afford._____42_____ , last week I saw a $75.00 pair of pink shoes in my favorite shoe store. Of course, I don’t need pink shoes,_____43_____ can I afford them. With a credit card, however, I would now own those shoes and be worrying about how to _____44_____ for them. The second reason I don’t have a credit card is that I would end up in _____45_____ like my friend Sara, the Shopaholic, who got a credit card last year and already owes $4,000.
(A) card
(B) cash
(C) credit
(D) check

(A) For instance
(B) In addition
(C) Not to mention
(D) On top of that

(A) and
(B) but
(C) nor
(D) so

(A) buy
(B) choose
(C) pay
(D) work

(A) army
(B) debt
(C) fashion
(D) success

     Pawn shops are businesses where people bring their possessions to sell or to get a short-term loan. The United States has about ten thousand of them. In the 
past few years, pawn shops have been doing business with more people than 
ever before. That is because many lenders now do business only with individuals having good credit ratings or a high-paying job. Often, the individuals most in 
need of a loan have poor credit ratings. But they do not need a good job or 
credit rating to get a loan from a pawnbroker. They only need something of value.
When a traditional lender approves a loan, it may be days or weeks before an individual receives the money. But pawnbrokers will give a loan in just a few 
minutes based on the resale value of an object and without asking about the 
person’s job or credit history.
     Many pawn shops specialize in jewelry. But most shops accept almost anything of value, including computers, musical instruments, guns, old coins and other antiques. The item itself acts as the security, or collateral, for the loan. If the loan is not repaid, the object can be sold. Customers can get the object 
back -- called redeeming it -- at any time by repaying the loan plus the interest 
and fees they agreed to pay. Or they can pay the interest and leave the item at 
the pawn shop for a while longer.

【題組】46. According to the article, how many pawn shops are there in the United States now?
(A) 1,000.
(B) 10,000.
(C) 100,000.
(D) 1,000,000.

47. According to the article, what kind of people become pawn shops’ clients?
(A) People who have very good jobs.
(B) People who are in need of money.
(C) People who work for banks.
(D) People who own two shops.

48. According to the article, what should a client give in order to get what he wants in return from a pawn shop?
(A)Something of value.
(B)Good credit ratings.
(C)A loan.
(D)Job histories.

49. According to the article, what is a reason that people prefer a pawn shop to a lender?
(A) They can get the money faster.
(B) The interest rate is lower.
(C) The service fee is not fixed.
(D) The operation is legal.

25.【題組】50. According to the article, what will happen if the clients of the pawn shops cannot pay back the money on time?
(A) The collateral will be sold.
(B) The clients have to pay higher interest.
(C) The pawn shops will press a charge against the clients.
(D) The police will take away the clients’jewelry.