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101 年 - 101年 中華郵政 專業職(二)外勤-英文#8651 

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1.26. Stamp collecting is one of the world’s most popular indoor __________.
(A) hazards
(B) habits
(C) hobbies
(D) honors

2.27. A (An) _________ is a daughter of one’s brother or sister.
(A) niece
(B) cousin
(C) nephew
(D) aunt

3.28. An English proverb says that _________ is better than cure.
(A) preservation
(B) prohibition
(C) protection
(D) prevention

4.29. To protect intellectual property rights, we should not buy _________ products.
(A) real
(B) fake
(C) bake
(D) fade

5.30. Online shopping is easy and convenient but it can be __________ sometimes.
(A) reality
(B) safety
(C) risky
(D) lucky

6.31. The heavy rain which __________ Taiwan in June caused huge damage.
(A) hit
(B) hiked
(C) approached
(D) stepped

7.32. The postman _________ the mail every day.
(A) deserts
(B) leaves
(C) delivers
(D) throws

8.33. There are many coconut trees on the __________ of the National Taiwan University.
(A) campus
(B) camp
(C) company
(D) canal

9.34. To __________ mail delivery services, the post office urges mailers to use zip codes for all of their mail correspondence.
(A) improve
(B) import
(C) imply
(D) impose

10.35. Many NBA teams are __________ in signing Jeremy Shu-How Lin.
(A) interesting
(B) interest
(C) interested
(D) interests

11.36. Please __________ your hands if you want to join the baseball team.
(A) raise
(B) rise
(C) arise
(D) rises

12.37. Everybody in my office was surprised __________ the bad news.
(A) at
(B) in
(C) on
(D) for

13.38. If you __________ medicine this morning, you might __________ better.
(A) had taken / had felt
(B) took / felt
(C) have taken / have felt
(D) had taken / have felt

14.39. This bookshelf is __________ wood.
(A) making from
(B) made of
(C) making of
(D) made from

15.40. How much does it __________ to mail this Insured Registered Letter from Taipei to New York?
(A) make
(B) pay
(C) cost
(D) spend

16.41. Mary is never late for school, __________ she?
(A) is
(B) isn’t
(C) does
(D) doesn’t

17.42. It is so cloudy. You had better __________ your umbrella with you.
(A) take
(B) taking
(C) to take
(D) took

18.43. Reading good magazines __________ helpful to enrich your life.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) will
(D) be

19.44. A: Have you watched the weather report today? B: No, I haven’t. What’s new? A: __________________________
(A) The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London.
(B) There is a big storm coming.
(C) The police have arrested a group of gangsters.
(D) Several experts on UN affairs are visiting Taiwan.

20.45. A: __________________________ B: The post office is just around the corner.
(A) I have to mail this parcel immediately.
(B) Where can I buy some groceries?
(C) I need to confirm my flight in advance.
(D) I just received a registered letter.

21.46. A: __________________________ B: Every other day.
(A) How many times a week do you go swimming?
(B) Did you go to the gym yesterday?
(C) How often do you go to the gym?
(D) When was the last time you went swimming?

22.47. A: May I borrow your bike? B: __________________________
(A) I have lent it to Jim.
(B) My bike was made in Taiwan.
(C) I don’t want to borrow your bike.
(D) Your bike is so stylish.

23.48. A: I am leaving for Paris tomorrow. B: __________________________
(A) Paris is the capital city of France.
(B) Have a safe trip.
(C) My brother lives in Paris.
(D) There are many famous museums in Paris.

24.49. A: The beauty of Sun Moon Lake is breathtaking. B: __________________________
(A) Sun Moon Lake is situated in Nantou County.
(B) Sun Moon Lake is the largest lake in Taiwan.
(C) You can say that again. I do love Sun Moon Lake.
(D) I have been to Sun Moon Lake many times.

25.50. A: __________________________ B: Sure. I will take care of it when you are away on vacation.
(A) Will you keep an eye on my dog?
(B) Do you like my dog?
(C) Are you fond of my dog?
(D) Are you afraid of my dog?