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1. The CEO is the key person who is ________ of taking the responsibility of the entire performance of sales and managing the staff under his command in the company.

2.The downtown skyscraper is the city’s landmark, designed by three most ________ architectures in Asia.

3.Although honesty is the best policy, the truth is that being _______ is not always appreciated.

4. It is in the _______ of education policy that the new minister identified himself as a Piagetian.

5.The due process of employment is governed by the _______, in accordance with the national policy.

6.Modern educational reform ________ the necessity of providing a pressure-free learning environment for children.

7.My boss, a perfectionist, is difficult to please; he pays much attention to ________.

8.My job is so demanding that I often have to ________ through meals.

9.The statement of the eyewitness is not ________ because he is very old and feeble.

10.To my surprise, the slender lady ________ six bottles of beers and five hamburgers.

11.He fell ill for many years and ________ died of a stroke in 2010.

12.Bill was ________ from the invitation list because of his bad reputation.

13.Not being ________ enough to face the music, she failed in the end.

14.Two important secrets of long life are regular exercise and ________ from worry.

15.The vendor seems honest and sincere, but my ________ tells me the purses he sells are fake.

16.When reading, you’d better mark _____________ you have questions.

17.Our company didn’t pay _____________ for that banner advertisement.
(A)much funds
(B)many funds
(C)much money
(D)many money

18.A: “Excuse me. Do you know where the bus terminal is?” B: “It is _____________ the large police station.”
(A)opposite of
(B)opposed to
(C)opposite with
(D)opposite to

19.The observation deck at the Sears Tower _____________ any other building in Chicago.
(A)is the highest of
(B)is highest than
(C)is higher than
(D)is higher of

20.Humans, _____________, interact through communicative behavior by means of signs or symbols used conventionally.
(A)like other animals
(B)how other animals
(C)other animals that
(D)do other animals

21.Mary _____________ New York three times, and she is going there next month.
(C)has gone to
(D)has been to

22.The new coffee shop is advertised as a place _____________ you can find yourself feeling at ease with zero stress.
(A)in there
(D)at there

23.Please let us know if we can be _____________.
(A)of further assistance
(B)more assistance
(C)assistance for further
(D)more further of assistance

24.When the phone rang, I _____________ reading the financial report.
(A)was to concentrate on
(B)would be concentrate on
(C)could have been concentrating
(D)was concentrating on

25.Work-related stress _____________ sleeping disorders and other irregularities.
(A)is resulting from
(B)as a result of
(C)results in
(D)has resulted

26._____________ does not seem worthwhile to spend the entire monthly salary on a luxury product.

27.You should choose a topic or a research area _____________ you are interested to make sure you can continue exploring the related issues.
(B)in which
(D)in that

28.Hand me the report over there on the top of the shelf, _____________?
(A)don’t you
(B)will you
(C)should you
(D)haven’t you

29.I remember _____________ Mt. Jade for the first time. The sight was spectacular and impressive.
(A)to see
(C)being seen
(D)to have seen

30.There have been several burglaries _____________ in this neighborhood recently.
(C)to happen
(D)were happened

31.克漏字測驗 Both management and labor sides disagreed on the government’s request that the minimum wages should be about 1/20 times more than the original one. According to the Cabinet-level Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), the wage is too high for businesses, but too low for labor _____31_____ . While winding up a five-hour minimum wage meeting, CLA decided to announce that the minimum monthly pay should be raised _____32_____ 5.03 percent. However, it was _____33_____ that management and labor representatives could accept the result with the 5.03 percent raise in the minimum wage. The enterprises claimed that they couldn’t accept the 5.03 percent raise in the minimum wage. _____34_____ , they could accept a hike of only 3 percent. If the minimum wage was hiked by 5.03 percent, local employers would face an additional wage payment of NT$34.8 billion per year. On the other hand, the labor representatives were quite dissatisfied with the small hike, which is _____35_____ a 31.2 percent hike they demanded. Since the government ignored the labor representatives’ expected demand they used to stress, they won’t rule out the possibility of appealing to the Control Yuan to correct the CLA’s decision.
【題組】 31




(A)cut short
(B)far enough
(C)run short
(D)far short of

36.克漏字測驗 The Arctic is sometimes called “the land of the midnight sun.” This is because in mid-June, the sun is still shining at midnight. _____36_____ , for several months in the winter, it is dark almost 24 hours a day, and the temperature can be as cold as -50 degrees Fahrenheit. Even in the summer, _____37_____ anything grows this far north. It is difficult for most people to imagine living in the Arctic. The Inuit, however, have managed to survive in this _____38_____ environment for thousands of years. In order to survive, they _____39_____ their way of living. Their housing, clothing, and transportation exactly suited the conditions in the Arctic. Since nothing grew in the Arctic, the Inuit hunted and fished. In the winter, they hunted for _____40_____ such as polar bears and seals on the ice. In the summer, they fished and hunted for whales. The Inuit used every part of the animal for food, to make clothes, to build boats and houses, and even to provide heat.
(A)As a result
(B)For instance
(C)By contrast
(D)After all




(A)large animals
(B)tame livestock
(C)various fowls
(D)endangered species

41.閱讀測驗 Do you want something different for dinner? Try some space food. Scientists are experimenting with ways to grow food in space. Scientists think that in 20 or 30 years, astronauts will be able to live in space colonies off the planet. Already many scientists are living for months on the International Space Station high above the earth. It’s too expensive to carry food to feed people living in space colonies. People in space colonies will need to grow food for themselves. But how can they grow food without soil and sunlight? Today, we already have hydroponic vegetables. These are vegetables you can grow without soil. The food can grow in an artificial environment. The science of hydroponics is not new. Many writers believe that the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were actually a large hydroponic system. This system could have used fresh water that was rich in oxygen and minerals for the plants. Hydroponic systems need light. In addition to sunlight, hydroponic farms can use artificial lights. Instead of soil, hydroponic farms can use special material, such as charcoal and mixtures of chemicals, to feed the plants. And in addition to a natural climate, most hydroponic farms often use greenhouses. One advantage of hydroponics is that diseases and insects that travel through the soil are eliminated. Another advantage is that there are no weeds to pull out. Nutrition scientists at Cornell University in New York are experimenting with recipes that use these hydroponic vegetables. The National Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) is paying for this nutrition research. The scientists are trying to develop new systems that will increase the flavor and the vitamin content of the foods they grow. Some of the Cornell experiments in cooking are unusual. They make imitation meat dishes, such as carrot drumsticks, made from carrots, peppers, onions, garlic, herbs, and bread crumbs, instead of chicken. They make dishes made from tofu and seitan (a wheat protein) instead of meat. How do these unusual foods taste? The scientists invite a group of taste testers into their laboratories. Every week, 25 people came to taste five different dishes. So far, they have tested 200 different recipes. The carrot drumstick dish was a hit. It rated an eight out of nine. Perhaps soon, people will eat meals made from hydroponic vegetables that are truly out of this world.
【題組】What is this passage mainly about?
(A)Innovative food for the future.
(B)How to grow vegetables well.
(C)Advantages of hydroponic systems.
(D)Experiments with new recipes that use vegetables.

42.【題組】What do we need in order to grow hydroponic vegetables?
(A)Fertile soil.
(C)Warm weather and sunlight.
(D)Fresh air and natural environment.

43.【題組】Which of the following is an advantage of growing hydroponic vegetables?
(A)The vegetables will grow bigger and tastier.
(B)Farmers will have more pleasure in weeding.
(C)Farmers can save money in buying fertilizers.
(D)The vegetables are less likely to get diseases.

44.【題組】What is the purpose of the research conducted by scientists at Cornell University?
(A)To diversify plant species and food resources.
(B)To make the foods they grow look more like meat.
(C)To enhance the appearance of the foods they grow.
(D)To improve the taste and nutrition of the foods they grow.

45.【題組】Which statement about the carrot drumsticks in the Cornell experiments is true?
(A)One of their ingredients was meat.
(B)They tasted unusual and strange.
(C)They were the most popular dish in the experiments.
(D)They were sold to NASA as food for astronauts.

46.閱讀測驗 In 1801, Thomas Jefferson was the first president to take the oath of office in the United States of America’s permanent capital, Washington D. C.. Although Washington was a new city, it was already familiar to President Jefferson. In fact, Jefferson had helped plan the capital’s streets and public buildings. Besides being a city planner and architect, the new President was a writer, a scientist, and the inventor of several tools. Jefferson lived in the Presidential Palace. The Palace was more than a home; it contained offices for the President and some of his staff and advisors. It also included dining and reception rooms, where the President could entertain congressmen. However, President Jefferson did not give many formal parties. This was partly because there was no First Lady. Jefferson’s wife died in 1782. But it was also because Jefferson liked to live in a simple fashion. Once, he showed up for an important meeting wearing old clothes and slippers! Neither George Washington nor John Adams would ever have dressed so casually. Jefferson was different from the first two Presidents in other ways, too. He disagreed with them about how the country should be run, and about what part a President should play in running it.
【題組】According to the passage, what was the Presidential Palace built to be?
(A)A residential unit.
(B)A office for staff.
(C)A meeting place for congressmen.
(D)An office building and home.

47.【題組】According to the passage, Thomas Jefferson was all of the following except _______________.
(A)a writer
(B)a city planner
(C)a carpenter
(D)the third president of the United States

48.【題組】Why did Thomas Jefferson not entertain very often in Washington D. C.?
(A)He did not have new clothes.
(B)His wife did not like it.
(C)The food there was bad.
(D)There was no First Lady.

49.【題組】Which of the following statements about Washington D. C. is true?
(A)It was not the first capital of the United States.
(B)Washington D. C. was planned by John Adams.
(C)There were many old streets in Washington D. C. before 1801.
(D)All the American presidents took the oath of office in Washington D. C..

50.【題組】It can be inferred from the passage that George Washington and John Adams both _____________.
(A)lived in the Presidential Palace
(B)were rather formal gentlemen
(C)liked to run the country
(D)dressed casually