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1.36 Mr. Johnson is a successful manager. He can handle any situation _____.

2.37 When Bess couldn’t locate her motorcycle for eight hours,she thought she had lost it for______ . .

3.38 Your article is good _____ the spelling.
(A)in addition
(B)instead of
(C)in case of
(D)except for

4.39 The tree is 150 feet ____.

5.40 Wiliam, you _____ for three hours already. It’s time you go out with some friends to relax.
(A)are studying
(C)had studied
(D)have been studying

6.41 The knives are ____ the kitchen counter.

7.42 The train went _____ through the mountains than on the plains.
(A)slow down
(C)more slowly

8.43 Michelle ____ to make a birthday cake and write a song for Charles, but she ran out of time.
(B)has intended
(C)is intending
(D)had intended

9.Headphones seem to be getting smaller and smaller. But are the ones that sit inside you ears     44   for you than traditional ones that sit over you ears? They can be, 45 your music is too loud. Earphones pushed into the ear are going to deliver a greater sound pressure level compared 46   normal ones. And this could increase the risk of damage. If you hear ringing in your ears or things sound muffled   47   listening, you’ve overdone it. Usually the problem subsides, but listening to loud music regularly, with any type of headset, could  48  permanent hearing loss. Recent research suggests limiting use to an hour or less per day at no more than 60% volume for over-the-ear styles-and even less for ear-buds. Never sleep with them on.




(A)fall in
(B)start over
(C)lead to
(D)come up

14.49 Luke: Do you mind if I smoke? Lucy:_______________ You can’t smoke in the building. You have to go outside. Luke: Oh, OK.
(A)It’s OK.
(B)Go ahead.
(C)I’m sorry.
(D)Not at all

15.50 Candy: Have you been to that restaurant before? Alicia: _________ Candy: Enjoy your dinner.
(A)Yes. I will call and find out.
(B)Yes. That’s a good idea.
(C)No. Not at all.
(D)No. I’m going for the first time.