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1.The river is _____, so it is not clean.

2.He always faces all kinds of difficulties in a highly _____ way. He will never run away from them.

3.What Mr. Jones said is _____; he doesn’t tell lies.

4.Most Americans will _____ their homes for Christmas.

5.Today I am _____ than I was yesterday.
(C)more happy
(D)more happier

6.These are _____ hats.

7.What kind of food _____ their company produce?

8.The construction company must pay to have archeologists _____ the historical sites.
(D)to study

9.One of the easiest ways to help your health is just to sleep eight hours or more every night. _____9_____ , more and more people in the world are not sleeping enough. According to the World Health Organization, over half the people in the world may be sleep-deprived. The result of this is not just a lot of tired people; in the United States alone, sleepy drivers_____10_____ at least 100,000 car crashes and 1500 deaths a year. According to experts, sleep is like _____11_____ . If you sleep only five hours a day, you don’t “get used to it,” but instead, build up a “sleep deficit.” “It’s like a credit card,” says Dr. Mass. “You are only _____12_____ time. You always have to pay it back.” The more hours you don’t sleep, _____13_____ you should sleep to “pay back” the hours on your “sleep credit card.”




(A)the more hours
(B)the better
(C)all the more
(D)the better hours

14.Waiter: May I take your order now, sir? Steven: Yes, _____.
(A)let’s go Dutch
(B)keep the change
(C)a soup and a steak
(D)the food tastes really good

15.Stacia: I’m getting married. Linda: _____. Stacia: Thank you! Neil and I would like to invite you to our wedding.
(A)What a crazy idea!
(C)I’m sorry.
(D)Excuse me?