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101 年 - 101年原住民族考三等-英文#9109 

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1.The Internet has had such a tremendous___on our lives that it has changed the way we work and the way we communicate.
(A) occurrence
(B) sequence
(C) impact
(D) procedure

2.Ninety percent of children surveyed by the Formosa Cancer Foundation ___ themselves as victims of second-hand smoke; seventy percent have family members who smoke at home.
(A) identified
(B) scrutinized
(C) explored
(D) vivified

3.The___of animal and plant life, and of the general beauty of Nature, is one of the foremost duties of the men and women of today.
(C) preservation
(D) liquidation

4.If you are a strict vegetarian and eat no dairy, eggs or other animal products, your diet may be ___in vitamin B12.
(A) deficient
(B) economical
(C) indifferent
(D) systematic

5.Some items are too toxic to be recycled and should be ___ of properly. Follow local directions of municipal garbage pickup of hazardous wastes.
(A) approved
(B) disposed
(C) grieved
(D) ignored

6.In a___economy, the countries that pay the most and offer the greatest chance for advancement tend to get the top talent.
(A) globalized
(B) municipal
(C) prehistoric
(D) victorious

7.Northern Taiwan generally receives heavier rainfall than___southern Taiwan.
(A) does
(B) in
(C) it does
(D)it is in

8.Every year earthquakes are responsible for a large number of deaths and a vast amount of destruction in various parts of the world. Most of these damaging earthquakes occur either in a narrow belt which surrounds the Pacific Ocean or in a line which extends from Burma to the Alps in Europe. Some of the destruction is directly caused by the quake itself. An example of this is the collapse of buildings as a result of vibration. Other damage results from landslides, tsunamis, or major fires which are initiated by the quake.

There are about a million quakes a year. Fortunately, however, not all of them are destructive. The intensity of an earthquake is measured on the Richter Scale, which goes from 0 upward. The highest magnitude recorded to date is 8.9.

Major damage generally occurs from quakes ranging upwards from 6.0. Exceptions to this are those whose epicenters are located far from inhabited areas. The actual cause of the quake itself is the rupturing or breaking of rocks at or below the earth’s surface. This is produced by pressure which scientists believe may be due to a number of reasons, two of which are the expansion and contraction of the earth’s crust and continental drift.

【題組】 What is the best topic for this passage?
(A)The frequency of earthquakes
(B) The destruction caused by earthquakes
(C) The causes and effects of earthquakes
(D)The originating factors for earthquake formation

9.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following could be the main cause of earthquakes?
(A) Continental Drift
(B) Vibrations
(C) Tsunamis
(D) Landslides

10.【題組】What is the function of the Richter Scale?
(A) To measure the destruction caused by earthquakes
(B) To measure the epicenters of earthquakes
(C) To measure natural disasters initiated by earthquakes
(D) To measure the force of earthquakes

11.【題組】What is the meaning of the word “magnitude”?
(A) A measure of energy
(B) A measure of destruction
(C) A measure of earthquakes
(D) A metric measurement

12.Muhammad Yunus earned the nickname “banker to the poor” by giving tiny cash loans to the poorest of the poor in Bangladesh. That simple idea, however, has grown into an international movement. __ 47__ He taught at Middle Tennessee State University before returning to Bangladesh in 1972 to teach economics at Chittagong University. __ 48__ The amount was the equivalent of $27. Two years later, Yunus founded the Grameen Bank to make such loans on a wider scale, mostly to people with no collateral who would not be served by typical banks. __49__ As it spread to other countries, it gave thousands of people the opportunity to pull themselves out of poverty. Yunus and Grameen were jointly given the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2006. __50__
【題組】 47.
(A) Peace can never be achieved unless people find ways to break out of poverty.
(B) Yunus’s home town of Chittagong was part of India until the Partition of 1947.
(C) Mr. Yunus was born in a developed country.
(D) Yunus earned a Ph.D. in economics at Vanderbilt University in 1969

(A)According to a now-famous story, his first loan was given to a group of very poorwomen from Jobra in 1974.
(B) Dr. M. Yunus lived in Chittagong until 1947.
(C) There were many banks in Bangladesh willing to offer loans to the poor.
(D) The notion became known as microcredit.

(A) Peace can never be achieved unless people find ways to break out of poverty.
(B) Yunus’s home town of Chittagong was part of India until the Partition of 1947.
(C) Rich people took advantage of the loans from Grameen Bank.
(D) The notion became known as microcredit.

(A) That simple idea grew into an international movement.
(B) By that time the bank had helped more than six million borrowers.
(C) Grameen Bank has made loans on a limited scale, mostly to wealthy people.
(D) As we recall, Yunus studied both in Bangladesh and the United States.