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101 年 - 101年原住民族考四等英文#9315 

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1.36 Since her husband got ________, the family found it difficult to make ends meet.
(A)backed up
(B)called on
(C)laid off
(D) shut down

2.37 After many years of hard work, he has________ quite a fortune and decided to buy a villa.

3.38 Pride goes before a fall, so try to be__________ , especially when you don’t know whom or what you will be dealing with.
(C) humorous

4.39 His driver’s license has been suspended due to a serious of____________ the traffic law.

5.40 The business had a rough first year, but now it is _________.

6.41 The government is faced with a __________about whether to boost economic growth or to protect natural environment.

7.42 Anna: Do you like swimming? Laura: Yes, I’ve been learning it for three years. Anna: ______________ Laura: Far from it.
(A)I’m sick and tired of it.
(B)I wonder how far the swimming pool is.
(C)Please show me how to swim.
(D)I think you must be a good swimmer now.

8.43 Rebecca, a person with strong self-confidence, never worries about__________ other people think of her.

9.44 . Waitress: May I take your order now, sir? 
Customer: Yes. Please give me a cup of coffee. 
Waitress: Would you like your coffee black, sir? 
Customer: _____ 
(A)What other colors do you have? 
(B)No, I prefer black tea. 

(C)What is your suggestion? 
(D)No, with sugar and cream.

10.It is not easy to stop smoking, but the moment you quit, your body begins to make repairs. If you make the choice to quit, you will not only feel better, but you will also improve your health. Excessive risk for heart disease will be minimized in just two years. Quitting will bring on different types of withdrawal symptoms. None of these symptoms is pleasant, but the negative feelings will fade away with time. There are three approaches to stop smoking. First, you choose to stop smoking all at once. Second, you decide to cut down on the number of cigarettes each day. Third, you postpone the first cigarette by a certain number of hours each day. Whichever method you choose, remember—no one has ever died as a result of stopping smoking, only as a result of continuing to smoke. (題組一)Which of the following is closest in meaning to “postpone”?
(B)Speed up
(C)Go on
(D)Run off

11.【題組】According to the passage, which of the following is a way to stop smoking?
(A)Drink a lot of soft drinks.
(B)Smoke fewer cigarettes day by day.
(C)Take medicine every day.
(D)Get enough sleep.

12. A smile is a strong sign of a friendly and open attitude and a willingness to communicate. It is a positive, silent sign sent with the hope that the other person will smile back. Smiling does not mean you have to ___47___ a false face or pretend you are happy all the time. When you see someone you know or would like to make contact with, smile. You are showing an open attitude to conversation. You might not realize a closed position is the__48__ of many conversational problems. A common closed position is sitting with your arms and legs crossed and your hand covering your mouth or chin. This is often called the “thinking pose.” It gives off “stay away” signs and ___49___ your main “sign sender” (that is, your mouth) from being seen by others looking for inviting conversational signs.___ 50____ these inviting signs, others will most likely stay away from you and look for someone who appears to be ready for contact.
(A)put on
(B)put away
(C)make up
(D)take in



(A) By
(C) With