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1.In order to get hands on the latest tablet computer, a crowd of ________ buyers have been waiting outside the shop for more than three days.
(A) secure
(B) annual
(C) original
(D) eager

2.It takes a lot of ________ to learn a foreign language. If you practice every day, you can surely master it.
(A) effort
(B) reason
(C) basis
(D) proof

3.According to the weather report, the temperature tomorrow will ________ by at least five degrees due to the cold front.
(A) erase
(B) mark
(C) guard
(D) drop

4.The little girl is fighting against cancer ________. She never complains or sheds tears when undergoing treatment.
(A) hastily
(B) wearily
(C) bravely
(D) rudely

5.Parents should set a good ________ for their children by reading more and watching TV less.
(A) brand
(B) company
(C) method
(D) example

6.Don’t pat me on the back in the dark! You ________ me to death.
(A) excited
(B) pushed
(C) scared
(D) argued

7.Do not be ________ by a failure like this. You should always have hope, for when a door closes, a window opens.
(A) defeated
(B) revealed
(C) operated
(D) achieved

8.I don’t think he’s asleep. I think he’s just ________ and avoiding talking to us.
(A) wandering
(B) attempting
(C) pretending
(D) demanding

9.Both of us should be responsible for the mistake. It’s not fair to put all the ________ on me.
(A) injury
(B) blame
(C) justice
(D) credit

10.A car broke down on its way through Hsueh-shan Tunnel (雪山隧道). ________, the northbound traffic on Highway No. 5 came to a stop.
(A) Especially
(B) Similarly
(C) Frankly
(D) Consequently

11.The two good friends have a lot of ________ in common. They both like reading, good music, good food... and so on.
(A) interests
(B) promises
(C) materials
(D) factors

12.A ________ typhoon landed last night, leaving hundreds of houses in low-lying areas flooded.
(A) famous
(B) regular
(C) violent
(D) capable

13.I’m having a headache, and I’m feeling ________. Maybe I’ve caught a cold.
(A) silly
(B) dizzy
(C) thirsty
(D) hungry

14.I had a(n) ________ last night. The horror movie I watched before going to bed probably caused it.
(A) checkup
(B) operation
(C) nightmare
(D) appointment

15.Mr. Jackson was ________ dead and the police arrested his murderer soon afterwards.
(A) sold
(B) shot
(C) sewn
(D) saved

16.I hate summer because it’s always hot and ________. I can’t stop sweating!
(A) cool
(B) chilly
(C) windy
(D) humid

17.I’ve put on too much ________ recently! I really should go on a diet.
(A) width
(B) length
(C) height
(D) weight

18.Eating or drinking is not ________ in the MRT system, so we should put away our food and drinks before going into the station.
(A) broken
(B) allowed
(C) stopped
(D) forgotten

19.During the stormy night, all the lights ________ went out and it was pitch dark.
(A) suddenly
(B) hopefully
(C) colorfully
(D) nervously

20.The mother gave a sigh of ________ when she found her kids were safe. Her anxiety was finally over.
(A) relief
(B) anger
(C) despair
(D) sadness

21.________ many difficulties, Jeremy Lin continued to work very hard and finally achieved great success.
(A) Although
(B) In spite
(C) Despite
(D) Though

22.Lily hates wearing a skirt. She wishes she ________ a boy and that no one would force her to wear it.
(A) is
(B) to be
(C) were
(D) has been

23.Mr. and Mrs. Wang have two daughters, both of ________ are famo us doctors working in Taipei.
(A) them
(B) whom
(C) which
(D) who

24.________ all the guests left, I cleaned up the house by myself and felt really tired out.
(A) Until
(B) Since
(C) Before
(D) After

25.________ care and support that your kids need most. A large amount of pocket money cannot bring them true happiness.
(A) It is
(B) There is
(C) They are
(D) There are

26.The airline planned to recruit 50 flight attendants, but it had as ________ as 1000 people applying for the job.
(A) many
(B) more
(C) most
(D) merely

27.Every year on his wife’s birthday, Kevin always remembers ________ by the florist to buy some flowers for her.
(A) to stop
(B) stopping
(C) by stopping
(D) stopped

28.Make sure you have turned off your cellphone before the test; if it ________ during the test, you will get into trouble.
(A) will ring
(B) rings
(C) rang
(D) had rung

29.I got lost in the foreign city. To make matters worse, my wallet as well as my passport ________.
(A) had stolen
(B) was stolen
(C) stole
(D) was to steal

30.Behave yourself, ________ you will be grounded till the end of the summer.
(A) or
(B) so
(C) but
(D) and

31.I want to buy my wife this pearl necklace, but I am not sure ________ she likes it or not.
(A) how
(B) what
(C) which
(D) whether

32.My daughter doesn’t live with us anymore. She ________ out after she got married.
(A) moved
(B) will move
(C) has moved
(D) was moving

33.The speech was ________, so I left in the middle of it.
(A) bore
(B) bored
(C) boring
(D) boredom

34.I can’t believe you are going to marry a woman you have known only ________ two weeks!
(A) in
(B) on
(C) for
(D) since

35.________ will be a welcome party for our new co-workers tomorrow. Are you going?
(A) It
(B) We
(C) They
(D) There

36.The twins look so alike that I can’t tell one from ________.
(A) other
(B) others
(C) another
(D) the other

37.I think watching basketball games on TV ________ a lot of fun, but my wife doesn’t think so.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) has
(D) have

38. Jason wanted to impress his wife, so he not only washed the dishes but also ________.
(A) mops the floor
(B) did the laundry
(C) to vacuum the carpets
(D) taking out the garbage

39.I can’t remember ________, and now it is nowhere to be found.
(A) where I parked my car
(B) I parked my car where
(C) where do I park my car
(D) where did I park my car

40.The movie is based on a true story ________ happened during World War II.
(A) it
(B) that
(C) what
(D) when

41.A: Here’s the copy of the document you asked for. B: Thanks. Hey, I can barely see the writing on it. A: Would you like me to enlarge it? B: That would be great. ___________________
(A) I don’t really understand Chinese.
(B) I’ll put it into a larger envelope.
(C) I didn’t bring my glasses.
(D) Actually, it’s too large for me.

42.A: I miss the days when a bowl of noodles only cost NT$20. B: Yeah, it seemed not long ago. A: Prices have really been increasing a lot recently. B: I know. ___________________
(A) I’m glad you like it so much.
(B) But these instant noodles are on sale.
(C) The pay is not so much as I expected.
(D) Everything is much more expensive now.

43.A: Get up, Emily. You’re running late. B: My goodness! ___________________ A: I’ve tried to wake you up several times!
(A) I can’t run any faster.
(B) The movie was over already?
(C) Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?
(D) I shouldn’t have stayed up last night.

44.A: What do you do for a living? B: ___________________
(A) I’m living in Taoyuan.
(B) Nice to meet you, too.
(C) I like living in the country.
(D) I am a government employee.

45.A: Excuse me. ___________________ B: Sure. Go straight and turn left at the traffic light. It’s on your right.
(A) Can you show me the way to Holiday Hotel?
(B) You look really familiar. Have we met before?
(C) What time is it? I’m not wearing my watch today.
(D) Which bus should I take to get to the railway station?

Various food items prepared from corn are tasty and yummy and are popular with adults and children alike.
It would be difficult to imagine an autumn barbecue without corn on the cob. Corn is loved because of its sweet
flavor, but dietitians will tell you this popular vegetable actually can give you more than that.
      Corn can be found in almost all parts of the world. In different countries, corn is available in various colors.
The commonly known color is yellow, but blackish red, pink and even blue colored corn can be found in some
regions. The yellow colored corn is a rich source of beta-carotene, which forms vitamin A in the body, essential
for maintenance of good vision. Corn also has high levels of vitamin B1, B5, vitamin C, and folic acid. The folic
acid in corn is now known to be an important factor in preventing heart disease. Moreover, this popular
vegetable is high in fiber. In fact, it’s notoriously hard to digest, but its fiber keeps the intestine system active
and thus helps tackle some common digestive problems. Last but not least, according to studies carried out at
Cornell University in America, corn is a rich source of antioxidants which fight the cancer-causing free radicals.
It is said that cooking increases the antioxidants in sweet corn, and they are shown to be effective in fighting
tumors in breast cancer and liver cancer.
      Corn is a rich source of many essential nutrients. A meal rich in corn can go a long way in protecting
against many diseases. So, now you have every reason to snack on popcorn when watching a movie.(46~50)

【題組】 46. What is the best title for the passage?
(A) Health Benefits of Corn
(B) A Hearty and Tasty Barbecue
(C) A Healthy Diet for a Healthy Body
(D) Corn: A Powerful Veggie to Fight Cancer

47.【題組】47. What does the underlined word “that” in the first paragraph refer to?
(A) The popularity of corn.
(B) The good taste of corn.
(C) A barbecue held in autumn.
(D) A food item created from corn.

48.【題組】48. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a nutrient found in corn?
(A) Calcium
(B) Folic acid.
(C) B Vitamins.
(D) Beta-carotene.

49.【題組】49. What is the central message of the studies done at Cornell University?
(A) Corn is one of the most popular vegetables in the world.
(B) The antioxidants present in corn act as anti-cancer agents.
(C) Food items created from corn can vary from place to place.
(D) The fiber content in corn helps prevent some digestive ailments.

50.【題組】50. What can we infer from the passage?
(A) Corn contains much fiber, so it is easy to digest.
(B) Sweet corn is yellow and can only be found in America.
(C) When corn is not fresh, it appears blackish red or pink in color.
(D) Popcorn is a snack people usually have when going to a movie.