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1.16.The show was really ________. We were there for four hours.

2.17.The teacher __________her students when they do well.

3.18.Nathan had a ______throat, so he couldn't come to work today.

4.19.Remember to _______your hands before returning to work.

5.20.Can you check the _________and see what day it is?

6.21.Please make ________ everyone has a cup of tea.

7.22.Frank will make a ________ about his trip during the meeting.

8.23.I need to run a few _________after work.

9.24.Following safety procedures will prevent a dangerous gas ________.

10.25.The _________ contained gold, jewelry and important papers.

11.26.Since the recession the ________of economic recovery has been very slow.

12.27.It is ___________ but we will not be able to attend the seminar.

13.28.We need to finish this work ___________.
(A)two weeks ago
(B)by tomorrow
(C)for two days
(D)since last week

14.29.We have included a performance bonus to ________ the deal.

15.30.Sam is always in a good ________. He is very easy to work with.

16.31.My cellular phone does not work. The battery must have _________.
(A)run down
(B)hold on
(C)carried away
(D)called off

17.32.Melissa needs to buy a new pair of shoes to _______ her suit.
(A)agree on
(B)go with
(C)decorate with
(D)patch up

18.33.Some people try to ___________smoking but never succeed.
(A)give up
(B)give over
(C)give off
(D)give in

19.34.In Taiwan, many people __________baseball.
(A)pass through
(B)take turns
(C)dry out
(D)are crazy about

20.35.We are looking forward _________from you.
(C)to hear
(D)to hearing

21.36.I am planning to _________pasta with cream sauce.

22.37.Susan wishes ________able to fly.
(A)she was
(B)she were
(C)she can
(D)she could

23.38.Many people will visit the park _______the weekend.

24.39._______you taking your vacation this week?

25.40.Try to _________problems by working hard and helping others.

26.41.Tracy couldn't _________where she put the paperwork!

27.42.Most weeks, there are twelve employees ________this office.

28.43.We will visit ________office next week.

29.44.My son is in _______.
(A)the fifth grade
(B)five grade
(C)a fifth grade
(D)grade fifth

30.45.______Jason ________Matt wish they could come but they have to work.

31.46.Preparing for the conference _____ fun but tiring.

32.47.As I understand it, the authorities have actually been ___________the suspect for some time.

33.48.After the earthquake, the city __________.
(A)is abandoning
(B)is to abandon
(C)was abandoned
(D)would abandoned

34.49.For the last two quarters we ________the competition in productivity.
(A)will outdo
(B)is outdoing
(C)was outdone
(D)have outdone

35.50.It is important ________ in your assignments on time.
(A)to turn


        Do you know how to deal    51    an emergency? The most important thing to do is to stay calm. Emergency situations can be    52    and it is natural to feel shock when something bad happens. Despite this,you need to avoid panic so you can make good decisions.

        Next, do all you can to get help. This might mean asking other people to help. It might also mean calling 119. If you call for help, you will need to    53    your location and explain the situation to the    54    . It is also important to avoid taking unnecessary risks. Bad situations can quickly become worse. Make sure you will not be    55    before you help other people.

        Every emergency is different,but following these rules will help you stay safe. It will also help you help others.

【題組】 51 .
(A) to
(B) for
(C) with
(D) about

(A) helpful
(B) stressful
(C) colorftil
(D) meaningful

(A) ascribe
(B) describe
(C) prescribe
(D) subscribe

(A) dispatcher
(B) devotee
(C) accountant
(D) application

(A) injure
(B) injures
(C) injuring
(D) injured