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36 CSI and Sex and the City are my favorite TV_____ . 


2.37 The chemical factory is _____ the river and doing great damage to the natural environment.

3.38 Rose _____ how to play the piano since she was seven years old.
(B)was learning
(C)was to learn
(D)has learned

4.39 Tonight I made the decision ____ Alice to help me with my homework.
(D)to ask

5.The closest English word to The Chinese expression guanxi would be “relationship.” However, guanxi has a stronger meaning, similar to the English expression “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch 40 .” To build up good guanxi, you have to do things for people: give them gifts, take them to dinner, grant favour, and so on. Once this is done, an unspoken 41 exists. It is perhaps because of this unspoken debt that people 42 try to refuse gifts. They may not wish to establish guanxi 43 someone, because, sooner or later, they may have to repay the favour. 44 it is “repaid,” guanxi is rarely terminated. It is a continuing process of mutual gift-giving, back-scratching and favouritism that can last a lifetime.



(A) with
(B) from
(C) for
(D) upon

(A) As soon as
(B) Even after
(C) So far as
(D)In case

10.45 Mary: Steve looks taller and stronger. Peter: Yes, he __ after school every day. Mary: Good for him. Sports make one healthier.
(A)plays basketball
(B)plays computer games
(C)reads books
(D)watches TV

11.Clean drinking water is a basic human need. Unfortunately, more than one in six people still lack reliable access to this precious resource. The problem requires immediate attention especially in the developing world. This project examines the state of the world’s water supply and what can be done to improve it. It is divided into sections on sources, treatment, and distribution of drinking water. The sources section reveals where water is found on Earth and how such areas can be protected. The kinds of sources available also determine the types of management techniques that can be used to make the most of every drop. In the treatment section, we examine the ways in which both humans and nature pollute our water—and what can be done to clean it. Finally, because most people do not live near their water source, the distribution section includes the many ways water can be moved or transported to those who use it every day.
【題組】46 What is the purpose of the project mentioned in the passage?
(A)To examine the state of the developing world
(B)To examine the condition of the world’s water supply and discuss ways of improving it
(C)To examine the problem of air pollution in the world
(D)To examine how humans pollute the sources of drinking water in the developing world

12.【題組】47 According to the passage, where in the world is the problem of clean water supply most serious?
(A)The developed world
(B)The underdeveloped world
(C)The natural world
(D)The developing world

13.【題組】48 According to the passage, which of the following is NOT discussed in the project?
(A)The sources of drinking water
(B)The treatment of drinking water
(C)The price of drinking water
(D)The distribution of drinking water

14.【題組】49 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true?
(A)The project discusses the sources of water on Earth in the sources section
(B)The project examines the ways in which humans pollute water in the distribution section
(C)The project examines the types of water management techniques in the treatment section
(D)The project says that new sources of clean drinking water can no longer be found

15.【題組】50 According to the passage, why does the project discuss the ways of transporting water?
(A)Because water can be found everywhere on Earth
(B)Because most people do not live near their source of water
(C)Because water can be found only in the oceans
(D)Because the price of transportation is rising