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101 年 - 101年司法官考司法人員四等-英文#8833 

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1.31 I don’t think he _____ sent you those obscene messages. His e-mail system must have been attacked by some kind of virus.

2.32 It was useless to try to persuade Shirely to change her mind; so _____ was she that she would not even consider others’ suggestions.

3.33 Seeing that there was no point arguing with his father, Sam _____ to his room.

4.34 Who is _____ the company during the absence of the manager?
(A)in place of
(B)in touch with
(C)in charge of
(D)in view of

5.35 Not wishing to displease Jack, Amy avoided _____ the question.
(A)to answer
(C)not to answer

6.36 _____ he was warned against the danger, he went ahead with that experiment.
(B)As soon as
(C)As long as
(D)Even though

7.37 _____ difficulty you are facing, don’t despair. Every cloud has a silver lining.
(C)No matter

8.38 If you _____ to your sister, she might have forgiven you.
(C)had apologized
(D)have apologized

9.Mum and Dad took my brother Louis, my older sister Tess, and me out to dinner. We hardly ever went out to dinner as a family unless it was a special occasion, so I was 39 . Over dinner, they broke the news to us that Mum had been diagnosed with breast cancer. We all just sat there, completely stunned. Louis, Tess and I all 40 the news in different ways, probably because of our ages. My sister was in her sulky teenage stage, so she got angry about it. My brother did the usual boy thing of shutting out his emotions. Luckily for us, Mum and Dad were both very strong about it. They made it clear that while the tumor in Mum’s breast was 41 and therefore serious, she still had a very good chance of beating it. She decided to have the breast with the cancer removed immediately. 42 , Mum’s operation was a complete success. After the worst of her treatment was over, Mum got involved with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF). She became a (an) 43 so she could help raise money for a cure. I think my involvement with the foundation is the best way to thank all the brilliant researchers, doctors and nurses because if they weren’t around, my Mum might not be alive today.

(A)kept at
(B)showed up
(C)dealt with
(D)pulled along




14.44 A:Excuse me. Could you show me the way to the City Museum? B:The City Museum?Sorry, I really don’t know. A:Well, _____.
(A)it’s a friendly city
(B)thanks anyway
(C)you’re so tired
(D)you have been of great help

15.45 Andy:What are the chances of getting a raise this year? Jenny:Very slim! Andy:That’s too bad. Did you ever think of working somewhere else? Jenny:_____. Andy:Good Luck!
(A)I will be laid off next month.
(B)In fact, I will have an interview next Monday.
(C)Yes, I am fed up with my job.
(D)Forget about it. I can’t afford to lose the job.

16.In North America and Europe, a slim woman is regarded as a beautiful person. But in many parts of Africa, a fat woman is a beautiful woman, and people think she is healthy and rich. If you are slim, that means you are a worker with little money and not enough food to eat. Also, people believe a slim woman is sick and can’t have children. To help girls look healthy and beautiful, people in central Africa send them to a fattening room. In the fattening room, the girl does not move much. She can only eat, sleep, and get fatter. Elder woman come to teach her about housework and chores. In Nigeria, brides go to a fattening house before they get married. At the end of time, but before the wedding, the brides walk through the village so everyone can admire their big bodies. A married woman can also go to a fattening room. A man wants his wife to be fat so other people will think that the man is rich and that he is a responsible husband. If parents don’t send their daughter to a fattening room, their friends and relatives will say the parents are not doing their duty. In the old days, girls sometimes stayed in a fattening room for two years. Today some families cannot afford more than a few months. Also, fattening rooms are not popular in cities now. In cities, health education and Western culture have a big effect on people’s ideas. But in villages, this traditional custom continues.
【題組】46 What is the passage mainly about?
(A)A traditional idea and practice of beauty in Africa.
(B)The management of the fattening house.
(C)The changing concept of beauty with time.
(D)The methods to get a good husband in Africa.

17.【題組】47 Which of the following is NOT the purpose of African women going to fattening rooms?
(A)To get fat.
(B)To marry good husbands.
(C)To learn to do housework.
(D)To sell foods.

18.【題組】48 Which of the following is suggested by the author?
(A)The concept of beauty has a common standard.
(B)The custom of going to fattening rooms will continue forever.
(C)Eating and little moving will make a girl fat in a short time.
(D)Big cities in Africa are full of fat women nowadays.

19.【題組】49 Why do African girls spend less time in the fattening houses today? 
(A)They do not want to get that fat.
(B)The expense is getting higher these years.
(C)They don’t want to get married so early.
(D)The doctors warn them about the danger of being fat.

20.【題組】50 Which of the following statements is true?
(A)In traditional African villages, husbands are proud of their wives’ huge bodies.
(B)The concept of beauty is one and universal, and it will never change.
(C)Fattening houses are designed to punish those lazy women who do not do housework.
(D)Women are allowed to enter the fattening houses only after getting married