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1.36 The sun was so bright that I could _____ see anything.

2.37 We all were _____ to leave for the party when the doorbell rang.

3.38 When Mary called me at that time, I was ______ a shower. I did not hear the telephone ringing.

4.39 For safety’s sake, you should check on your car ____ you go for a long-distance drive.

Dennis: No. It’s very close. 

(A)Is there a post office near here? 

(B)Is the post office open? 

(C)Is the post office far from here?

(D)Are we near the post office yet?

6.41 John: Who is Nancy standing next to? Bob: She is standing ______ .
(A)on a chair
(B)next to May
(C)behind a table
(D)next to a chair

7.In the summer of 2007, a group of international students were attending college in England. They had a long period of time between semesters for travel, so they decided to hitchhike as far as they could in other European countries. In many places, they were successful. They put their thumbs out or pointed them backwards and smiled; friendly drivers stopped. As soon as the first traveler got a “yes” answer from a driver, he motioned with his hand or fingers for his friends to come—or he held both thumbs up in an “OK” sign or made a circle with the thumb and the next finger of one hand. The young tourists saved money, saw a lot of the countryside, and had many interesting conversations and experiences. However, the international students were not so lucky in Greece and Turkey. Most drivers ignored them; fewdrivers stopped to give them rides. Some drivers shouted terrible words at the travelers; others even got out of theirtrucks and wanted to start a fight. The students felt unwelcome, confused, and afraid. After they traveled back to wherethey were studying they learned that it were their hand gestures that had caused them trouble.
【題組】According to the passage, why did the young travelers get rides successfully in many places in Europe?
(A)Drivers knew what the young travelers meant by their hand gestures.
(B)Drivers thought that the students were foreigners without local friends.
(C)The students were lucky enough to meet drivers who happened to be in a good mood.
(D)Drivers were curious about the students’ thumbs and stopped for inquiry.

8.【題組】 According to the passage, as soon as the driver stopped, what would the young traveler who put out his thumb do?
(A)He would get on the car immediately to continue the trip.
(B)He would signal his friends to take the car together.
(C)He would do some more tricks with his fingers.
(D)He would begin chatting with the driver.

9.【題組】According to the passage, why were the international students unable to get rides easily in Greece and Turkey?
(A)Most of the drivers did not notice the young travelers.
(B)Their hand gestures were misunderstood.
(C)The students were foreigners and unwelcome in the two countries.
(D)Drivers in the two countries tended to be ill-tempered.

10.【題組】In mentioning Greece and Turkey particularly, what does the writer intend to do?
(A)To impress the readers with the idea that the two countries are actually very terrible places
(B)To offer an example indicating the possible trouble the travelers may encounter in different cultures
(C)To entertain the readers with a very funny example from two unpopular countries in Europe
(D)To offer some biased opinions towards the two countries

11.【題組】In terms of culture, what does the story mean?
(A)Travelers always encounter rude and unfriendly drivers.
(B)Travelers should “hitchhike” in their own country only.
(C)The same gestures can have very different meanings in different cultures.
(D)Hand gestures are rude because they are kinds of body language.

12.Many people like to take exercises to keep fit. Some go jogging and cycling while others go swimming and play sports. One more common way of exercising nowadays is walking at a faster speed. It’s now getting more and more popular as you can see people doing it in parks and on roads. It is easy to follow and cheap as well. What you need is comfortable clothing and a pair of good shoes. Besides, it is a very effective exercise. It can make your hearts, lungs, and bones stronger and help you lose weight in a healthy way. It is also safer than other exercises such as jogging since it won’t hurt the joints on your knees. With so many benefits to gain from, there is no wonder that more and more people enjoy doing it.
【題組】According to the passage, why has walking at a faster speed become a favorite among people?
(A)More and more people are following it.
(B)People like outdoor exercises.
(C)It’s convenient and inexpensive.
(D)The whole family can do it together.

13.【題組】According to the passage, which item is suggested every time you go walking?
(B)An umbrella
(C)A formal dress
(D)Comfortable clothing

14.【題組】How can walking make you healthier?
(A)It takes more time to exercise.
(B)It can be done in the mornings only.
(C)It enables your body to do a better job.
(D)It won’t cost you too much.

15.【題組】According to the passage, why is jogging a more harmful way of exercising than walking?
(A)It is likely to harm your knees.
(B)It is harder to follow.
(C)It is dangerous to jog on roads.
(D)It makes you become breathless.