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1.1 At the annual food festival, you can______ a wide variety of delicacies.

2.2 On my flight to Tokyo, I asked a flight ______to bring me an extra pillow.

3.3 Cloud Gate, an internationally ______ dance group from Taiwan, demonstrated that the quality of modern dance in Asia could be comparable to that of modern dance in Europe and North America.

4.4 The complex is ______ of the main building, a tennis court, and a wonderful garden.

5.5 The zoo features more than 1,000 animals in their natural _______ .

6.6 A good tour guide has to be _____ to the people in his group.

7.7 I just spent a relaxing afternoon taking a _______ along the river-walk.

8.8 In the entrance hall of the natural history museum, you can find a full-sized ______ of a dinosaur.

9.9 The ______ of our trip to Southern Taiwan was A Taste of Tainan where we had a lot of delicious food.

10.10 Sara bought a beautiful dress in a ______ in a fashionable district in Milan.

11.11 Bopiliao, ______ in Wanhua District, Taipei, and serving as the setting for the film, Monga, is a popular tourist spot.

12.12 Before we left the hotel, our tour guide gave us a thirty-minute ______ on the local culture.

13.13 Chichi is a town in Central Taiwan that is______ by rail.

14.14 The man at the passport_______ did not seem to like the photo in my passport, but in the end he let me through.

15.15 Success does not happen by chance. It’s achieved through hard work and _______ .

16.16 If you want, I can ______ it easier for you.

17.17 All resources are _______ in the sense that there are not enough to fill everyone’s wants to the point of satisfaction.

18.18 Thanks to India’s economic ______ and the booming growth of its airline industry, more Indians are flying today than ever before.

19.19 The tour guide is a______ man; he is very polite and always speaks in a kind manner.

20.20 This restaurant features ______ Northern Italian dishes that reflect the true flavors of Italy.

21.21 On my first trip to Taipei, my _______ about the city is close to zero.

22.22 ______ excellence in running a hotel restaurant is considered by many hotel managers the most difficult challenge of all.

23.23 Take your time. I don’t need an answer _______ .

24.24 Don’t over pack when you travel because you can always ______ new goods along the way.

25.25 Whales are ______ , like we are, and must swim to the surface to breathe air.

26.26 The landscape of this natural park is best seen on bike or foot, and there are _______ trails in the area. All paths offer breath-taking sceneries.

27.27 If you need a ride to the airport, please don’t ______ to call me. I’ll be available all this afternoon.

28.28 With crystal clear water, emerald green mountains and various outdoor activities to offer, it’s not ______ that Sun Moon Lake is one of the most visited spots in Taiwan.

29.29 Taiwan is well known for its mountain _______ spots and urban landmarks such as the National Palace Museum and the Taipei 101 skyscraper.

30.30 Trash can be ______ for creatures that live in the water. Every year, plastic trash kills millions of sea birds, marine mammals and sea turtles.

31.31 Many concerns were _____ about South Africa hosting the World Cup in 2010, but in the end South Africa pulled it off and did an excellent job.

32.32 The notion that fashionable shopping takes place only in cities is ______ , thanks to the Internet.

33.33 Night markets in Taiwan have become _______ tourist destinations. They are great places to shop for bargains and eat typical Taiwanese food.

34.34 It has been my honor and pleasure to work with him for more than 10 years. His insight and analysis are always ______ .

35.35 The tragedy could have been avoided but for the ______ of the driver.

36.36 According to the meeting ______ , three more topics are to be discussed this afternoon.

37.37 Taroko National Park _____ high mountains and steep canyons. Many of its peaks tower above 3,000 meters in elevation.

38.38 The local tour guide has a _______ personality. Everybody likes him.

39.39 Tomorrow I will be able to let you know ________ how many people will join the trip.

40.40 _______ fireworks shows lit up the sky of cities around the world as people celebrated the start of 2012.

41.41 A: “Excuse me. Can I take this seat?” B: “Sorry, it is _______ .”

42.42 Many teenagers ______ late to play online games.
(A)grow up
(B)break up
(C)take place
(D)stay up

43.43 To ______ health and fitness, we need proper diet and exercise.

44.44 From the evidence, it seems quite ______ that someone broke into my office last night.

45.45 I hate to go through the ______ process of application again. I need an assistant to do it for me.

46.46 I was very scared when our flight was passing through ______ from the nearby storm.

47.47 Most critics ______ the failure of the movie to its lack of humanity.

48.48 It is ______ impossible to train cats to do what you want them to do, but this one called Sasha can not only shake hands with people but also use the toilet.

49.49 My most memorable trip is climbing Mount Fuji. Getting to the ______ and seeing the sunrise from the top of the clouds was amazing.

50.50 Jennifer is _____ in several languages other than her mother tongue English.

51.51 The heavy rain in the valley often affects my ______ , so I sometimes have to pull my car over to the side of the road and wait until the rain stops.

52.52 Costa Brava is a popular tourist destination in northeastern Spain, thanks to its _______ climate, beautiful beaches, and charming towns.

53.53 I really like your scarf. Can I _____ my hat for that?

54.54 At the Welcome Center, you will find plenty of ______ , including maps, brochures, and wireless internet access.

55.55 With its palaces, sculptured parks, concert halls, and museums, Vienna is a city_______ in cultures.

56.56 The oldest of all the main Hawaiian islands, Kauai is ______ for its secluded beaches, scenic waterfalls, and jungle hikes.

57.57 _______ in 1730, Lancaster’s Central Market is the oldest continuously operating farmers market in the United States.

58.58 High in the mountains of Chiapas, San Cristóbal del la Casas is one of the most ______ spots in Mexico: colorful, historic, and remarkably complex.

59.59 A single visit to Rome is not enough. The city’s layered complexity _____ time.

60.60 Right now, there are more tigers in ______ than there are left in the wild. We need to take action to save the big cats.

61.61 After a shipwreck, cruise companies try to _____ back hesitant passengers with discounts.

62.62 A canal ______ along a leafy bike pass, through green parks, and pass the city’s four remaining windmills.

63.63 Tourists have a wide range of budget and tastes, and a wide variety of resorts and hotels have developed to ______ for them.

64.64 The developments of technology and transport infrastructure have made many types of tourism more ______ .

65.65 For many, vacations and travel are increasingly being viewed as a ______ rather than a luxury and this is reflected in tourist numbers.

66.66 The view of ______ waterfalls in the rainforest is spectacular.

67.67 If you plan and time it right, some home ______can let you stay somewhere for free.

68.68 Preservation Hall is one of the many jazz _______ in New Orleans, but some of the best music can still be found on street corners, in backyards and at funerals.

69.69 As a general rule, it’s best to avoid wearing white clothing and accessories when traveling. Go with darker colors that _______ dirt well.

70.70 People love to socialize, and Facebook makes it easier. The shy become more _______online.

71.Let’s picture a huge public gathering – like the hajj to Mecca. Think of the World Cup, the Olympics, or a rock concert. When thousands or even millions of people get together, what will be the biggest health concern? Traditionally, doctors and public health officials were most concerned about the spread of infectious diseases. Robert Steffen, a professor of travel medicine at the University of Zurich, says that infectious diseases are still a concern, but injuries are a bigger threat at so-called mass gatherings. According to Professor Steffen, children and older people have the highest risk of injury or other health problems at mass gathering events. Children are at more risk of getting crushed in stampedes, while older people are at higher risk of heat stroke and dying from extreme heat. Stampedes at mass gatherings have caused an estimated seven thousand deaths over the past thirty years. The design of an area for mass gathering can play a part. There may be narrow passages or other choke points that too many people try to use at once. The mood of a crowd can also play a part. Organizers of large gatherings need to avoid creating conditions that might lead to stampedes and heat stroke. So what advice does Professor Steffen have for people attending a large gathering? First, get needed vaccinations before traveling. Then, stay away from any large mass of people as much as possible. Also, be careful with alcohol and drugs, which can increase the risk of injuries.
【題組】 71 Which of the following would be the most appropriate title for this passage?
(A)How to avoid mass gatherings
(B)Mass gathering: New escape skills
(C)Infectious diseases: New cures found
(D)Health risks in a crowd: Not what you may think

72.【題組】72 Which of the following is closest in meaning to stampede in the passage?
(A)A plane crash
(B)A steamy factory
(C)A sudden rush of a crowd
(D)Heat stroke due to mass gathering events

73.【題組】73 According to Professor Steffen, which of the following is more threatening to the health of people attending a huge public gathering?
(B)Infectious diseases
(C)The mood of event organizers
(D)Insufficient budget for an event

74.【題組】74 Which of the following is clear from the passage?
(A)Infectious disease is no longer a concern of the public.
(B)Event organizers should be more careful to avoid stampedes.
(C)A proper place for mass gathering should have one narrow passage.
(D)Children and older people are prohibited to attend mass gatherings.

75.【題組】75 Which of the following statements is LEAST supported in the passage?
(A)Extreme heat can cause death at mass gatherings.
(B)Infectious diseases will not spread at mass gatherings.
(C)Alcohol can increase the risk of injuries at mass gatherings.
(D)Older people are likely to suffer from heat stroke at a large gathering.

76.The historic center of Hoi An looks just how Vietnam is supposed to look: narrow lanes, wooden shop houses, a charming covered bridge. Hoi An’s well preserved architecture –from the 16th century onward, the harbor town attracted traders from China, India, Japan and as far as Holland and Portugal – led United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to deem it a World Heritage site, praising it as an outstanding demonstration of cultural blending over time in an international commercial port. When Hoi An was first recognized as a World Heritage site in 1999, the city welcomed 160,300 tourists. In 2011, 1.5 million tourists arrived. Today, tour buses crowd the edge of Hoi An’s old town. Tourists flood the historic center. Hundreds of nearly identical storefronts – providing food and selling the same tailored clothes, shoes and lanterns – colonize the heritage structures. To squeeze tourism revenue, a hospital has been forced to move out. Its building, built in the 19th century, now houses a tailoring business. While local government officials and business owners view changes in the old town positively, tourists are beginning to notice the loss of authenticity in Hoi An. A 2008 UNESCO report sounded the alarm that “unless tourism management can be improved, the economic success generated by tourism will not be sustainable in the long term.”
【題組】76 What is the main idea of the passage?
(A)Sustainable tourism revenue in the long run should not be a concern of the government.
(B)Hoi An should sell its old town to a modern tailoring business to increase economic revenue.
(C)UNESCO should urge Hoi An to build more narrow lanes, wooden houses, and covered bridges.
(D)Tourism management of historic sites should put a focus on protecting their authenticity and integrity.

77.【題組】77 What country is Hoi An located in?

78.【題組】78 According to the passage, the old town of Hoi An is now ______.
(A)an empty place
(B)a famous theme park
(C)a popular tourist spot
(D)a center of modern arts

79.【題組】79 According to the passage, UNESCO believes World Heritage sites should be .

80.【題組】80 According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A)Hoi An has never been influenced by foreign cultures and has never traded with other countries.
(B)Hoi An has become a UNESCO World Heritage site since the 16th century.
(C)Tourists are attracted to Hoi An to admire its modern architecture and related arts.
(D)The number of tourists to Hoi An has increased substantially after it was recognized as a World Heritage site.