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101 年 - 101年公務人員普通考試 - 英文#8652 

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1.31 I am going to choose _______ for my main course because I love seafood.

(A) steak

(B) chicken

(C) pork

(D) lobster

2.32 To have enough food and water is a _______ need of all people.
(A) basic
(B) false
(C) bare
(D) remaining

3.33 The computer was _______ to our project -- without it, we couldn't have finished our report in time.
(A) efficient
(B) unnecessary
(C) problematic
(D) indispensable

4.34 All Taipei-_______ flights have been canceled due to the heavy fog. Passengers could do nothing but wait for further notice.
(A) built
(B) bound
(C) concerned
(D) confused

5.35 It is very rude of these naughty boys to _______ their classmate's new hair style.
(A) take advantage of
(B) put an end to
(C) make fun of
(D) show respect for

6.36 The medicine does not seem to be _______, for all of his symptoms show no signs of improvement.
(A) inventive
(B) poisonous
(C) comfortable
(D) effective

7.37 Mike _______ his ankle and he had to walk with crutches for at least two months.
(A) sprained
(B) sprinkled
(C) squeezed
(D) swelled

8.38 The defendant's lawyer was so _______ that the jury believed the innocence of the accused.
(A) courteous
(B) ignorant
(C) obedient
(D) persuasive

9.Some of the most interesting words in English are the actual names of the people first involved in the activities suggested by the meanings of the words. The word boycott,___39___, derives from the case of Sir Charles Boycott (1832-97), a land agent in Ireland whose tenants expelled him because he refused to lower their rents. Vidkun Ouisling's name quickly became an infamous addition to the English language during World War II. He was a Norwegian politician who betrayed his country to the Nazis, and his name, quisling, means ___40____. Perhaps the most common example is the word sandwish, ___41____ the fourth Earl of Sandwish (1718-92), who created this quick portable meal so that he would not have to leave the gambling table to eat.

(A) for instance
(B) such as
(C) in short
(D) as a result

(A) traitor
(B) patriot
(C) trick
(D) foolishness

(A) following from
(B) resulting in
(C) divided by
(D) named after

12.A condemned US inmate who turned from a gang leader to an anti-gang advocate ___42____ bars has been nominated for the 2006 Nobel peace prize, the college professor behind the nomination said Tuesday. Professor Philip Gasper of Notre Dame de Namur University in California has nominated convicted killer Stanly "Tookie" Williams for the prize five years ___43____, according to Alice Kim of the Campaign to Stop the Death Penalty. A Swiss Parliamentarian was the first to ___44____ Williams for the prize, Kim said. " I respect him for his willingness to be public with his stand against gangs and for peace, though he must ___45____ daily with a violent prison environment full of gang members and unfriendly prison officials, many of whom do not support his message or his work, " said Gasper.
【題組】 42
(A) behind
(B) of
(C) at
(D) within

(A) on the scene
(B) for a while
(C) in a row
(D) under siege

(A) award
(B) consult
(C) advise
(D) recommend

(A) juggle
(B) cooperate
(C) cope
(D) accord

16. Together with the gorilla, the chimpanzee is our closest cousin in the animal world. Most people feel an immediate kinship with his great ape, with its large range of facial gestures, body postures, and expressive sounds. The chimp has a skill once attributed only to humans but now known to occur in various animal groups --- the use of simple tools. The chimp even makes its own tools for specific purposes. It will take a leafy twig and strip the leaves to make a long, thin stick for use as a termite catcher. The chimp pokes it through a narrow entrance into a termite nest, then it extracts the stick and licks off the juicy termites. Chimps also crush leaves in their palms for use as sponges. They hold the leaves in water that they cannot reach with their mouths, such as that in a hollow log. Then they extract the leafy sponge and suck the moisture from it. Like the young gorillas and humans, baby chimps have a long childhood, up to ten years in some cases. During this time, they find out how to feed and groom themselves, avoid danger, and communicate with other members of their group. Their behavior is partly instinctive. They also learn by observing other members of the group, and through trial and error.
【題組】 What does "this great ape" refer to?
(A) Chimp
(B) Gorilla
(C) Cousin
(D) Human

17.【題組】 According to the passage, which of the following does NOT know how to use tools?
(A) Chimps
(B) Gorillas
(C) Humans
(D) Termites

18.【題組】Paragraphs 2 and 3 emphasize the function of chimps' _______.
(A) feet
(B) hands
(C) mouths
(D) tails

19.【題組】For the water that the chimps cannot reach, they will use the _______ to get it.
(A) leaves
(B) logs
(C) sticks
(D) twigs

20.【題組】According to the last paragraph, which of the following is true about baby chimps?
(A) They learn form other group members.
(B) On average, their childhood lasts for more than ten years.
(C) They learn how to avoid danger by grooming themselves.
(D) They use tools like young gorilla and humans.