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31.There are exceptions to this rule, but ___  this is a good rule of thumb to use.

(A)by and large
(B)at large
(C)by accident
(D)at length


32.Woodpeckers are common throughout North America, but in some areas they are  ___ in due to habitat loss.



33.The experimental project turned out to be a big disaster ___ underestimation and miscalculation.

(A)according to 
(B)following up 
(C)on behalf of 
(D)owing to


34.John, a mathematical ___ , made his name when he was ten.

(B)heathen 
(C)prodigy 

5.35.The policeman manifested his disgust with a frown.
(A)The policeman was disgusted by the crowd.
(B)The policeman made a disgusting hand gesture.
(C)The policeman disguised his feeling with a frown.
(D)The policeman displayed a disapproving facial expression.


36. Despite the grim atmosphere in the airline industry, business- and first-class passengers remain a lushly profitable segment.

(A)Although the prospect of the airline industry is not rosy, the airline companies can still make profits from business- and first-class passengers. 

(B)The airline industry is attempting to attract more business- and first-class passengers; however, the promotions do not progress as well as expected. 

(C)The grim atmosphere in business- and first-class cabins has great impacts on the airline industry. 

(D)Business- and first-class passengers cannot bring the airline companies enough profits to support the industry.


In both civil and criminal court cases in the United States, a jury is called to give a verdict. The jury is made up of members of the general population—individuals who typically have little or no legal training. Such a jury is valued because it offers a trial by one’s peers. In preparation for hearing a court case, a jury must understand the presumption of innocence and the burden of proof. Before a legal trial, an explanation is read to jurors, as follows: “The defendant enters this courtroom as an innocent person, and you must consider him to be an innocent person until the State convinces you beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty of every element of the alleged offense. If, after all the evidence and arguments, you have a reasonable doubt as to the defendant’s having committed any one or more of the elements of the offense, then you must find him not guilty.”
In determining whether or not the State has proven the defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, jury members should be guided only by a full and fair evaluation of the evidence. Jurors should not be influenced by their own personal bias or sympathy.



37 In an American court of law, who decides whether a defendant is guilty or not?

(A)The judge 
(B)The State 
(C)The jury 
(D)The lawyers

8.【題組】38 According to the article, what is the major feature of a jury verdict?
(A)Jury members are experts on legal arguments.
(B)All jury members share the responsibility of the final verdict.
(C)The final verdict is reached by a majority vote.
(D)The final verdict is reached by a group of common, ordinary people.

9.【題組】39 Which of the following things are the jurors NOT supposed to do?
(A)Hearing testimonies from witnesses and police officers.
(B)Sympathizing with a defendant who looks innocent and honest.
(C)Evaluating arguments from both sides.
(D)Examining criminal evidence provided by the State.

10.【題組】40 In the “presumption of innocence,” which of the following statements is true? 
(A)The burden of proof lies with the jury. 
(B)The burden of proof lies with the defendant. 
(C)A defendant must be considered guilty unless proved otherwise. 
(D)A defendant must be considered innocent unless proved otherwise.

11.【題組】41 What does it mean when a person is said to have committed an “alleged offense”?
(A)The offense is proven beyond any reasonable doubt.
(B)The offense has been reported or investigated, but it has not yet been proven in court.
(C)The jury decides to convict the person with enough evidence from various sources.
(D)The offense is so serious that a sentence of three years or more is likely.



The writer—like the musician or painter—must be free to explore; otherwise she or he will never discover what is needed to be known. This means, very often, finding oneself considered “unacceptable” by masses of people who think the writer’s obligation is to second the masses’ motions, whatever they are. Yet the gift of a writer’s loneliness is sometimes a radical vision of society or one’s people that has not previously been taken into account. Jean Toomer was, I think, a lonely, wandering man, accustomed to being misunderstood—and yet, Cane is a great reward; though Toomer himself probably never realized it. The same is true of Zora Neale Hurston. It is interesting to contemplate what would have been the result and impact on black women—since 1937—if they had read and taken to heart Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God. Would they still be as dependent on material things—fine cars, furs, big houses, pots and jars of face creams—as they are today? Or would they, learning from the main character of the book that materialism is the dragrope of the soul, have become women immune to the accumulation of things, and aware that love, fulfillment as women, peace of mind, should logically come before, not after, selling one’s soul for a golden stool on which to sit. Sit and be bored.



42 According to the author, why are writers often considered “unacceptable” by the public?

(A)They usually explore the unknown.

(B)They are usually lonely and wandering.

(C)They usually write to second the masses’ opinions.

(D)They usually fail to realize the value of their work.

13.【題組】43 What does “a golden stool” symbolize? 
(A)A radical vision 
(B)A great art work 
(C)A luxurious object 
(D)An unacceptable writer

14.【題組】44 According to the passage, which of the following statements is true? 
(A)Hurston realized that her work was important. 
(B)Toomer did not know that his work was great. 
(C)The author did not agree that Cane was a great work. 
(D)Hurston’s book was considered more important than Toomer’s.

15.【題組】45 According to the passage, what should black women do after reading Their Eyes Were Watching God? 
(A)Be dependent on material luxuries. 
(B)Choose a golden stool instead of fine cars and furs. 
(C)Sell one’s soul for accumulation of things. 
(D)Choose self-fulfillment instead of a golden stool.


請依下文回答第46題至第50題。 Changes in information technology are both threatening and enhancing the ability of a business to develop long-term relationships with its customers, requiring relationship marketing. The Internet allows a customer to contact a business any time of the day or night from any location to gather information, make purchases, or obtain information on the status of accounts. This information can be (46)___  to the needs of the individual customer. This has shifted (47)___  to the customer because the Internet allows buyers to easily find information on competitive products and services. Companies can also more easily find new customers and serve existing customers by using databases to develop personal (48)___  and then targeting customers with customized information that can meet specific needs. Amazon.com, (49)___  , personalizes e-mail, customizes web pages, and offers products based on a buyer’s past purchases. Dell develops purchase portals for businesses, allowing for customized purchasing and invoicing. The Internet is (50)___  a hyper-competitive environment where information technology is used as a vital part of marketing strategy and relationship development.



46 
(A)personalized 
(B)visualized 
(C)maximized 

17.【題組】47 
(A)energy 
(B)power 
(C)key 

18.【題組】48 
(A)accessories 
(B)agendas 
(C)properties 

19.【題組】49 
(A)after all 
(B)in addition 
(C)as usual 
(D)for example

20.【題組】50 
(A)carrying away 
(B)doing without 
(C)bringing about 
(D)remarking upon