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101 年 - 101年 臺灣銀行 新進人員甄試試題/英文#8480 

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1.In order to create a special sound ___________ with the melody, the music teacher wanted the choir to huminstead of singing aloud. 
(B)‚effect ƒ

2.As the leader of democratic countries, the United States is expected to ___________ its commitments to human rights and democracy.

3.You should ___________ no effort to improve your French if you plan to study in France.
(A)spill ‚ ƒ „

4.With the intense heat, the chocolate bar began to melt and thus became ___________. 
(D)sticky ‚ƒ„

5. The fast food restaurant ___________ a new vegetarian burger and became very popular for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. 
(B)launched ƒ
(C)destroyed „

6.In order to cut down spending, shoppers are smart enough and know how to gather information about discounts and product ___________.

7.The multinational company, whose ___________ is in Boston, has more than a hundred branch offices worldwide.

8.With the continued ___________ in productivity, the manufacturer had reaped very fruitful results in the past two years

9.It is advertising ___________ has speeded the introduction of useful inventions.

10.Every time the doorbell rang, our dog ___________ to bark.
(C)was beginning
(D)had begun

11.I went shopping with John yesterday. I bought two shirts. ___________ shirts, John also bought two pairs of slacks.
(A)Except ‚
(C)Besides „

12.The bestselling novel ___________ cover was plain black attracted a lot of attention because of its uniqueness.
(A)which ‚
(C)whose „

13.The assistant manager let his staff ___________ where to go for the annual trip.
(B)to decide

14.We’d better ___________, or we will miss the train.
(A)are to go
(B)are going
(C)be to go
(D)be going

15.Since the company ___________ in 1990, it has been donating 1% of its annual revenues to charities.
(B)was founded
(C)has founded
(D)had been founded