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1.One _____ common at weddings in the United States is throwing rice at the bride and groom as they leave the place where the wedding ceremony takes place.

2.Their conversation was _____ by the announcement over the radio that the typhoon was now attacking the island.

3.This is a very popular hotel. All the rooms are beautifully _____ .

4.John didn’t have a good time, and _____ .
(A)neither did Mary
(B)so did Mary
(C)Mary didn’t, too
(D)Mary did, too

5.The largest object in the solar system is the Sun. It contains 99 percent of the _____5_____ of the solar system. At the center of the solar system, the Sun is glowing, not burning. It glows because its temperature is about 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit. This heat is not _____6_____ by burning, but rather by fusion. The nuclear fusion takes _____7_____ deep in the Sun’s core at a temperature of about 15 million degrees. As the heat travels out of the Sun, it becomes much _____8_____ , but still hot enough to glow in visible light. For _____9_____ , the temperature of a wood fire is less than a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.





10.Jason: What’s the matter, Luke? You look awful. Luke: _____ Jason: You did? I’m sorry to hear that.
(A)I just failed my test again.
(B)I just made a new friend.
(C)I just bought a new dress.
(D)I just came back from my vacation.

11.David: When can we get together? Doris: _____ David: OK, I will pick you up at seven.
(B)Let me check my schedule.
(C)Anytime after six will be all right.
(D)It would be a pleasure to see you again.

12.Nicholas Black Elk was a famous North American Indian of the Dakota Sioux tribe. He lived in the western part of the United States 400 years after Columbus discovered the New World and 200 years after the British began to settle New England. Black Elk was a medicine man who had many visions. When he became ill as a young boy, he dreamed that he joined his ancestors who taught him how to help his tribe keep their culture. This Great Vision was an important source of inspiration to the Indians who were forced by the white settler society to give up their land in the late 19th century. His tribe had also lost the free buffalo herds they depended upon for food. Black Elk’s visions still remind Indians today to work hard to continue to maintain the values and spirit of Native American culture.
【題組】According to the passage, what was happening in history during Black Elk’s life?
(A)English people were moving to the East coast of America.
(B)The western frontier was being taken over by the white men.
(C)Columbus was discovering a New World.
(D)His tribe was being conquered by other Indian tribes.

13.【題組】According to the passage, why were the buffalo important to the Indian on the Western frontier?
(A)The Sioux ate the meat of the buffalo.
(B)The buffalo were used to plow the land on farms.
(C)These animals were being killed by the white men.
(D)The buffalo were to be used in cowboy shows.

14.【題組】In his Great Vision, Black Elk was told by whom regarding what would happen in the future?
(A)A fearful god.
(B)A white man.
(C)His tribal ancestors.
(D)A buffalo spirit.

15.【題組】According to the passage, why do many Indians think of Black Elk as an inspiration for the tribe?
(A)He lived a very long time ago.
(B)He told them how to maintain their most important values.
(C)He used plants to heal people from disease.
(D)He wanted to live like the white man.