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101 年 - 101年 關務人員、移民行政、上校轉任 四等_一般行政、資訊處理、機械工程、化學工程、電機工程、紡織工程_英文#7677 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.Computers are ____ to most businesses. In other words, most businesses can not be operated without computers.

2.I don’t know why you can’t get along with your twin sister. I thought twins should be very _____ with each other.

3.With no transportation ______ , I have to go to school on foot every day.

4.He is a ______ figure in the art world. Some think that he is a genius, while others look on him as a lunatic who just puts different elements together.

5.Jane invested in stocks and shares, thinking they were going to be ______ ; unfortunately, she lost all her savings.

6.The problem of global warming has become more and more serious. That is why we have to put the issue of environmental protection back on our _______ .

7.Jim’s talent makes him _____ , and he turns his nose up at others’ achievements.

8.As she is allergic to ______ materials, she has to buy clothes made of cotton and linen.

9.The sales of cigarettes have dropped and the number of smokers has _____ in Taiwan recently.

10.One of the greatest concerns of the government is the abrupt rise of the unemployment rate, which might imply economic ______ .

11.You didn’t do your homework. I want to hear your _____ .

12.Some people go to fortune-tellers, while others use playing cards to try to ______ their future.

13.The mayor decided to _____ a cellphone etiquette campaign to advocate the proper use of cellphones.

14.Mary has _____ in bed since last week.

15.Billy is a smart and _____ secretary. He never wastes his time on trifles.

16.Coming out of the doctor’s office, the lady approached her husband and _____ in his ear, “I’m pregnant.”

17.Fathers and sons have a long history of disagreeing on many subjects,______ when the sons are teenagers.

18.In some department stores, there is a place where you can ______ yourself by playing video games.

19.The company’s work schedule is ______ ; its employees can choose to work in the morning or in the afternoon.

20.This vacuum cleaner won’t work if it isn’t ______ in.

21.The Sydney Opera House, with its gleaming white sails breathtaking against the backdrop of the harbor, is the most _____ icon of the city.

22.Every candidate in an election needs a catchy campaign ______ to attract voters’ attention.

23.After taking a short break, the presenter took a drink from his cup and _____ his talk.

24.Four employees were absent today. One was sick, another took her maternity leave, and _____ were on a business trip.
(B)the others
(D)the other

25.He burned the candle at both ends______ his already fragile health. Finally, he breathed his last breath with his goal achieved.
(A)in terms of
(B)by means of
(C)at the expense of
(D)in consideration of

26.I _____ to contact a friend living in Hualien for the past few days, but I still cannot reach him.
(A)had tried
(B)have been trying
(C)had been trying

27.The church, ______ in a war, was never rebuilt.
(C)that had destroyed
(D)which destroyed

28.Since my opinion is _____ yours, why not ask another person to judge whose is better?
(A)depending on
(B)in conflict with
(C)in comparison with
(D)in touch with

29.The outstanding performance of the two world-class ballerinas was truly ____ . They won thunderous applause.
(A)a feast for the eyes
(B)a thorn in the flesh
(C)a pearl in the palm
(D)a pie in the sky

30.George was very angry because his girlfriend _____ . He waited for her in the rain for over an hour before leaving.
(A)fixed him up
(B)stood him up
(C)made up with him
(D)went steady with him

31.At the annual party, the Chief Executive Officer _____ three department supervisors and named them Leaders of the Year.
(A)left out
(B)knocked over
(C)singled out
(D)took over

32.Don’t ask me. I just have no idea about _______ .
(A)whose car is this
(B)whose car this is
(C)this is whose car
(D)whose this car is

33.How many of us would do the same thing _______ ?
(A)supposed the chance gives us
(B)only we were given the chance
(C)if given the chance
(D)by the chance given us

34.They promised to finish the work on time and ______ .
(A)so have they
(B)so they did
(C)so they have done
(D)so they had done

35.____, he simply found a way to discard it and avoid it entirely.
(A)He was unable to solve the problem
(B)Was unable to solve the problem
(C)Be unable to solve the problem
(D)Unable to solve the problem

36.Boss: You look run-down. Staff: I caught a bad cold last week.____ Boss: Well, do you want to take sick leave? Staff: I guess so. Even though I seem to be over the worst of it. Boss: Don’t give the bug to anyone in the office.
(A)Where are you leaving?
(B)Running makes me tired.
(C)Don’t look down upon that man!
(D)I’ve been feeling under the weather.

Joan: I’ve heard a lot about you recently. People say you designed a flawless project for your company.
Bob: Well,      . My coworkers gave me lots of wonderful advice.
Joan: You are so humble!

(A)you beat me  
(B)search me  
(C)I’m flattered  
(D)by all means

38.Wendy: What are you doing, Jenny? Jenny: Just surfing the Net. Did you know Levi’s originally made jeans for workers? Wendy: ______ You mean the jeans we’re wearing now?
(B)Needless to say.
(C)You are telling me.
(D)No sweat.

39.Lilly: Poor Paul. He’s been swamped with work these days. Kathy: _______ . Lilly: Certainly. He needs a break to relieve his pressure.
(A)He’d better not take the short cut.
(B)No wonder he is always in good shape.
(C)He really needs to have some time off.
(D)He can’t have his cake and eat it.

40.John: I am so confused. Pat wants to be my roommate. Mary: That’s good, isn’t it? John: Yeah,_______ . People say that he snores a lot. Mary: Well, I guess you’ve really got a problem.
(A)but it’s too good to be true
(B)but there is something that really bothers me
(C)but everything starts well ends well
(D)but there is something that makes me proud

41.Tim: I haven’t seen you for ages. Tom:___________ Tim: I wouldn’t have, either, if someone had not mentioned your name.
(A)You haven’t changed very much.
(B)I recognized you at first sight.
(C)I didn’t recognize you at first.
(D)I hardly thought I would miss you so much.

42.Hairstylist: Hi, I am Christine. What can I do for you? Customer: I want to have a new hairstyle, but I don’t want to change my hair too much. Hairstylist: ______ Customer: That’s a good idea.
(A)OK. I will dye your hair bright green.
(B)Don’t worry. I will use a lot of conditioner.
(C)I am really good at shaving heads.
(D)Then I suggest trimming your hair a little.

43.John: How did your interview go? 
Peter: I didn’t do a good job. I was too nervous. 
John: ____________ Everyone is nervous in an interview.
(A)Too bad.
(B)Don’t mention it.
(C)Take it easy.
(D)You must be kidding.

44.A great deal of gender-role socialization takes place in the home. Fathers engage in 44 “rough-housing” play with their sons than with their daughters, even in infancy. As children grow, boys and girls are encouraged to play with different types of toys. 45 gender differences are found in toy preferences. In general, boys have less flexibility to play with “feminine” toys than girls 46 with “masculine” toys. Many studies have demonstrated the influence of gender-role socialization.
(A) the
(C) more
(D) very



     With cloning technology now available, we will need to consider if cloning is ethically acceptable. For example, is there any way to prevent the abuses of cloning without blocking beneficial medical and scientific progress? Human cloning research could bring about substantial health benefits, including the creation of animals with human-compatible organs for transplantation. Cloning could also be used to help scientists understand how genes are turned on and off, which could provide important information about the causes of cancer and the mechanism of aging.
      Another issue is the use of cloning to treat infertility. Reproductive technology, once considered controversial, is now accepted by the public. Why not allow a woman who is unable to conceive naturally to clone a child by placing her own DNA inside of a donor egg?
      Yet, what about our sense of identity and ancestry? Imagine giving birth to a clone of yourself—or your mother, father, or grandfather. Familial relationships could become increasingly complex. How can we prevent sinister applications of cloning, such as the creation of clones that would serve as slaves or a source of body parts? What effect will cloning have on theology? Is each human life unique? Would a clone have a soul? Finally, what will happen to clones that are failed experiments? Will they be disposed of like other experiments that have gone awry? These are just some of the issues that should be considered before a national policy on cloning is formulated.

【題組】What does the word “controversial” mean?

48.【題組】Which of the following statements is NOT an advantage of human cloning mentioned in this passage?
(A)Human cloning can help scientists understand how genes work.
(B)Human cloning can help improve organ transplantation.
(C)Human cloning can help scientists find out how human beings get old.
(D)Human cloning can bring dead people back to life.

49.【題組】According to this passage, which of the following is NOT a possible problem caused by human cloning?
(A)Failed human clones may be thrown away.
(B)Relationships among family members may be confusing.
(C)Infertility will be very common.
(D)Human clones may be used as a source of body parts.

50.【題組】Which of the following statements best states the main idea of the passage?
(A)Human cloning research can improve reproductive technology and thus help infertile couples have kids.
(B)With so many possible ethical problems, we should think twice before setting up a national policy on cloning.
(C)The way to prevent the abuses of cloning may hinder beneficial medical and scientific progress.
(D)Human cloning research should be stopped because it is not ethically acceptable.