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1.31 Mary’s absence made her mother feel lonely and _____.

2.32 Jesus Christ in the West and Confucius in the East both had a lot of _____who were influenced by their teachings and tried to follow their good examples.

3.33 Nearly 1,000 tornadoes ripped across the U.S. heartland in 2011, killing more than 500 people and _____$9 billion in damage.

4.34 The dynamic workforce of design professionals has enabled the industry to perform well and gain customer_____ .

5.35 Student numbers are growing as the economy places knowledge at a _____, and traditional blue-collar jobs migrate in search of lower wages and production costs.

6.36 The “Hero Worship” phenomenon among young people has long been studied by sociologists, and there is a_____ of information about this on the Internet and in books.

7.37 The world’s cities are_____ at the seams: by 2050, an estimated 6.4 billion people—compared to about 3.5 billion today—will be living in cities.

8.38 The task of the scientist is to see what the case is rather than to make up a case.
(A)The task of the scientist is to see and to invent.
(B)The responsibility of the scientist is to look for a case.
(C)The task of the scientist is to investigate instead of inventing a case.
(D)The task of the scientist is seeing and believing.

9.39 To compensate for all the greenhouse gases his plane trips spewed into the atmosphere, Mr. Grover began paying Climate Care to help make the world a little greener.
(A)Mr. Grover was aware of the environmental burden his air travels have created, so he started to contribute fees to Climate Care to help reduce greenhouse gases.
(B)Mr. Grover was charged by Climate Care, which found him guilty for his role in producing the greenhouse effect when he traveled by plane.
(C)Mr. Grover’s plane trips inevitably spewed a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. He felt so guilty that he decided to travel only with Climate Care.
(D)The goal of Climate Care was to accelerate the global warming process, a cause supported by many environmentally insensitive persons like Mr. Grover.

10.40 Whether or not the artistic quality of the bullfight outweighs the moral question of the animals’ suffering is something that each person must decide for themselves.
(A)Everyone has his/her interpretation on whether the beauty of the bullfight is more important than the suffering of the bull.
(B)People in our society are forced to decide whether the artistic quality of the bullfight is more valuable than the suffering of the animal.
(C)Whether the bullfight is an art or a moral issue is a question to which each person has an answer.
(D)In our society, some consider the bullfight an artistic performance rather than an act of murder and of inflicting pain.

11.41 The American Dream is so associated with immigrants’ hopes that incomers’ experiences are a good place to start sampling a widespread literary dissatisfaction with America.
(A)The American Dream is all about immigrants’ hopes for a better life, but many Americans start writing about the dark side of America in order to stop the influx of immigrants.
(B)The American Dream is built upon immigrants’ dreams for a better future and also their fear of not being able to fulfill their dreams.
(C)The American Dream is built upon immigrants’ wishful thinking for a better life, and yet many accounts of the immigrants speak of their disillusion with such a dream place.
(D)The American Dream is all about immigrants’ dreams for a better life, but many new immigrants start experiencing the bitterness of such sweet dreams.

12.The seventeenth century was a period of great advances in science. For example, early in this century, Galileo perfected the telescope and in 1609 published “The Sidereal Messenger,” in which he reported the results of his ____42____ of the Milky Way, the moon, and the planet Jupiter. Only a few years later, the Dutch scientist Anton van Leeuwenhoek performed ____43____ research with the microscope, discovering among other things that weevils, fleas, and other ____44____ creatures come from eggs rather than being spontaneously generated. Not long after this, William Harvey, an English physician, discovered the method ____45____ which blood circulates in humans and other animals and in 1628 published his findings in the historic treatise “On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals.” ____46____ , in the 1660s, Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravitation and the laws governing the physics of light, and he also invented differential calculus.





The United States is awash in debt. Median household debt has risen to more than $100,000 from less than $60,000 in 1990, even as median incomes have increased only slightly. Much of the debt is held by workers who are building up loans on credit cards, or obtaining dubious mortgages in a bid to secure some fraction of the lifestyle of an upper class that keeps getting richer. This increase in debt has occurred as the gap between the rich and the poor has continued to widen and the visibility of coveted luxury goods on television and the Internet has continued to grow.
Some laud the democratization of credit, seeing its availability to wider swaths of the American population as broadening opportunity; some criticize it as the ruthless seduction by financial institutions of working people who will one day face bankruptcy because they will be unable to pay credit card bills and mortgages.
But this is much clear: the spread of debt is one of the most significant social phenomena in the United States today, allowing the less affluent to spend more than they have. As long as interest rates do not rise steeply, this will continue to happen.

【題組】47 What is the main idea of this passage?
(A)The US is deeply in debt and credit cards are to blame.
(B)The gap between the rich and the poor is bridged by the poor borrowing more.
(C)The spread of debt is a social phenomenon and can’t be changed.
(D)Opinions about heavy borrowing vary, but the spread of debt is likely to continue.

18.【題組】48 What does the sentence “The United States is awash in debt” mean?
(A)The United States’ national treasury is stuck with debts.
(B)Many people in the United States are cleansed of debt.
(C)Americans borrow so much money that they are washed away.
(D)Many people borrow so much that the US is like floating in a sea of debt.

19.【題組】49 Why are many workers building up loans on credit cards?
(A)They want to enjoy the lifestyle of the rich.
(B)They want to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.
(C)They want to take part in the democratization of credit.
(D)They want to test their ability to pay.

20.【題組】50 On the last line of the last paragraph, what does “this” refer to?
(A)The rise of interest rates
(B)The availability of credit cards
(C)The spread of debt
(D)The United States