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101 年 - 101 台北市 國小 英文#10100 

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1.25.Last Sunday when I visited London I _____ from places to places seeing things that I had never seen before.
(A) followed
(B) wandered
(C) wondered
(D) stroked

2.26.They bought a lot of _____ for photography in Japan last week.
(A) gear
(B) grill
(C) garment
(D) gourmet

3.27.The rising gasoline prices have been severely affecting the cost of many basic _____ of life.
(A) ingredients
(B) components
(C) necessities
(D) variety

4.28.Millions of Asian and Northern American tourists, _____ by the beauty of the architectures, visit Italy and France every year.
(A) enchanted
(B) discouraged
(C) conspired
(D) consisted

5.29.Basketry is the art of _____ plant fibers into containers or tools.
(A) weaving
(B) moving
(C) synthesizing
(D) softening

6.30.The increase in the student population has forced the university to construct temporary dormitories to _____ the new students.
(A) drill
(B) permit
(C) accommodate
(D) relate

7.31.Because the hospital emergency room was clearly _____, the patients in the waiting room knew they would not see the doctors for a long time.
(A) unwarranted
(B) overpriced
(C) misinterpreted
(D) understaffed

8.32.The _____ failure surprised the researchers who had expected a successful outcome to confirm their theory.
(A) encouraged
(B) suffice
(C) devastating
(D) restricted

9.33.__________ arrived in the airport terminal than the plane departed.
(A) Once I have
(B) As soon as I
(C) No sooner had I
(D) As I have

10.34.The relative size of an insect’s wing is much greater than __________.
(A) of a bird’s wing
(B) that of a bird’s wing
(C) a wing of a bird is
(D) that wing of a bird wing

11.35.Many animals use odors for identification, __________, sexual attraction, alarm, and a variety of other purposes.
(A) The territorial marking
(B) they mark territory
(C) territorial marking
(D) mark territory

12.36. Laissez faire is a French phrase that means “to let alone.” The idea was that the government should not try to manage the economy. Instead, the government should let things alone, __________ the market itself to create a balance.
(A) allow
(B) allowing
(C) allowed
(D) to allow

13.37.Transfer of information takes place __________ in some way to the material that was originally learned.
(A) only if the new material is similar
(B) when is the new material similar
(C) only with similar new material
(D) so the similar new material

14.38.Just as the French people rebelled against the old regime in politics, so romantic writers rebelled against the old regime in culture. They _____ traditional ways of writing and began to celebrate nature, the individual, and the emotions.
(A) reimbursed
(B) rejoiced
(C) rejuvenated
(D) rejected

15.39.When a whip is snapped, it makes a loud cracking sound. Whips can accelerate to a speed of more than 700 miles per hour. At that speed a whip can break that sound barrier. In this passage, the word accelerate means _____.
(A) maintain
(B) speed up
(C) go slower
(D) exceed

16.40.How do pilots avoid collisions with other planes in the air? The sky is mapped into highways just like the land is. Signals are sent up from control towers to mark these skyways. In this passage, the word collisions means _____.
(A) interference
(B) insects
(C) crashes
(D) skyline

17.41.Dingoes are wild dogs in Australia. No one knows how they got there. The people who moved to the area long ago might have had dogs. Dingoes may be descendants of these dogs. In this passage, the word descendants means _____.
(A) details
(B) parents
(C) breed
(D) offspring

18.42.Deer are the only animals with bones sticking out of their heads. Some animals have horns, but horns aren’t bones. They are more like fingernails. Deer have true bones. Every year two new bones grow from the top of a deer’s head. At first the bones are soft and covered with skin. Later the skin dries up. The deer rubs off the skin. The bones get hard. The deer uses these horns for fighting. The passage mainly tells __________.
(A) what deer like to use for fighting
(B) how deer grow bones out of their heads
(C) which animals have horns on their heads
(D) why deer have fingernails