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101 年 - 101 慈濟大學_學士後中醫:英文#83064 

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1.1. Although the witness’s account of the car accident at first seemed implausible, the police officer was surprised to find that it was _____.
(A) erroneous
(B) inconsistent
(C) correct
(D) improbable .

2.2. Many economists believe that since resources are scarce, a method of _____ is necessary.
(A) advertisement
(B) reparation
(C) distribution
(D) assessment .

3.3. Though the school repeatedly threatened to use its authority in order to _____ student protestors into submission, these students refused to be intimidated.
(A) persuade
(B) cheer
(C) deluge
(D) nudge .

4.4. Kathryn Bigelow was awarded an Oscar for directing in 2010, the first woman to be so _____.
(A) refined
(B) honored
(C) inspired
(D) employed .

5.5. Scientists require observable data to support a hypothesis; sound science is grounded in _____ results rather than speculation.
(A) fiscal
(B) theoretical
(C) hypothetical
(D) empirical .

6.6. In many parts of the world, people use rice as a central rather than a _____ part of their daily diets.
(A) prominent
(B) ritualistic
(C) supplementary
(D) pivotal .

7.7. Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention _____ that 42% of Americans could be obese by 2030.
(A) permeated
(B) prolonged
(C) abbreviated
(D) forecasted .

8.8. The London News Agency yesterday quoted a number of enterprise leaders as saying they were not optimistic about ______ government interference.
(A) curtailing
(B) considering
(C) concentrating
(D) contemplating .

9.9. In Berlin today, it is almost impossible to see the symbol of division that dominated the world for 30 years. Only from the air can you see how it splits the city, as its traces still _____ across the landscape.
(A) drift
(B) enter
(C) import
(D) snake .

10.10. Facebook really is changing the way the world socially communicates and has become a successful service in part by leveraging _____ amounts of personal data that can be spread far wider than its users might realize.
(A) copious
(B) uncommon
(C) superficial
(D) presumptuous .

11. II. Cloze Test 30%
A. A food contamination scare recently occurred in the United States involving one of the country’s most beloved foods—the peanut. In late 2008 to early 2009, nine people died and almost 700 people nationwide were reported to 11 by salmonella poisoning. However, the real number of 12 was likely to be much higher. The US Center for Disease Control estimates that for every reported case of salmonella, 38 cases go unreported. The 13 of the salmonella was found to be peanut products. Peanuts are used in a wide 14 of products and are an integral part of health bars, cookies, ice cream varieties, and even dog biscuits. Although the Food and Drug Administration does not have the authority to order a compulsory 15 , stores across the country voluntarily removed peanuts and peanut products from store shelves.

(A) have been affected
(B) have affected
(C) been affected
(D) being affected .

(A) participants
(B) survivors
(C) prisoners
(D) victims .

(A) killer
(B) cause
(C) panacea
(D) remedy .

(A) variety
(B) means
(C) series
(D) bunch .

(A) resale
(B) retail
(C) recall
(D) wholesale .

16.B. Honey bees are dying. This is a global 16 and a worldwide problem affecting food availability. Like climate change, the decline of honey bees is not 17 . There were great die-offs of honey bees reported as early as the year 950 A.D. in Ireland, called the “Great Mortality of Bees”. This repeated in Ireland in 992 and 1443. The great die-off crossed the pond in1903 when 2,000 colonies died in Cache Valley, Utah. Three years later, 100% of 18 died on the Isle of Wight, UK.And then, in 1996 and again in 2006, Pennsylvania beekeepers reported 19 numbers of honey bee die-offs. These die-offs are continuing today, but 20 the auspices of a new name, Colony Collapse Disorder.
(A) event
(B) phenomenon
(C) forum
(D) accident .

(A) unprecedented
(B) circumrotatory
(C) audacious
(D) dexterous .

(A) caves
(B) hives
(C) cavities
(D) nests .

(A) excluding
(B) alarming
(C) including
(D) implying .

(A) under
(B) with
(C) among
(D) into .

21.C. The Washington School is trying its best to stay 21 . Its teachers think technology is a distraction and 22 . They believe children are better taught through real-world experiences in the school’s vegetable garden and woodwork shop. Educators here fear that the immediate 23 of texts and Wikipedia threatens face-to-face communication and 24 thinking, so they 25 cellphones, laptops and tablets and require students to hand-write papers until high school.
(A) plug-in
(B) plugged
(C) unplugged
(D) plugging .

(A) exaggerated
(B) excessive
(C) impressed
(D) overhyped .

(A) gratification
(B) contribution
(C) issue
(D) undersanding .

(A) turbulent
(B) original
(C) disquieting
(D) troublesome .

(A) authorize
(B) cancel
(C) identify
(D) ban .

26. III. Reading Comprehension 30%
A. New driving glasses contain sensors embedded in the frame to measure how often eyelids blink and how much they droop between blinks. Sensors translate this into a “drowsiness score” shown on the dashboard and deliver an auditory warning when scores exceed safe limits. Designed for commercial drivers, the glasses may be available for regular drivers within the next two years.
26. If the article needed a title, which would be BEST?
(A) Sensors for Commercial Drivers
(B) Daytime Drowsiness and Its Evaluation
(C) Safe Limits and Eyelids Blink
(D) Eyeglasses to Prevent Drowsy Driving .

27.B. Diabetics, put away the bandages: A new technique for checking blood sugar could make finger pricks a thing of the past. Chemists from Northeastern University have developed a method for injecting tiny fluorescent sensors under the skin that detect glucose in the blood. Take a picture of the freckle-size temporary tattoo with a special attachment that fits over your smart phone’s camera lens, and a computer program then analyzes the photo and reports your blood sugar number. The tattoo method is still under-going tests; it could be available in three years.
 27. If the article needed a title, which would be BEST?
(A) Fluorescent Sensors in the Blood
(B) A Blood Sugar Tattoo
(C) Diabetics and Blood Sugar
(D) How to Prevent Diabetes .

28.C.    Hairstylist Vidal Sassoon, who went on to become an international name in hair care, died Wednesday. He was 84 When Sassoon picked up his shears in the 1950s, styled hair was typically curled, teased, piled high and shellacked into place. Then came the 1960s, and Sassoon's creative cuts, which required little styling and fell into place perfectly every time, fit right in with the fledgling women's liberation movement.
    "My idea was to cut shape into the hair, to use it like fabric and take away everything that was superfluous," Sassoon said in 1993 in the Los Angeles Times, which first reported his death Wednesday. "Women were going back to work; they were assuming their own power. They didn't have time to sit under the dryer anymore."
    His wash-and-wear styles included the bob, the Five-Point cut and the "Greek Goddess," a short, tousled perm inspired by the "Afro-marvelous-looking women" he said he saw in New York's Harlem.          Sassoon opened his first salon in his native London in 1954 but said he didn't perfect his cut-is-everything approach until the mid-'60s. Once the wash-and-wear concept hit, though, it hit big and many women retired their curlers for good.
    He worked with Mary Quant, the superstar British fashion designer who popularized the miniskirt. He also often worked in the 1960s with American designer Rudi Gernreich, who became a household name in 1964 with his much-publicized (but seldom-worn) topless bathing suit.
    Growing up very poor in London, Sassoon said that when he was 14, his mother declared he was to become a hairdresser. "I thought I'd be a soccer player but my mother said I should be a hairdresser, and, as often happens, the mother got her way," he told the AP in 2007.

【題組】28. Which of the following statements about Vidal Sassoon is FALSE?
(A) He created the bob style.
(B) He believed that style hair should be teased and piled high.
(C) His hairstyles required little styling.
(D) He came from the U.K. .

29.【題組】29. Vidal Sassoon’s hairstyles were a huge hit in the 60s because ______.
(A) they were in sync with women’s liberation movement
(B) they emphasized the use of curlers
(C) they fit well with the miniskirt
(D) they fit well with the much publicized topless bathing suit .

30.【題組】30. Vidal Sassoon decided to become a hairdresser because_____.
(A) the job could take him to New York
(B) he was a proponent of women’s liberation movement
(C) he twisted his ankle and gave up on being a soccer player
(D) he intended to fulfill his mother’s dream .

31.D. Daily life is overflowing with mundane mental events. A paper clip gleams amid stacks of documents, a friend’s face shines like a beacon out of a crowd, the smell of freshly baked bread evokes childhood memories—thoughts and perceptions such as these flow by with monotonous ease.
   So it seems, anyway. Yet given what scientists know about how brains work, even the ability to perceive a paper clip on a messy desk represents an extraordinary and mysterious achievement.

【題組】31. In Paragraph 1 of this short article D, the author relates our experience of sensory impressions to ____.
(A) a repeated image
(B) a fast-ascending roller coaster
(C) an unobstructed stream
(D) a stagnant swamp .

32.【題組】32. The main purpose of these two paragraphs is to _____.
(A) suggest the complexity of perceptual processes
(B) explore the biological implications of a person’s decision
(C) express the overwhelming confusion of everyday life
(D) present a scientific analysis of an automatic reflex .

33.E. Christina braced herself and tried to keep her cool while Dr. Culpepper prepared to fill a cavity. “All I have to do is sit tight and keep myself together. Now is not the time to freak out,” she told herself.
    Christina was usually as calm as a cucumber, but there’s something about being trapped in a dentist’s chair while a dentist inserts tools into your mouth that puts even the bravest soul on edge. What if the dentist accidentally slips with the drill?
     “I hear you’re on the swim team this year, Christina. Congratulations!” said Dr. Culpepper. Christina couldn’t possibly answer. She wondered why dentists even try to talk to their patients while they work on them. It’s impossible to talk with your mouth full of cotton, tools, and fingers. “Almost done, Christina,” Dr. Culpepper reassured her. In the blink of an eye, Christina had her mouth back to herself. No more drilling or poking with metal instruments. Her mouth felt like a thick sock and her lips were numb. She was eager to go home. This was one day she would be glad to put behind her.

【題組】33. What is the main idea of this article?
(A) Novocain doesn’t always last long enough.
(B) Dentists love to torture their patients.
(C) Christina’s dentist filled a cavity for her.
(D) Christina hopes to become a dentist. .

34.【題組】34. Which word means about the same as ‘being on edge’?
(A) nervous
(B) amazed
(C) contemptuous
(D) adventurous .

35.【題組】35. Which word means the same as ‘in the blink of an eye’?
(A) slowly
(B) clearly
(C) quickly
(D) attentively .

36.【題組】36. Where was Christina going after her dental appointment?
(A) to the library
(B) home
(C) to practice with her team
(D) to meet with Dr. Novocain .

37.【題組】37. What does it mean to ‘put the day behind her’?
(A) to turn around and stare at something else
(B) to compose oneself and start to plan for the next round
(C) to be brave about something you fear during the day
(D) to reach the end of the day and forget what happened .

38.F. Researchers have developed a robotic system to remove tumors quickly and without scarring. Rather than cut through the abdomen, it uses a camera mounted on a flexible tube to guide instruments through the mouth and to the surgical site. The robot’s “crab legs” have a pincer to grab cancerous tissue and a hook to slice it off. The idea was born during a seafood dinner, when a surgeon pointed out that crabs, with strong yet efficient pincers, would make excellent stand-ins for surgeons. In operations on five test patients, surgeries that typically took up to eight hours were performed in an average of just 18 minutes.
【題組】38. “… it uses a camera mounted on a flexible tube…” What is meant by the word “mounted”?
(A) to become progressively greater
(B) used transitively
(C) to use and control a machine or equipment
(D) fixed firmly to a larger thing .

39.【題組】39. Decide which one is closest in meaning to the underlined phrase “... would make excellent stand-ins for surgeons...”
(A) possibilities
(B) instruments
(C) substitutes
(D) chances .

40.【題組】40. What is the main advantage of using a robotic system?
(A) reduce the number of on-site doctors at night
(B) reduce the medication costs
(C) It is less invasive to the body.
(D) reduce the average operation time .



9. 中唐詩人白居易的〈長恨歌〉:「……漁陽鼙鼓動地來, 驚破霓裳羽衣曲。九重城闕煙塵生,千乘萬騎西南行。 翠華搖搖行復止,西出都門百餘里...

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