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[已刪除]102 年 - 102南台灣國民中學教甄--英語科文法十五題#10600 

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1.【已刪除】 A buyer’s market is a market _____ sellers are so eager to sell that they offer very favorable terms to buyers.
(A) which in
(B) in where
(C) in which
(D) which

2.【已刪除】 This salad dish ____ better if you use fresh herbs and garlic.
(A) will be tasting
(B) tastes
(C) would have tasted
(D) tasted

3.【已刪除】 Kimberly Pinkala will become vice-president in charge of marketing when John Brock ____.
(A) will retire
(B) retires
(C) retired
(D)will be retiring

4.【已刪除】____ most people at work, David has a degree in computer science.
(A) Likely
(B) Likewise
(C) Alike
(D) Like

5.【已刪除】 Most of the foreign ambassadors arrived ___ limousines.
(A) at
(B) on
(C) in
(D) by

6.【已刪除】_____ you return from Vienna, you will have to fill out a trip report.
(A) So that
(B) Once
(C) Since
(D) The sooner

7.【已刪除】____ economic indicators are of more concern to Americans than unemployment statistics.
(A) A considerable amount of
(B) Few
(C) The few
(D) A little

8.【已刪除】The body is composed of some hundred thousand million cells, ____ is complete in itself.
(A) which
(B) some of which
(C) each of which
(D) of which

9.【已刪除】____, geology has been divided into two major divisions: physical geology and historical geology.
(A) Despite of its broad scope
(B) Because it is broad scope
(C) In spite of its broad scope
(D) Because of its broad scope

10.【已刪除】Xanthines have both good and bad effects on the body, and these effects ____ the size and regularity of dosage.
(A) generally determine on
(B) which are generally determined by
(C) generally determined by
(D) are generally determined by

11.【已刪除】 It is the interaction between people, rather than the events that occur in their lives, ____ the main focus of social psychology.
(A) which are
(B) that is
(C) is
(D)of which are

12.【已刪除】____ of eighteenth-century Russian settlements in Alaska are found on Kodiak Island and at Sitka.
(A) For the sites
(B) The sites
(C) They are the sites
(D) There are sites

13.【已刪除】____, their small size and the thin soil make them easy prey to a hiker’s heel.
(A) When alpine flowers can resist wind, cold,and snow
(B) Alpine flowers can resist wind, cold, and snow
(C) Alpine flowers resisting wind, cold, and snow
(D) While alpine flowers can resist wind, cold, and snow

14.【已刪除】Other desirable qualities of concrete, the only building material that can be delivered to the job site in a pliable state, include its strength, economy, and ____.
(A) the fact that it lasts a long while
(B) durability
(C) because it lasts a long while
(D) great ability to last

15.【已刪除】There is new evidence to suggest that a child’s personality is ____ traumatic events.
(A) developed more by everyday interactions rather than by
(B) developed more by everyday interactions than by
(C) developed more by everyday interactions instead by
(D) being developed more by every day interactions than by