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102 年 - 102司法特考四等-英文#10715 

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1.The airline’s employees are planning to stage a five-day_____ for better working conditions and improved wages.

2.Many children are_____ of the harm caused by fast food, and they consume too much sugar and fat.
(A) illegal
(B) tolerant
(C) ignorant
(D) conscious

3.When my brother is busy with his work, there is always a “Do Not______ ” sign on the door of his room.
(A) Loiter
(B) Resist
(C) Disturb
(D) Litter

4.If you are not satisfied with the item you purchase, you can bring the receipt and ask for a_____ within 7 days.
(A) release
(B) refill
(C) relay
(D) refund

5.On March 2, 1955, a fifteen-year-old black girl was arrested because she refused to_____ her seat to a white woman.
(A) remove
(B) adapt
(C) surrender
(D) relieve

6.It is sad for us to know that many mothers and babies die through childbirth____ caused by the size of the head.
(A) satisfaction
(B) complication
(C) qualification
(D) justification

7.It is rumored that the newspapers launched a_____ attack on the senator, forcinghim to resign.
(A) suspicious
(B) trivial
(C) vicious
(D) chilly

8.Air pollution and tobacco smoke may_________ the airways, making them more susceptible to allergens.
(A) recycle
(B) imitate
(C) irritate
(D) retrieve

9.Now it’s up to the elected_____ of the developed countries to take the right action to curb global warming.
(A) compliments
(B) documents
(C) representatives
(D) applicants

10.When Gary gazed into her eyes, Amy couldn’t help_________ and her mind went completely blank.
(A) blushing
(B) waking
(C) tumbling
(D) reciting

11.For a meat lover like Andy, keeping to a diet of fresh vegetables, fruits, rice, and milk is a______ .
(A) norm
(B) mystery
(C) torture
(D) chore

12.Success takes hard work,______ , and patience. One who gives up easily never achieves his or her goal.
(A) pessimism
(B) performance
(C) perseverance
(D) preservation

   Halloween has become a lot more than candy, costumes, and decorations. It is big __13__ . According to the International Retail Association, Halloween is the second most important holiday for retailers. It is second only ____14___Christmas. 
   Supermarkets, drugstores, costume shops, and many other stores are full ofcandy, costumes, and other Halloween__15__ . Business has been excellent at many stores for several weeks. In some cases, store hours have been ____16__ to meet the increased demand. 
  The Retail Association says that candy is the best-selling Halloween product.Americans eat $950 million in candy every Halloween. The other best-sellers for the Halloween season are costumes, masks, make-up, wigs, and home 
decorations. Retailers expect to sell $2.5 billion worth of Halloween merchandise. 

【題組】 13
(A) business
(B) contribution
(C) retail
(D) sale

(A) by
(B) in
(C) to
(D) with

(A) activities
(B) customers
(C) products
(D) trifles

(A) declared
(B) extended
(C) decreased
(D) executed

A sport utility vehicle (SUV) is a utility vehicle weighing 8,500 pounds or less. 
Sport utility vehicles are popular because they are loaded with a combination 
of qualities—many standard features of passenger cars and special features 
for driving on and off paved roads. SUVs offer ruggedness, engine power, roominess, and comfort. Many are equipped with 4-wheel drive to give the extra traction needed for driving in difficult conditions, such as on snow, mud,or sand.

Prospective customers need to realistically evaluate their transportation needs. While the multipurpose SUVs are not passenger cars, most owners use SUVs in much the same way—for both everyday commuting and shopping and for light recreation. 

Because sport utility vehicles are more top-heavy than passenger cars, the SUVs handle and maneuver differently. They are not designed like passenger cars to round corners at high speeds. Reckless SUV drivers cause their vehicles to roll over at a much higher rate than do drivers of passenger vehicles. 

Sport utility vehicles may only be a passing trend. After all, another choice—be it a luxury sports car or a sturdy station wagon—may give more value for the dollar. In the final analysis, this old adage works best: “Let the buyer beware!” 

【題組】Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a distinctive feature of SUVs?
(A) SUVs have four-wheel drive.
(B) SUVs offer ample inner space.
(C) SUVs can drive on rugged roads.
(D) SUVs have super theft alarm systems.

18.【題組】What does the word “maneuver” in the third paragraph mean?
(A) Drive fast
(B) Hold tightly
(C) Move skillfully
(D) Trade carefully

19.【題組】What can be inferred from this article?
(A) Most SUV owners enjoy outdoor recreation.
(B) Most SUV drivers are careless and irresponsible.
(C) Most owners regard their SUVs as passenger cars.
(D)Most SUV drivers only drive their cars on rough roads.

20.【題組】What is the writer’s advice for vehicle buyers?
(A)Consider the price first.
(B)Choose a passenger car.
(C)Choose a station wagon.
(D)Consider their needs first.