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1.16. Terry must have a _____. His throat is sore again.
(A) chair
(B) cold
(C) soup
(D) scoop
2.17. The weather was _____ hot yesterday.
(A) pretty
(B) slowly
(C) stinky
(D) yummy
3.18. We can enjoy the hot springs _____ our free time.
(A) during
(B) against
(C) except
(D) about
4.19. Where do you want us to start? You need to make a _____.
(A) contest
(B) beauty
(C) preview
(D) decision
5.20. Shannon visits the office three _____ a week.
(A) tops
(B) teams
(C) times
(D) tests
6.21. The meeting is _____. Please be on time.
(A) raising
(B) important
(C) natural
(D) frenetic
7.22. The computer _____ isn't working well.
(A) screen
(B) finger
(C) cold
(D) guy
8.23. What do you do _____ you need to make photocopies.
(A) why
(B) what
(C) when
(D) where
9.24. The military has _____ reinforcements because of the flooding.
(A) cooked up
(B) reigned in
(C) called up
(D) reigned on
10.25. The light bulb has _____. Please replace it.
(A) broken up
(B) burned out
(C) bailed out
(D) buttered up
11.26. Martin will travel _____ to Germany for the conference.
(A) abroad
(B) through
(C) seldom
(D) before
12.27. Which travel _____ did you purchase your tickets through?
(A) keeper
(B) agent
(C) salary
(D) candle
13.28. Sebrina dislikes rainy weather and _____ about it often.
(A) chooses
(B) cancels
(C) creates
(D) complains
14.29. Our manager is _____ about our results for this quarter.
(A) elegant
(B) metallic
(C) upbeat
(D) fashionable
15.30. This country needs _____ who are willing to work for a better future.
(A) legacies
(B) vessels
(C) patriots
(D) moccasins
16.31. I spent all night working on these calculations but I am still completely _____﹒
(A) intended
(B) baffled
(C) ruined
(D) sliced
17.32. That textbook might be in the technical _____ section of the library.
(A) literature
(B) campfire
(C) gate
(D) employee
18.33. The National _____ of Teachers represents educators in their dealings with the Ministry of Education.
(A) Infection
(B) Federation
(C) Generation
(D) Possession
19.34. That book made an exciting _____ to the original novel.
(A) fad
(B) purity
(C) canon
(D) sequel
20.35. Sara gives her grandparents a lot of _____ support.
(A) rave
(B) federal
(C) cheap
(D) emotional
21.36. Cancer are dangerous because they tend _____ quickly.
(A) that reproduces
(B) to reproduce
(C) reproduce them
(D) be reproduced
22.37. Are any of the other passengers _____ as well?
(A) vomit
(B) vomits
(C) vomited
(D) vomiting
23.38. The bird flu makes it important to avoid _____ birds.
(A) infect
(B) infects
(C) infected
(D) to infect
24.39. That section works very _____﹒
(A) energy
(B) energetic
(C) energized
(D) energetically
25.40.The car accident left the young man mentally _____﹒
(A) impaired
(B) impairing
(C) impair
(D) impairs
26.41. Failing the safety test would be _____ for the engineers.
(A) devastate
(B) devastated
(C) devastating
(D) to devastate
27.42. Ted wishes he _____ better at accounting.
(A) is
(B) are
(C) was
(D) were
28.43. I like using my foot _____ time with the music.
(A) can keep
(B) to keep
(C) has kept
(D) who keeps
29.44. The students often practice _____ out words in English class.
(A) sounding
(B) to sound
(C) sounded
(D) sounds
30.45. I understand that large numbers of deer _____ this island for two centuries.
(A) were to inhabit
(B) have inhabited
(C) should inhabit
(D) are inhabiting
31.46. All of the employees have _____ about the company's new benefits policy.
(A) been notified
(B) who notify
(C) are notifying
(D) that notifies
32.47. Did James _____ to the discussion on financial policy objectives?
(A) to contribute
(B) contributes
(C) contributed
(D) contribute
33.48. The board of directors has refused _____ in the negotiations with our suppliers.
(A) intervene
(B) to intervene
(C) intervened
(D) intervening
34.49.Have you finished your assignment _____?
(A) ago
(B) yet
(C) such
(D) even
35.50.How do you like your new coworkers so _____?
(A) in
(B) at
(C) far
(D) too
36.Train travel has a long history in Taiwan. The island's first ___(51)___ was constructed during the Qing dynasty and much of the modern train network was initially developed during the Japanese era. While these traditional train lines still provide a vital service, particularly in rural areas, the recent introduction of a High Speed Railway has truly ___(52)___ Taiwan's railway industry﹒ The High Speed Rail has had a significant effect on both domestic and business travel in Taiwan by offering a fast and convenient means of traveling between the island's major cities. Journeys that once ___(53)___ the better part of a day can now be completed in a couple of hours. Tickets can be purchased online, through automated ___(54)___ or at a ticket counter. Passengers can also choose a variety of seating options in business or standard class train cars. Trains even provide a number of amenities such as vending ___(55)___,snack carts and on-train magazines for the comfort of passengers.
(A) grid
(B) media
(C) railway
(D) contract
(A) revolted
(B) revolutionary
(C) revolution
(D) revolutionized
(A) take
(B) takes
(C) taken
(D) took
(A) kiosks
(B) kettles
(C) calendars
(D) collieries
(A) crayons
(B) counters
(C) machines
(D) manners