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102 年 - 102年國立鳳新高中第一學期高三開學考 英文#17557 

我要補題 回報試卷錯誤
1.1. With the abundance of newspapers, TV channels, and the Internet, we are exposed to a _____ of information.
(A) constitution
(B) glimpse
(C) diversity
(D) portrait

2.2. Inspired by _____ comic book heroes such as Superman, Batman, and the X-Men, many teenagers have chosen to become real life superheroes.
(A) vicious
(B) inaccessible
(C) superficial
(D) iconic

3.3. The government is promoting the idea of substituting _____ paper receipts with electronic ones.
(A) conventional
(B) prestigious
(C) ambitious
(D) contagious

4.4. The designer became an overnight _____ when the poster he designed was posted in theater houses around the city of Paris.
(A) sensation
(B) prescription
(C) obesity
(D) guarantee

5.5. The company tried to _____ sales of their new product by advertising on the radio.
(A) trigger
(B) stimulate
(C) investigate
(D) reject

6.6. There were many problems responsible for John’s failure, but the biggest _____ to his success is his lack of confidence.
(A) tremor
(B) obstacle
(C) reputation
(D) diversion

7.7. The blackout last night _____ many parts of the city. To make matters worse, dozens of residents got stuck in the elevators, and some were seriously injured.
(A) strangled
(B) paralyzed
(C) obsessed
(D) accounted

8.8.Afraid that pesticide would remain on vegetables, my mother always washes them _____.
(A) frantically
(B) animatedly
(C) hazardously
(D) thoroughly

9.9. All of Tom’s hard work really _____, for he got the highest score on the English test.
(A) stayed out
(B) took a bow
(C) paid off
(D) cost him dear

10.10. The book centers on the feeling of isolation that exists among people living in big cities, which is something many of us can _____.
(A) show off
(B) put aside
(C) start out
(D) relate to

  (II) Cloze Test: 30%
  In many places, it's a crime to open up a grave and bring out the corpse inside. In Madagascar, however, this action is part of a highly __11__ and unique ritual. It takes place on an extremely happy occasion known as Famadihana, or the turning of the bones. During this occasion, the Malagasy, the name given to the __12__ of Madagascar's people, wrap the remains of their dead ancestors in new cloth. During Famadihana, people carry the bodies in the air and dance __13__ joyful music.

  At the heart of Famadihana are some traditional beliefs of the Malagasy. One of these is the belief that ancestors can communicate with the living. Still, not all of the Malagasy believe their ancestors are __14__ of communicating with the living. Despite this, even Malagasy who are more educated and less traditional support the festival because they believe it helps __15__ family ties. Certainly, Famadihana is proof the Malagasy hold their relatives in high regard. 

(A) symbolic
(B) productive
(C) innocent
(D) deliberate

(A) commitment
(B) suspense
(C) majority
(D) demonstration

(A) with
(B) to
(C) at
(D) on

(A) accused
(B) envious
(C) informed
(D) capable

(A) strengthen
(B) hinder
(C) diagnose
(D) evaluate  

 If you type the words "sport stacking" on the YouTube website, you can find thousands of stackers showing off their skills. You may have never heard of it, but this activity has actually swept the world. It involves stacking plastic cups as fast as possible __16__ certain ways. The sport is played by both teams and __17__. The game is like a lot of other sports because several benefits of playing it have been __18__. The sport improves hand-eye coordination. It also helps to develop ambidexterity, which is defined as being able to use both sides of the body well.

  Sport stacking initially __19__ in Southern California in the early 1980s. The trend was eventually featured on national television in the US, and it caught the attention of high school teacher Bob Fox. Fox started a home-based business to __20__ sport stacking as a resource for physical education teachers. Now, the sport has standardized equipment and an international governing body. 

(A) for
(B) above
(C) under
(D) in

(A) procedures
(B) individuals
(C) settlers
(D) expectations

(A) enchanted
(B) compelled
(C) documented
(D) neutralized

(A) caught on
(B) made a profit
(C) stressed out
(D) kept in touch

(A) imitate
(B) release
(C) promote
(D) comment

  To pursue physical charm is human nature but if the method you adopt is too extreme, you might sacrifice your health.  For example, those who deprive themselves __21__ food to lose weight or undergo surgery just to restrict the food intake are running a risk of malnutrition.  People who have their legs __22__ by having a painful operation may end up __23__, since the operation is very dangerous.  In addition to weight and height, many people go to salons or even take pills to __24__ the fashion of looking tanned.  However, such artificial tans have been linked to skin cancer, __25__ using a tanning bed more than once a month has been reported to increase the risk of suffering from skin cancer by 55 percent! And as for tanning pills, not only __26__ skin illness but they also lead to an eye disease.  What’s even worse, they do great harm to our liver! __27__ modern people, ancient people applied some make-up to look pale, but never did they know it was such lead containing make-up that caused a variety of health problems.  It’s normal for us to try various ways to enhance our appearance, __28__ looking good can increase our confidence and make us happy.  Yet __29__ the perilous methods mentioned above, there are still multiple other ones.  After all, it is no use __30__ physically attractive if we are not healthy to enjoy it.

(A) from
(B) with
(C) into
(D) of

(A) lengthen
(B) to lengthen
(C) lengthening
(D) lengthened

(A) become cripple
(B) becoming crippled
(C) to become cripple
(D) becoming cripple

(A) fall behind
(B) get rid of
(C) keep up with
(D) take advantage of

(A) for
(B) despite
(C) instead of
(D) while

(A) they cause
(B) do they cause
(C) to cause
(D) causing

(A) In addition to
(B) Compared to
(C) In contrast to
(D) In spite of

(A) as
(B) as if
(C) so that
(D) that

(A) to exclude
(B) exclusive
(C) excluding
(D) exclude

(A) to have
(B) to be
(C) having
(D) being

   You must have heard about the werewolf, described as a creature which would devour humans __31__ blood dripping down their jaws.  Whenever it appears, there must be a full moon hanging above.  People thus claim it’s the moon __32__ werewolves lose control.  Indeed, __33__ have proved that the phase of the moon has a direct influence on the occurrence of something horrifying at night.  Why do incidents happen more frequently during a full moon __34__ during the other phases of the moon?  One common theory says that ancient people would stay up engaging __35__ more activities during the full moon since in other nights, without electricity, they used to go to bed early.  Thus, __36__ the number of the people who stayed out late, __36__ the chance was that certain incidents would occur.  With more and more bad happenings accumulating over time, people therefore infer that the bright moonlight during a full moon would tempt people __37__ strangely.
        However, __38__ the moon is indispensable to the earth is undeniable.  Besides bringing energy and food in the intertidal zone, the moon also prevents the earth from wobbling on its axis.  __39__ the gravity of the moon, humans would face a huge challenge of __40__ ourselves to a harsh weather conditions.  More influences the moon exerts on the earth are still waiting for humans to explore.

(A) without
(B) for
(C) including
(D) with

(A) which making
(B) that makes
(C) makes
(D) making

(A) accounts
(B) rituals
(C) detectives
(D) statistics

(A) as for
(B) along with
(C) than
(D) as well as

(A) at
(B) in
(C) to
(D) for

(A) greater; higher
(B) the more; the less
(C) the more; the great
(D) the greater; the higher

(A) to act
(B) acting
(C) in acting
(D) acted

(A) that
(B) what
(C) while
(D) whether

(A) But that
(B) Were it not for
(C) If there were no
(D) Had it not been for

(A) adopting
(B) approaching
(C) adapting
(D) admitting

(III) 文意選填:  18%   (忽略大小寫)
  Cape Town, South Africa, was once an infamous for Robben Island, which housed many political prisoners. The most famous of these prisoners was Nelson Mandela. Mandela, an activist who went on to become the first black president of South Africa after the __41__ policy of Apartheid following his release in 1990. Prior to Apartheid, racial discrimination also existed in the region. __42__ had occurred under British rule as England managed to take control __43__  the Cape region in the 1800s. 

  During British rule, one milestone was the Great Trek. The Great Trek saw Dutch-speaking settlers migrating northward during the 1830s in response __44__ policies by the British. Another major event in Cape Town's history was the discovery of diamonds. This discovery brought an influx of __45__ into  the region. 

  While the history of Cape Town is fascinating, its spectacular beauty is what most people associate the city with today. Being a(n) __46__ city, Cape Town has fabulous beaches. One treat for visitors is a trip to Table Mountain. The mountain, which overlooks  the entire city, can be __47__ by cable car. Another popular tourist spot is Cape Point, which has the __48__ of being the most southwesterly point of Africa. Cape Point is known for its diversity and rich vegetation. Meanwhile, Cape Town's most visited spot is the V&A Waterfront. Other fun options for visitors are to venture to Boulders Beach Penguin Colony to see __49__ African penguins and to go on a city tour on an open-top, double-decker bus featuring over 30 stops. 

(A) with
(B) altered
(C) endangered
(D) distinction
(E) of
(AB) notorious (AC) to (AD) immigrants (AE) complex (BC) coastal
(BD) accessed (BE) segregation


(VI) 篇章結構  10%
  One of Bangkok's unique attractions is the Phra Phrom, a statue with four heads and eight hands that is a representation of Brahma, the Hindu god. _(50)_ Consequently, it needs to be cleaned every 15 minutes. Thailand is home to millions of Hindu worshippers in Thailand, although the country is predominately Buddhist. Devotees offer incense, candles and other offerings, including money to help poor families and to maintain the Erawan Shrine, in which the Phra Phrom is placed. _(51)_ Worshippers also make promises to the deity in return for answered prayers and requests. _(52)_

  The statue's four faces and eight hands represent various blessings, and, in Thai culture, Phra Phrom is believed to be the deity of good karma and fortune. The statue was enshrined in Bangkok's Erawan Shrine in 1956 as way to counteract negative karma. _(53)_ Using pieces of the broken statue, people rebuilt the statue, which remains in the Erawan Shrine today. _(54)_ 
(A) The statue is one of Thailand's most sacred sights, and because of that it sees a lot of foot traffic.

(B) Although there are many replicas of the Phra Phrom across Thailand, the rebuilt statue's popularity is not matched by any of them.

(C) However, it is believed that if people fail to keep their promises, they could suffer from Brahma's displeasure and receive bad luck.

(D) Often the site is drowning in a sea of flowers that are commonly given as offerings, along with other items.

(E) When the original statue was destroyed in 2006 by a man who suffered from a mental illness, angry bystanders killed him.


(V) 閱讀測驗: 8%
  It's a unique race that is open to all people, regardless of their ages or backgrounds. What's more, the event will be soon heading to Taiwan. What is it? It's The Color Run. For those unfamiliar with this interesting untimed run, it's best described as one in which participants end up becoming extremely colorful. Runners start out with outfits that are completely white. However, they don't stay that way for very long. At every kilometer of The Color Run, runners get dipped with colored powder. This gigantic coloration of contestants reaches a peak at the end of the run when spectators throw powders of various colors at runners as they cross the finish line in what is known as the Color Festival. It's easy to see how participants become covered from head to toe in different colors during this event.

  However, The Color Run is more than just about having crazy fun with colored powder. Organizers in each city team up with local and national charities in an attempt to raise the awareness of and shed light on important issues. In this way, the special run gives back to the community. Organizers of the international run hope in 2013 to surpass the one million-dollar mark in funds raised, beating the $600,000 raised the year before. As well, individuality, happiness and healthy living are other important themes that The Color Run adopts. It's also significant that The Color Run has the distinction of being the single largest event series in America since it was first run at the beginning of 2012. 

【題組】55. Which of the following is NOT true?
(A) Runners throw colored powder at spectators.
(B) The Color Run is coming to Taiwan.
(C) People wear white clothing to the run.
(D) Anyone can enter The Color Run.

56.【題組】56. Which best describes the Color Festival?
(A) A party that occurs after the race.
(B) An event organized by local charities.
(C) People throwing colored powder at the race's end.
(D) Runners getting dipped in color at every kilometer.  

 To Professor Tal Ben-Shahar, happiness is a conscious decision that takes effort. In other words, joyfulness is not an accident. And Ben-Shahar should know as he's somewhat of an expert on the subject. He teaches a course in happiness at Israel's Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya. Prior to that, Ben-Shahar taught the same course at the prestigious Harvard University from 2004 to 2012. During that time, his interesting lecturing style combined with the attractive subject material consistently earned his course the reputation as the most popular one at Harvard. He became known as Professor Happiness.

  Ultimately, the one-time Harvard professor concluded that he would be happiest moving back to his homeland of Israel. At the Israeli university, he continues to enlighten students about the secrets of happiness. In his class on positive psychology, the professor lectures students that it's best to focus on the positive aspects of their lives instead of the negative elements. In short, he tells those attending his classes that happiness is a function of a person's state of mind. Ben-Shahar also states that exercise is another important factor when it comes to generating happiness. In fact, he compares not exercising to taking depressants.  He also advocates thorough self-evaluation and taking time to make sure that one’s goal in life are in line with one’s value system.
  In addition to teaching Israeli students, Ben-Shahar travels to other countries, sharing his passion for happiness with people around the globe. In fact, during the summer of 2013, the professor gave a presentation in Taipei to a paying audience. 

【題組】57. Why did the Ben-Shahar decide to return to Israel?
(A) He preferred Israeli students to American ones.
(B) He believed he would be happier there.
(C) Israel's Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya paid him more money.
(D) He enjoys traveling around the world giving lectures.

58.【題組】58. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as being important to happiness?
(A) Having good fortune.
(B) Focusing on positive aspects.
(C) Exercising.
(D) Evaluating yourself and your goals.

59.非選擇題: 請將答案寫在答案紙上 (I) Vocabulary: 12% 1. Be careful when you walk on the frozen lake since the fragile ice may not be able to s______n your weight.
60.2. More than eight thousand people in Taiwan c______t liver cancer per year, and most of them die from this disease.
61.3. Jason flew into a rage, and harsh words began to t______e out of his mouth, which then led to a heated argument with his brother.
62.4. Safety is a top p______y for parents when they are choosing toys for their children.
63.5. When I feel down and depressed, I try to think positively so that I can keep myself from d______r.
64.6. Lady Gaga is used to making up b______ly, which catches the eyes of people all over the world.
65.7. There are several ways to c______r fear, one of which is to face it directly.
66.8. Tom has got a speeding ticket; he is paying the p______y for speeding five days ago.
67.9. Be careful with people around you when you i______t the debit card into the ATM.
68.10. There are no r_______ns on the clothing and hairstyle in most of the colleges, so just feel free to choose what you like.
69.11. Having been married for eight years without any kids born, Mr. and Mrs. Frost are finally receiving i_______ty treatments.
70.12. During the economic recession, the government took some measures to s______e the oil prices.
71.(II) Translation: 12% 1. Mary 騎著腳踏車, 她的頭髮隨風飄揚。( 請用獨立分詞構句) 3% (中翻英)
72.2. 我一點都不知道吃這個藥會導致嚴重的副作用。( Little……………) (中翻英)4%
73.3. John 衝到售票口,卻發現電影票已經售罄了。(……only……) 5%(中翻英)