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102 年 - 102年外語導遊人員(英語) 外國語(英語) #19619 

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1.1 Macau, a small city west of Hong Kong, has turned itself into a casino headquarters in the East. Its economy now depends very much on tourists and visitors whose number is more than double that of the local ____ .
(A) man
(B) shop
(C) worker
(D) population

2.2 Three meals a day means that ____ one will have breakfast, lunch and dinner each day.
(A) contrarily
(B) nevertheless
(C) normally
(D) regardless

3.3 A ____ is simply another name for a small specialty shop.
(A) boutique
(B) body shop
(C) bonus
(D) beauty parlor

4.4 When the table filled with some ____ refreshments was removed, the host announced that dinner would be served.
(A) strong
(B) heavy
(C) light
(D) bright

5.5 It is important to note that the brochure represents only a small ____ of a much larger bulk of rules and regulations that we have to observe.
(A) article
(B) selection
(C) election
(D) writing

6.6 Looking back over his 50 years of living in the village, Peter does not ____ that he did not move to a large city earlier.
(A) regret
(B) remember
(C) claim
(D) announce

7.7 The easiest way to look for the shop that you want to visit in a shopping center is to go to the ____ or information desk when you fail to find out the answer from passers-by.
(A) direct
(B) directory
(C) dictionary
(D) director

8.8 Taiwan is short of ____ resources but full of educational opportunities.
(A) physical
(B) chemical
(C) geometric
(D) natural

9.9 Taiwan has plentiful annual ____ but unfortunately its rivers are too short and too close to the sea.
(A) cloud
(B) water
(C) rainfall
(D) temples

10.10 Strictly speaking, Venice is now more of a ____ city than a maritime business city.
(A) waterfront
(B) Italian
(C) tourism
(D) modern

11.11 I like Rome very much because it has many historic ____ and it is friendly to visitors.
(A) stories
(B) glory
(C) sites
(D) giants

12.12 Kyoto is my ____ city because I prefer traditional Japanese culture to electronic culture.
(A) favorite
(B) hobby
(C) disliked
(D) wonderful

13.13 Either the ____ or the cashier’s desk of the hotel can help us figure out the exact amount of money and other details we need to join a local tour.
(A) receiving
(B) reception
(C) resignation
(D) recognition

14.14 When traveling in a foreign country, we need to carry with us several important documents at all times. One of them is our passport together with the ____ permit if that has been so required.
(A) entering
(B) entry
(C) exit
(D) ego

15.15 The 79 year-old Kaohsiung woman has repeatedly ____ NT$120,000 every year for some 10 years to the Home for the Aged in her hometown in Pingtung.
(A) donated
(B) spent
(C) borrowed
(D) aided

16.16 I have collected so many art objects in my house that there is no more ____ for new ones.
(A) pace
(B) speed
(C) time
(D) space

17.17 Though most airlines ask their passengers to check in at the airport counter two hours before the flight, some international flights ____ their passengers to be at the airport three hours before departure.
(A) revise
(B) require
(C) record
(D) reveal

18.18 Most cities that can date back to ancient ____ tend to either create their own myth or fabricate an unspeakable tradition that combines facts and fiction.
(A) knee
(B) history
(C) pass
(D) tool

19.19 Before taking a bus, it is advisable to check out its route on a computer or read carefully the route ____ at the bus stop.
(A) way
(B) chart
(C) label
(D) hostel

20.20 No Chinese musical instrument is like the pi-pa that has been in use for almost two thousand years either in solo performance or in ____ . Critics describe the string instrument to have a unique timbre that can somewhat be matched by western lute.
(A) choir
(B) orchestra
(C) athletics
(D) chamber music

21.21 The question of what kind of ____ law this city upholds cannot be answered by your fallacious argument.
(A) civilized
(B) civil
(C) citizen
(D) civic

22.22 The Philippines is a country with more than 7000 islands and it has dozens of native languages. What is even more amazing is the ____ between the north and the south, particularly their people’s religious belief and political conviction.
(A) contrast
(B) competition
(C) construction
(D) condition

23.23 I love to go wandering; often I take my bicycle to ____ around the countryside on weekends.
(A) tour
(B) speed
(C) stroll
(D) drive

24.24 The cellphone is very ____ because it connects us with the world at large and even provides us with the necessary information on crucial moments.
(A) expensive
(B) rare
(C) fashionable
(D) handy

25.25 When answering questions of the immigration officer, it is advisable to be straight forward and not ____ .
(A) historic
(B) hesitating
(C) hospitable
(D) heroic

26.26 When a train arrives, the first thing you need to do is to check if its ____ matches with where you want to go before you step in.
(A) design
(B) destination
(C) destiny
(D) dedication

27.27 Customs officers usually have a ____ face and they have the right to ask us to open our baggage for searching.
(A) good-looking
(B) funny-looking
(C) stern-looking
(D) silly-looking

28.28 Some cities do not have passenger loading zones. It is advisable to follow the instruction of the tourist guide to get off or get on the tour bus to ____ safety and comfort.
(A) prevent
(B) guarantee
(C) keep away
(D) attend to

29.29 In some airports, there is the final call announcement, but in others, they only have ____ signals on the sign board. Passengers are responsible for their own arriving at the boarding gate in time.
(A) image
(B) blinking
(C) faulty
(D) traffic

30.30 Paris’ Cultural Calendar may be bursting with fairs, salons and auctions, but nothing can quite ____ the Biennale des Antiquaires.
(A) compete with
(B) comment on
(C) complain about
(D) compose of

31.31 Someone ____ her house last night and stole almost all her valuable things.
(A) broke through
(B) broke up
(C) broke in
(D) broke down

32.32 ____ all the recent criticism of free trade and free markets, it’s important to remember that in the last 25 years more people worldwide moved from poverty to the middle class than at any other time in history.
(A) In spite of
(B) For the sake of
(C) By all accounts,
(D) Were it not for

33.33 Mingling with tourists from different backgrounds helps tour guides ____ and learn new things in answering curious visitors’ various questions.
(A) blow their own horn
(B) take their breath away
(C) fall from grace
(D) broaden their horizons

34.34 Pingxi District in New Taipei City of Taiwan holds an annual Lantern Festival in which releasing sky lanterns has become a tradition ____ . that sky lanterns were the invention of an ancient Chinese politician and military leader “Kong Ming.”
(A) As a consequence
(B) Legend has it
(C) It isn’t worth the trouble
(D) It is high time

35.35 I have ____ on my research project and couldn’t make any progress forward, so I need to rethink my design and get some help.
(A) come to a standstill
(B) come out ahead
(C) come to light
(D) come through

36.36 We need to ____ how we can walk out of this maze and get home safe.
(A) figure out
(B) count on
(C) back up
(D) give up

37.37 Money changing can be complicated. When in doubt, always ask someone who is ____ .
(A) ignorant
(B) shaky
(C) prejudiced
(D) knowledgeable

38.38 If we remember our social ____ , particularly in a big crowd, we shall win people’s admiration though we may not feel it.
(A) ages
(B) manners
(C) news
(D) recruits

39.39 Dress codes are basically some ____ about what people wear in an organization or on a particular occasion.
(A)pros and cons
(B)ups and downs
(C)dos and don’ts
(D)ways and means

40.40 A: I’m going on a five-day trip to Thailand next week. B: That’s great! Wish ____ a wonderful trip.
(B)you have
(C)you having
(D)you to have

41.41 This time next year I ____ in France.
(A)am traveling
(B)have been traveling
(C)will be traveling
(D)have traveled

42.42 The airlines ____ to us about the long flight delay, but they just kept us waiting and did not say anything.
(A)could explain
(B)had explained
(C)should be explaining
(D)could have explained

43.43 When something wrong happens, ____ let me know immediately.
(A)do not manage to
(B)do not hesitate to
(C)do not think to
(D)do not hide to

44.44 A prominent survey has ranked Taipei as the second greenest metropolis among 22 major Asian cities, ____ only Singapore.

45.45 Taiwan is the home of hot springs. Located along Wenshui River, the Taian Hot Springs were developed during the Japanese ____ .

46.46 This is the final ____ call for China Airline Flight 009 to Hong Kong at Gate C2.
(B)taking off

47.47 Taiwan government said yesterday it will not give up restrictions it imposes on imported beef, after a warning by U.S. lawmakers that the issue could ____ free trade talks.

48.48 According to a new study, the continuing ____ of immigrants to American shores is encouraging business activity and producing more jobs with the supply of abundant labors.

49.49 The financial ____ that started in the U.S. and swept the globe was further proof that—for better and for worse—we can’t escape one another.
(A) data
(B) tadpole
(C) advent
(D) crisis

50.50 In order to make traveling easier, especially for those who rely on public transportation, the Tourism Bureau worked with local governments to ____ the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle Service in 2010.
(A) terminate
(B) initiate
(C) annotate
(D) depreciate

51.51 Technology, such as cellphones, often ____ equality and helps lift people out of poverty.
(A) fosters
(B) discourages
(C) likens
(D) diminishes

52.52 In the story about belling the cat, the mice know that life would be much safer if the cat were stuck with a bell around its neck. The problem is, who will ____ his life to bell the cat?
(A) achieve
(B) resolve
(C) gamble
(D) persist

53.53 Master Sheng Yen ____ his entire life to spreading the Dharma, using simple and practical language to help bring people from all walks of life closer to Buddhism.
(A) saved
(B) donated
(C) devoted
(D) savored

54.54 Simply put, no society can truly ____ if it smothers the dreams and productivity of half its population, women.
(A) deteriorate
(B) flourish
(C) ravage
(D) smuggle

55.55 Increasing tourism infrastructure to meet domestic and international demands has raised concerns about the ____ on Taiwan’s natural environment.
(A) impact
(B) input
(C) itinerary
(D) identity

56.56 Sweets aren’t an intrinsic part of a meal, but their presence on the dining table is often a great ____ of happiness.
(A) link
(B) source
(C) pardon
(D) ordeal

57.57 Wushantou Reservoir began its ____ in 1920 and was completed in 1930. It became the Wushantou Scenery Park in 1969.
(A) construction
(B) congestion
(C) contamination
(D) confrontation

58.58 I’ll pay a visit to the Wolfsonian, an ____ museum in Miami. I love its collection of decorative artifacts and propaganda materials from 1885 to 1945.
(A) edible
(B) outrageous
(C) awful
(D) extraordinary

59.59 The support for suspending death penalty has gained ____ , and it is very likely that someday the congress of the country will pass its suspension.
(A) monument
(B) motivation
(C) module
(D) momentum

60.60 Thailand is a pleasure for the senses. Tourists come from around the world to visit the nation’s gold-adorned temples and sample its delicious ____ .
(A) sky diving
(B) cuisine
(C) bungee jumping
(D) horseracing

61.61 The world is full of beautiful places, many with ____ stories to tell.
(A) vast
(B) urgent
(C) occasional
(D) enchanting

62.62 If you’ve ever seen a jazz band ____ or tried your hand at playing a saxophone, there is a good chance that the instrument you’ve seen in action or handled yourself came straight from the township of Houli, Taiwan.
(A) perform
(B) vanish
(C) perish
(D) vomit

63.63 Music was one of the first industries that have been disrupted by the Internet because ____ files are so easy to share, but it is found that when paying for songs is made easier than stealing them, people will pay.
(A) audio
(B) visual
(C) physical
(D) psychological

64.64 In a world that is ever more complex, turbulent and dangerous, Secretary Clinton has made a great ____ to strengthening the United States’ relationships with allies, partners and friends.
(A) confirmation
(B) ambition
(C) contribution
(D) satisfaction

65.65 A bill to legalize gay marriage in Washington State has won final legislative ____ and taken effect starting 2012.
(A) approval
(B) rejection
(C) veto
(D) admission

66.66 One of the most painful things you may experience in life is that a friend you trust most ____ you.
(A) protects
(B) bores
(C) betrays
(D) persuades

67.67 Out of ignorance and selfishness, many people ____ against others based on their races, sexual orientation, age, or other reasons.
(A) falter
(B) discriminate
(C) respect
(D) beam

68.68 Dogs are said to be our most ____ friends because they enrich our life with their loyal company and never complain.
(A) faithful
(B) stink
(C) passive
(D) vulnerable

69.69 Be ____ to the people who make us happy because they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
(A) grateful
(B) resentful
(C) shameful
(D) mournful

70.70 Only love is powerful enough to overcome ____ , an often underestimated emotion that deprives us of our happiness.
(A) passion
(B) admiration
(C) worship
(D) hatred

71.71 Men often give excuses to ____ their wrongdoings.
(A) justify
(B) reject
(C) knit
(D) irritate

72.72 Recovering from the depression of losing one’s beloved, you need all the help you can get, so I very much ____ a meditation program.
(A) recruit
(B) shrug
(C) recommend
(D) shudder

73.73 When visiting Alishan, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan, it’s worth spending a few days to learn about the indigenous people living in mountain villages and ____ the marvelous scenery.
(A) prick on
(B) take in
(C) put off
(D) pick up

74.74 At 3,952 meters, Yushan is not only Taiwan’s tallest ____ ; it is also the tallest mountain in Northeast Asia.
(A) peak
(B) dip
(C) vale
(D) creek

75.75 Having secured political and economic stability and overcome severe flooding, Thailand’s ability to bounce back is ____ to investors.
(A) annoying
(B) enduring
(C) appealing
(D) scaffolding

76.76 ____ that much of the world is still mired in an economic slowdown, but some of the brightest examples of significant and lasting opportunity are right under our nose.
(A) All around the world
(B) There is no denying
(C) In the meantime,
(D) It is a turning point

77.Businesses often want to find out the level of service that is being provided by the employees in a particular store or place of business. In order to do this, they hire people who are known as mystery shoppers. These are people who shop at a store and secretly gather information about the store and the employees. They often also give their opinions about the overall experience they have while shopping. Any type of business that deals with the public may be visited by a mystery shopper. These businesses include but are not limited to hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, and banks. Practically any business whose management needs to learn what the end consumer sees and experiences can benefit from mystery shopping. Mystery shopping has become a big industry in the U.S., with estimated value of this industry at over $600 million in 2004. However, most people who work as mystery shoppers are unable to make a living doing it. Rather, they simply do it for fun and get free meals, merchandise, and sometimes money. The industry has also been hit in recent years by criminals who try to get people to pay in order to become certified as mystery shoppers.
【題組】77 According to the passage, what does a mystery shopper do?
(A) Observe how customers behave.
(B) Gather specific information about services.
(C) Visit some stores and talk with managers.
(D) Exchange information in a mysterious way.

78.【題組】78 According to the passage, which of the following is true?
(A) Mystery shoppers wear special costumes at work.
(B) Gas stations are among the potential places mystery shoppers will visit.
(C) There are over 600 million mystery shoppers in the U.S.
(D) Mystery shoppers are in danger because they may be beaten by criminals.

79.【題組】79 Which of the following is implied in the passage?
(A) Mystery shopping began in 2004.
(B) One has to look great in order to be a mystery shopper.
(C) One earns a lot of money by working as a mystery shopper.
(D) In reality, mystery shopping is just another market research tool.

80.【題組】80 Which of the following is closest in meaning to “certified” in the last line of this passage?
(A) qualified
(B) talented
(C) instructed
(D) identified