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1.1. The clock on the wall has stopped. I guess the ________ is dead.
(A) screen
(B) engine
(C) remote
(D) battery

2.2. The fire broke out around midnight. ________ all the people in the building got out in time.
(A) Sadly
(B) Gently
(C) Luckily
(D) Patiently

3.3. Julia is sensitive about her weight; she easily feels ________ when hearing people say the word “fat.”
(A) upset
(B) proud
(C) excited
(D) puzzled

4.4. I had lunch at an all-you-can-eat restaurant and I’m still stuffed now. I think I will ________ dinner.
(A) screw
(B) stew
(C) scrub
(D) skip

5.5. Mike’s parents tried to ________ him to give up the idea of going abroad, but he was too stubborn to listen.
(A) persuade
(B) fascinate
(C) appreciate
(D) contaminate

6.6. The doctor informed Mr. Wang that the operation went well and that his wife would ________ soon.
(A) resign
(B) reserve
(C) recover
(D) retrieve

7.7. Jack is not a very ________ person. He never takes risks, and he is afraid of trying new things.
(A) humorous
(B) pessimistic
(C) adventurous
(D) conservative

8.8. Peter seemed ________. He didn’t pay attention to what his teacher was saying.
(A) kind-hearted
(B) well-behaved
(C) hot-tempered
(D) absent-minded

9.9. Drunk driving should be strictly prohibited; one should never get behind the wheel after drinking ________.
(A) alcohol
(B) nicotine
(C) caffeine
(D) vitamins

10.10. Many people have ________ about the safety of nuclear power and thus urge the government to develop alternative energy sources.
(A) thrills
(B) doubts
(C) interests
(D) muses

11.11. It was really a miracle for him to ________ the air crash.

12.12. The movie was a hit. A big party was held in ________ of the success.

13.13. The shy boy felt terribly ________ in the presence of so many girls.

14.14. In swimming across the lake, he was exhausted and ________ drowned.

15.15. Judging from his pale look, the man ________ had been very ill.

16.16. My grandma is so weak that she needs someone to ________ her to see a doctor.

17.17. Nowadays computers are sold at ________ prices, so most people have computers at home.

18.18. Every year, the city government holds a firework ________ to welcome the new year.

19.19. It is ________ for Internet users to access or post information protected by copyright without permission.

20.20. You cannot miss your graduation trip. It will be an experience you will ________ all your life.

21.21. My laser printer is not working properly. It needs ________.
(A) fix
(B) fixed
(C) to fix
(D) fixing

22.22. ________ is always a lot of traffic during rush hour, and thus it will take longer to get to the airport.
(A) It
(B) That
(C) What
(D) There

23.23. My mother found it increasingly difficult to read, ________ her eyesight was beginning to fail.
(A) so
(B) or
(C) for
(D) but

24.24. I really _____ seeing you again.
(A) hope
(B) can’t wait
(C) would like
(D) look forward to

25.25. Nobody knows ________. It remains a mystery.
(A) what did it happen to him
(B) who made those crop circles
(C) how could he get into the house
(D) will aliens ever visit our planet

26.26. My sister has been learning English for ten years. She can speak English as ________ as a native speaker.
(A) well
(B) good
(C) better
(D) best

27.27. Sam had a crush on a girl ________.
(A) he met on the train
(B) he met her on the train
(C) which he met on the train
(D) who he met her on the train

28.28. My hands were full. I had a bag of groceries in one hand and my umbrella in ________.
(A) other
(B) another
(C) the other
(D) one another

29.29. Soon after the robbery took place, two suspects ________.
(A) arrested
(B) were arresting
(C) were arrested
(D) had arrested

30.30. If I ________ she needed a shoulder to cry on, I would have listened to her and comforted her.
(A) knew
(B) know
(C) had known
(D) have known

31.31. No sooner had I got into the house ________ it started to rain.
(A) after
(B) than
(C) when
(D) before

32.32. ________, he left without saying a word.
(A) Because feeling depressed
(B) He felt depressed
(C) Felt depressed
(D) Depressed

33.33. Amy has tears on her face after stepping out of the boss’s office. She ________ have been scolded by him again.
(D)ought to

34.34. When Joe came back to his seat in the library, he found his wallet ________.
(C)be stolen

35.35. With house prices rising sharply, it will ________ me ages to save enough money to buy a house in Taipei.

36.36. It was the horrible traffic jam ________ caused the employee to be late for work.
(D)in which

37.37. Bob went to Japan this summer vacation, and so ________ Bill. They both had a wonderful time there.

38.38. He started his own business five years ago. That was ________ he began to be independent of his parents.

39.39. Though born with only one leg, Linda is optimistic and sometimes she would call herself “a ________ girl.”
(D)one leg

40.40. Don’t buy anything ________ you really need it.

41.41. A: How do you like your new job? B: __________________________
(A) By bus.
(B) An hour.
(C) You will.
(D) Very much.

42.42. A: Do you feel like going to a movie with me? B: __________________________I’ve got tons of homework to do.
(A) Not really. I’m busy.
(B) Sure. I’m free tonight.
(C) Yes. Pick me up at eight, will you?
(D) I’d love to! Thanks for inviting me.

43.43. A: Do you mind my smoking here? B: Actually, yes. __________________________
(A) Feel free do so.
(B) I can use a cigarette now.
(C) I smoke from time to time.
(D) This is a non-smoking area.

44.44. A: Whose turn is it to do the dishes? B: __________________________
(A) Those are your dishes, not mine.
(B) It was Michael that broke the dishes.
(C) I guess it’s mine. I’ll do it right away.
(D) Yes, please pass me my favorite dishes.

45.45. A: Why did you just give some money to that woman? B: They were collecting for a charity. A: __________________________ B: Some victims of a famine.
(A)Who were they collecting for?
(B)How much money did they need?
(C)What can we do for them?
(D)What if they were cheating you of your money?

46.四、閱讀測驗 Many people think of dirt as being, well, dirty! Parents often tell their children not to play in dirt. And there are good reasons to be wary. Soil often contains bacteria, parasites and pollutants that can make people sick. With so many risks, it is no surprise that many people find geophagy—literally the eating of earth or soil—unappetizing. Yet, geophagy is actually a relatively common practice in many parts of the world. The fact that the eating of soil is also widespread in the animal kingdom suggests that geophagy may even be a natural process. Why dirt? Some soils are surprisingly rich in minerals and nutrients such as iron and copper. People can often get more of these nutrients from geophagy than from taking vitamin supplements. This is why geophagists often claim to like the “sour taste” of dirt and to have cravings for it. It also explains why geophagy is often most common among pregnant women and nursing mothers. In some cases, soil can make dangerous foods safe to consume. People have long known that certain poisonous wild acorns and potatoes become edible when mixed with soil. Sometimes, soil is even taken as medicine! Many stomach medications contain the clay Kaolin because it absorbs bacteria and toxins that cause diarrhea. Unfortunately, geophagy is also practiced to avoid hunger pains when other food is not enough. In poor countries, food can become so expensive that people substitute soil for flour or rice. This is a serious social problem because even mineral-rich soils can’t provide a balanced diet.
【題組】46. What does “geophagy” mean?
(A) Eating dirt.
(B) Taking medicine.
(C) Observing nature.
(D) Taking supplements.

47.【題組】47. In this article, which of the following word does NOT mean the same as the other three?
(A) Dirt.
(B) Soil.
(C) Iron.
(D) Earth.

48.【題組】48. What nutrient(s) are soils rich in so people can benefit by eating them?
(A) Copper.
(B) Bacteria.
(C) Parasites.
(D) Pollutants.

49.【題組】49. According to this article, why is geophagy often most common among pregnant women and nursing mothers?
(A) Because they want to stop hunger pains.
(B) Because they regard it as a natural process.
(C) Because they hate taking vitamin supplements.
(D) Because they like the taste of dirt as well as the nutrients.

50.【題組】50. According to this article, which of the following is NOT true?
(A) Geophagy is practiced by both humans and animals.
(B) Geophagy is sometimes practiced because of food shortage.
(C) Some dangerous foods become safe to eat when mixed with soil.
(D) Soils are so mineral-rich they can provide us with a balanced diet