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1.1. 元素 Q 和 R 都會形成氧化物和氯化物。在常溫常壓下,QCl2 是櫻桃紅色的液體,而 RCl2 則是白色固體。下列何者最能描述這二元素的氧化物?
(A) Q 形成鹼性的氧化物 QO;而 R 形成的酸性氧化物 RO。
(B) Q 形成酸性的氧化物 QO2 和 QO3;而 R 形成的鹼性氧化物 RO。
(C) Q 形成鹼性的氧化物 QO2;而 R 形成的酸性氧化物 RO 和 RO2
(D) Q 形成酸性的氧化物 QO;而 R 形成鹼性的氧化物 RO。
2.2. 將濃硫酸加到下列各鹽的溶液中,何者不會發生氧化還原反應?
(A) NaNO2
(B) Na2C2O4
(C) NaI
(D) Na3PO4
3.3. 下列何者可能是基態鍶原子最外層電子的量子數 (n, l, ml, ms)?
(A) 5, 0, 0, –1/2
(B) 5, 0, 1, 1/2
(C) 5, 1, 0, 1/2
(D) 5, 1, 1, –1/2
4.4. 下列何軌域在徑向(radial wavefunction)上和角向(angular wavefunction)上各有一個節點?
(A) 2s
(B) 2p
(C) 3p
(D) 3d
5.重新載圖5. 硝酸的製造中有一步驟如下: 
 3NO2(g) + H2O(l) → 2HNO3(aq) + NO(g)  ΔH° = –136.5 kJ/mol 已知已下數據,計算 NO2 之生成熱 (ΔH°f
(D)157 kJ/mol
6.重新載圖 6. 將少量碘化鉛固體加入持續攪拌的水溶液中。大部分固體都沉在燒杯底部,但有少部分 溶解,並達平衡 PbI2(s) ⇌ Pb2+ (aq) + 2I (aq)。 此時開始持續監測正向和逆向反應的率速和時間的關 係,得到右圖。在時間 t 發生了什麼事? 

(A) 燒杯被放入冰浴中冷卻。
(B) 少量的 Pb(NO3)2 固體被加到燒杯中。
(C) 少量的 PbI2 固體被加到燒杯中。
(D) 少量的水被加到燒杯中。
7.7. 在 25℃ 下,水的飽和蒸氣壓為 23.5 mmHg;現有一唧筒內盛有 0.18 g 的水,此時體積為 2.45 L,則下列哪一些改變,不會影響唧筒內水蒸氣之分壓
(A) 使體積變為原來的 3 倍
(B) 升高溫度到 27℃。
(C) 加入一些食鹽
(D) 加入一些酒精
8.8. 在 25℃ 時,甲苯的飽和蒸氣壓約為苯的 30%,但兩者可混合形成理想溶液,並遵守拉午 耳定律,試問下列有關苯和甲苯及其混合溶液的敘述何者正確?
(A) 甲苯的沸點比苯低
(B) 理想溶液表示分子間作用力可忽略
(C) 苯在蒸氣中的莫耳分率比在混合溶液中高
(D) 苯在蒸氣中的莫耳分率不會受混合溶液之組成的影響
9.9. 考慮反應 2NO(g) + Cl2(g) → 2NOCl;下列哪些是 NO 和 Cl2 分子成功反應的必須條件?
I. 正確的碰撞位向 
II. NO:Cl2 的比率需為 2:1。 
III. 足夠的碰撞能量 

(A) 只要 II
(B) 只要 I 和 III
(C) 只要 II 和 III
(D) I, II, 和 III 全要。
10.重新載圖10. 血紅蛋白(Hb)與一氧化碳結合反應為 4Hb + 3CO → Hb4(CO)3; 其反應數據如下,則此反應在 20°C 的反應速率定律式為何? 

(A) Rate = k[Hb][CO]
(B) Rate = k[Hb][CO]2
(C) Rate = k[Hb]2 [CO]
(D) Rate = k[Hb][CO]3
11.重新載圖11. 右圖顯示兩個反應;1 和 2 之速率常數 k,與溫度之關 係。下列有關低溫之k值和活化能Ea之比較,何者正確? 

12.12. 由 (CH3)2NNH2 和 N2O4 (均為液態)組成之燃料/氧化劑,常用於飛行器之推進系統。組 成的混合方式是用化學計量計算,使得 N2, CO2 和 Η2Ο 為反應條件下僅有的氣體產物。 那麼 1 莫耳的(CH3)2NNH2 會產生多少莫耳的氣體?
(A) 8
(B) 9
(C) 10
(D) 11
13.13. 下列何者不屬於共軛酸鹼對?
(A) NH3,NH4+
(B) OH,H2O
(C) H2PO4 ,PO43-
(D) H2CO3,HCO3
14.14. 已知水的解離為吸熱反應,其解離常數 Kw在 25℃ 時為 1.0×10-14,下列敘述何者正確?
(A) 在 100℃ 時,某水溶液之 pH=7,則此溶液為中性
(B) 在 40℃ 時,純水之 pOH > 7
(C) 在 80℃ 時,酸性溶液的 pOH+pH < 14
(D) 在 4℃時,純水之密度最小,解離度亦最低
15.15. 已知 Ag+ (aq) + e → Ag(s)  E° = 0.80 V 
Mg2+ (aq) + 2e → Mg(s)   E° = –2.73 V 
計算 Mg(s) + 2Ag+ (aq) → Mg2+ (aq) + 2Ag(s) 反應的 ΔG°值 (kJ/mol):
(A) 681
(B) 341
(C) –341
(D) –681
16.重新載圖16. 鋅、錫之標準還原電位列於下表:
則有關標準電化學電池 Zn(s)|Zn2+ (aq)||Sn2+ (aq)|Sn(s) 中,發生的化學反應之敘述,哪些正確? 
I. 電子從鋅通過外電路到錫
II. Zn2+ (aq) 濃度增加。 
III. 電壓從負值逐漸增加到零 

(A) 只有 I 和 II 正確
(B) 只有 I 和 III 正確
(C) 只有 II 和 III 正確
(D) I, II, III 皆正確
17.17. 現有五種有機酸;HCOOH (甲)、CH3COOH(乙)、ClCH2COOH(丙)、Cl2CHCOOH(丁)、 Cl3CCOOH(戊);依其酸性增加的趨勢加以排列,下列何者正確?
(A) 甲<乙<丙<丁<戊
(B) 戊<丁<丙<乙<甲
(C) 戊<丁<丙<甲<乙
(D) 乙<甲<丙<丁<戊
18.18. 含有 5 個碳原子的有機化合物,每莫耳需與 7 莫耳的氧氣燃燒,生成等莫耳數之二氧化 碳和水。此化合物不可能含下列何種官能基?
(A) 醇
(B) 羧酸
(C) 酮
(D) 烯
19.19. 下列何者最能說明丙二烯,H2C=C=CH2,分子的結構?
(A) C 原子形成120°的夾角,H 原子和 C 原子位於同一平面上。
(B) C 原子形成 120°的夾角,H 原子位於垂直於 C 原子的平面上。
(C) C 原子形成 180°的夾角,H 原子和 C 原子位於同一平面上。
(D) C 原子形成 180°的夾角,2 個 CH2 基團相互垂直。
20.重新載圖 20. 選項中何者不是分子 X 的異構物? 

21.重新載圖21. The diagram represents a mass on a spring scale in an elevator. If the reading on the spring scale is 0.75 of the value when at rest, what is the acceleration of the elevator? (In units of g.) 

(A) 1.25 up
(B) 0.75 up
(C) 0.25 up
(D) 0.25 down
22.22. A pendulum consists of a 0.500 kg mass on the end of a light rod 50.0 cm long. It was set swinging so that the greatest angle the rod makes with the vertical was 30.0º. After 5 hours and 30 minutes it was seen to come to rest at its lowest position. How much work was done on the pendulum by the frictional forces? (Answer in J)
(A) – 1.225
(B) – 0.825
(C) + 0.450
(D) – 0.328
23.23. A cart of mass m, traveling on a horizontal air track with speed v, collides with a stationary cart of mass 2m. The carts stick together. The impulse exerted by one cart on the other is:
(A) 0
(B) 2mv/3
(C) 3mv/2
(D) 2mv
24.24. A wheel rotates with angular acceleration given by α = 4t3 – 3t2 . If the angular velocity is 30 radians per second at t = 0, find the angle turned through by the wheel between times t = 3 and t = 5 seconds. Answer in radians.
(A) 260
(B) 320
(C) 380
(D) 500
25.25.A planet has mass one-half the mass of the earth. What radius must it have so that the acceleration due to gravity at its surface is the same as the acceleration due to gravity at the surface of the earth? (Answers are expressed in terms of the radius of the earth.)
(A) R = 1.41 RE
(B) R = 0.71 RE
(C) R = 2.00 RE 
(D) R = 0.50 RE
26.26. A particle is in motion according to the equation 
y = (60 cm) cos (8t + π/8) 
where t is in seconds. Find the speed of the particle when it is at a point 20 cm from the equilibrium position. Answers in cm/s.
(A) 453
(B) 56.6
(C) 320
(D) 142
27.重新載圖27. The loudspeaker shown is adjusted to cause the pipe to resonate in its fundamental mode. The pipe is open at both ends and the speed of sound in the air inside the pipe is 340 m/s. Find the frequency of the sound generated in the pipe. Answers in Hz. 

(A) 1000
(B) 500
(C) 250
(D) 25
28.28. The “specific heat” of an object is:
(A) the amount of heat energy to change the state of one kg of the substance
(B) the amount of heat energy emitted by oxidizing one kg of the substance
(C) the amount of heat energy to raise one kg of the substance from its freezing to its boiling point
(D) the amount of heat energy to raise one kg of the substance by 1℃
29.29. A heat engine operates between 200 K and 100 K. In each cycle it takes 100 J from the hot reservoir, loses 25 J to the cold reservoir and does 75 J of work. This heat engine violates:
(A) both the first and second laws of thermodynamics
(B) the first law but not the second law of thermodynamics
(C) the second law but not the first law of thermodynamics
(D) neither the first law no the second law of thermodynamics
30.重新載圖30. The diagram shown the electric field lines in a region of space containing two small charged spheres (Y and Z). Then: 

(A) Y is negative and Z is positive
(B) the magnitude of E is the same everywhere
(C) the field is strongest midway between X and Y
(D) a small negatively charged body placed at X would be pushed to the right
31.31. A metal sphere carries a charge of 5 × 10-9 C and is at a potential of 400 V. The potential at the center of the sphere is:
(A) 400 V
(B) – 400 V
(C) 2 × 10-6 V
(D) zero
32.32. Two conductors are made of the same material and have the same length. Conductor A is a solid wire of diameter 1 mm. Conductor B is a hollow tube of inside diameter 1 mm and outside diameter 2 mm. The ratio of their resistance, RA/RB, is:
(A) 1
(B) √2
(C) 2
(D) 3
33.重新載圖33. A stationary negative electric charge is shown below between the poles of a stationary horseshoe magnet. The magnetic force on the charge 

(A) zero
(B) points downward
(C) points into the paper
(D) points out of the paper
34.重新載圖34. The diagram shows in cross-section a circular loop of wire which rotates at a steady rate about a diameter 0 which is perpendicular to a uniform B field. The maximum induced emf occurs when the point X on the loop passes:
(A) a
(B) b
(C) c
(D) d
35.35. If the r.m.s. value of the voltage from a standard electrical outlet in Britain is 240 volts, then the amplitude is about:
(A) 240 volts
(B) 170 volts
(C) 340 volts
(D) 480 volts
36.36.What is the vertical size of the smallest vertical plane mirror in which a observer, 180 cm tall and standing erect, can see his full length image. Answer in cm.
(A) 90
(B) 180
(C) 45
(D) 175
37.37. The wave length of yellow sodium light in air is 589 nm. What is its wave length in glass in which the velocity of light is 1.97 × 108 meters per second? Answer in nm.
(A) 256
(C) 895
(D) 589
38. 38. A meter stick moves at 0.95 C in the direction of its length through a laboratory. According to measurements taken in the laboratory, its length is:
(A) 0
(B) 0.098 m
(C) 0.31 m
(D) 3.2 m
39.39. A capacitor stores 10 C of charge with a potential difference of 40 V between its plates. The capacitance is:
(A)400 F
(B) 4 F
(C) 0.20 F
(D) 0.25 F
40.重新載圖 40. Two thin lenses are arranged as shown. A small sphere 1 mm in diameter is located on the axis as shown. Calculate the diameter of the image of the sphere formed by light passing through both lenses. Answer in mm. (If the image is inverted, it will still have the same diameter.) 

(A) 8
(B) 4
(C) 2
(D) 1