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102 年 - 102年 中華郵政 外勤 英文#10599 

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1.It was a ______ that the little boy survived the plane crash.
(B) independence

2.This is a good ______ for a post office because it is in the middle of town.

3.My father can speak both English and German ______.

4.We will have a big family ______ for my grandfather’s 90th birthday this Sunday.

5.Many people stood in long lines to see the ______ of stamps at the museum.

6.The ______ shows that Mary stole her friend’s computer.

7.I used to ______ myself with a walk in the botanical garden.

8.Mark is so ______ that we like him.

9.You should lie down and take some rest if you feel ______.

10.Though it is not very ______ paid, the job is quite interesting.

11.Jenny’s success in her career ______ her mother very much.
(A)was delighted
(B)in delight
(D)delight on

12.My wife and I ______ like to visit Spain, but we don’t have enough money for the trip.
(A)will be
(B)would be

13.Either my sister or I ______ to go to the mall to do some shopping.

14.When I was just ______ leave my office, I received a call from my boss.
(C)about to
(D)in the way

15.We are not happy ______ the result.

16.I ride the bicycle to the office every day. I save money ______ gas.

17..Maria is shouting ______ excitement because she just won the first prize.

18.The fireman soon ______ the fire.
(A)put off
(B)put out
(C)put on
(D)put through

19.A: All the flights for Hong Kong tomorrow are full. We have to change our travel schedule. B: _____________________
(A)It’s too bad to hear that you have a flu.
(B)It was my fault that I forgot to reconfirm the bookings.
(C)I am sorry that you can’t exchange money here.
(D)No, I shall be late for the flight.

20.A: Can’t you meet me later this afternoon to talk about our investment project? B: ______________________
(A)No, I don’t like to buy any vase.
(B)Yes, of course I can. When?
(C)Yes, I can’t because I have no time.
(D)Yes, I can write you a letter.

21.A: Where are you now? I have been waiting for you in the park for one hour already! B: _____________________
(A)I am stuck in a traffic jam.
(B)There is a parking lot close to my house.
(C)I visited the museum in that park two years ago.
(D)Yes, I am having my lunch now.

22.A: I have put on some weight in the last three months. B: _____________________
(A)Yes, it’s cold today. You really should put on more clothes.
(B)Can I keep a pet?
(C)No, you shouldn’t go abroad.
(D)If you take up exercising, you may be able to lose that.

23.A: That chair is in the way. Could you please move it? B: _____________________
(A)Yes, I could buy one on my way home.
(B)Yes, I am moved.
(C)Yes, I could of course do that.
(D)No, it is never too late to learn.

24.A: I came across my old classmate in town yesterday. B: _____________________
(A)You should be careful when you cross the street.
(B)Did you remember his name?
(C)Do you need me to lend you a book?
(D)Did you need a driver’s license?

25.A: My mother will be annoyed if we are late for dinner. B: _____________________
(A)You should try to be on time.
(B)You should recall her name.
(C)You are able to work.
(D)You are qualified.